WATCH THIS: Longwood Gardens Transforms Into Christmas in Under Two Minutes

Longwood Gardens

It’s a magical and majestic holiday tradition for many people in the Philadelphia area: Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square puts on a killer Christmas light show, with a host of gorgeous trees, florals, and plants all decked out for the season.

But did you ever wonder how much work it takes to make all of the holiday grandeur come to life?

A time lapse video produced by the Longwood Gardens folks two years ago shows, in under two minutes, how a huge workforce transforms the iconic Conservatory into the Christmas wonderland everyone loves and adores. However, don’t be fooled: it isn’t as effortless as the video makes it look. In fact, the Gardens actually has to close down the Conservatory for two days so expert landscape artists can work around the clock to transform the space.

Take a look at the video below, and then take a trip over to Kennett Square to see it for yourself. The Conservatory re-opens on Thanksgiving Day for holiday explorers who want to get the first look.

Celebrate an Early Christmas Dinner German-Style At Brauhaus Schmitz


Starting on Tuesday, November 11th, St. Martin’s Day, and ending on December 21st, Brauhaus Schmitz chef Jeremy Nolen will be preparing traditional a German Christmas Dinner for parties of eight or more. The dinner will feature a 10-pound whole roasted goose, served family-style, stuffed to the brim with house-made pretzel, apple and sage stuffing.

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Philadelphia’s Christmas Tree Will Be Inside the City Hall Courtyard

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

In response to a question on Twitter, the Center City District confirmed that the City of Philadelphia’s Christmas tree will not be in the newly opened Dilworth Park just west of City Hall. It will be in the City Hall courtyard.

The Center City District says the city made the decision to put the three in the courtyard instead of next to the park’s new ice rink, which will open on November 14th. The Center City District plans to light the already-exising trees in Dilworth Park.

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WATCH: Wilmington Native Aubrey Plaza Voices Grumpy Cat in New Lifetime Movie

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

It’s her first-ever movie, and it’s horrible!

Everyone’s favorite Internet meme, the ever-lovable Grumpy Cat, is the star of her own full-length made-for-TV movie this holiday season. Lifetime, which will broadcast the Christmas cinematic romp, released the trailer this weekend.

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Incredibly Smart Guy Gives Incorrect ‘King of Prussia’ Response on Jeopardy

Last night was the third and last semifinal of the Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades tournament, which features Brad Rutter, the pride of Lancaster who now lives in Los Angeles — like Mike Trout, he is from the town of Near Philly — and earlier this month had a David Rittenhouse clue.

Jeopardy! single-day recordholder ($77K!) Roger Craig got that one last month, but last night missed the above clue about Pennsylvania’s Christmas City. It’s the kind of question an incredibly smart person and good Jeopardy! player would miss — the clue says Central Europe, which would lead you to Prussia, which leads you to the Pennsylvania town of King of Prussia — best known not for a mall. (Considering how people spend their Christmases, King of Prussia is indeed the “real” answer.)

An even more obvious response, though, is Bethlehem, the Pennsylvania town named after Jesus’ birthplace. It was founded on Christmas Eve in 1741 by David Nitschmann and Count Nicolaus von Zinzendorf. If that Count guy were ever mayor, I will have to compile a list of Bethlehem mayors like my Philadelphia one.

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