Cops Deliver Christmas Baby on SEPTA Train

Two SEPTA police officers helped deliver a baby Christmas night, on the eastbound Market Frankford subway as it approached its 15th Street stop.

NBC 10 reports the delivery occurred around 6 p.m.:

“When she was on the train I guess the baby said, ‘I’m ready to come out now,” said witness Toney Harris-Saunders who was on his way to see family for Christmas.

Harris-Saunders, a 26-year-old Philadelphia resident, said he called 911 when he saw the woman having the baby in the seat in front of him — calling the entire experience a “phenomena.”

“I helped relax her and a couple of other people helped her as well … told her to relax, to take some breaths,” said Harris-Saunders.

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Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

LOVE Park Christmas Tree by Lauren Mame Thomas

LOVE Park Christmas Tree by Lauren Mame Thomas

As always, follow the #OpeninPHL hashtag on Twitter to see what bars and restaurants are opening today in Philadelphia.

If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open on Twitter with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

It’s Going to Be a Warm Christmas in Philadelphia

It’s not going to feel very Christmas-y in Philadelphia on Christmas, weather-wise.

But what’s wrong with that? It’s actually kind of exciting you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday without also dealing with freezing temperatures. So what if there isn’t any snow? It should be in the 50s, at least. And the 60s on Christmas Eve! Even I might go outside!

Last week, we told you about forecasters’ predictions of precipitation on Christmas Eve. We immediately dashed your hopes for a White Christmas by telling you it’d be too warm to snow. But who knew it’d be this warm?

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A Philadelphia Christmas List

monica weymouth

I have no reason to believe that Philadelphia made Santa’s list this year. If he checked it even once, he’d probably realize that we don’t do a lot of good for goodness sake around these parts.

But just in case – because Christmas is a time for miracles, and Santa seems like a pretty solid dude – it wouldn’t hurt to have a wish list at the ready.

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Will the Christmas Eve Storm Bring Rain or Snow?

Are we getting a Christmas Eve snowstorm? The short answer is “probably not.”

The long answer (because one sentence isn’t enough for a story, silly): There is an outside chance. The good people at Phillywx posted the latest model, which shows a storm system moving through on Christmas Eve.

But we probably won’t be getting any snow, because temperatures on Christmas Eve could be in the 50s. Classic Christmas weather! Colder temperatures should move in after the precipitation leaves. One Canadian model shows colder air coming in sooner — which could lead to a Christmas Eve snow — but that is an outlier.

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Christmas Music 101 With Night Before On XPN Host Robert Drake

For the 22nd year in a row, WXPN host—and our 2014 Best of Philly pick for Best DJ—Robert Drake will stay up for 24 hours on Christmas Eve playing the enormous collection of holiday music he’s collected since his youth. Called The Night Before on XPN, the exhaustive set will include every type of holiday song imaginable—rare tunes, as I learned this week, that reach as far back as 1918. I caught up with him to learn more about this monster collection, how he stays awake all night and, since he’s the closest thing I know to a holiday-song expert, glean some yuletide-tune etiquette: When is it too early to start blaring “Jingle Bells?” What are the three most-own holiday albums? Is Mariah really worth the hype? He lays it all out in our chit-chat below.

Robert Drake in the studio. | Photo by Joseph Hocker

Robert Drake in the studio. | Photo by Joseph Hocker

How many songs are in your holiday music collection?
Wow, that is a hard one to answer since my collection is primarily based in CDs … but I’d say I’ve got easily 20,000 songs going back to 1918.

 You have a song from 1918?!
It’s a reading of “The Night Before Christmas.” It was on a holiday compilation I got several years ago.

What sparked your fascination with Christmas music?
As most kids, I loved hearing Christmas music since it meant Santa wasn’t far behind. As I got older, I loved the fact that, no matter what genre of music you performed, you could always produce a Christmas album. Some great, most fair and a decent amount truly awful.

Earliest Christmas song memory?
For me it’s Kate Smith performing “Silver Bells.” I’ve no idea why, but it does explain my fascination with Divine years later.

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Spend Christmas Eve with Serpico


Photo by Mike Persico

Serpico has been promoting his $65 family-style Christmas Eve dinner on social media but until now hasn’t shared the menu. If you’re interested in a dinner that certainly isn’t the feast of seven fishes or have an out-of-town friend coming to town, that you want to impress, this might be the dinner for you.

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Try These Twelve Beers of Christmas


Christmas beers are a yearly tradition that actually has some history behind them. As Don Russell notes in his book, Christmas Beer, The Cheeriest, Tastiest and Most Unusual Holiday Brews, Christmas beers have a legacy that goes back to the Middle Ages and maybe even before Christmas itself.

Today, Christmas beers are often dark beers, brewed with spices and strong malty character, but since Christmas beers are more of a tradition than a style, there’s something out there for everyone.

Here are twelve of our favorite wintertime brews »

PHOTOS: A Very Longwood Gardens Christmas

Did you know that it takes over a year for the staff at Longwood Gardens to plan and execute their annual Christmas festivities? Not to get ahead of ourselves, but they are already putting the finishing touches on organizing next year’s displays. That’s how grand and downright spectacular the lights, trees, and handcrafted scenes are at the iconic Kennett Square landmark. This year, the gardens have already welcomed thousands of visitors for their annual holiday extravaganza since it opened on Thanksgiving Day, and they’ll be hosting many more: They’re open until 10 p.m. throughout early January to accommodate the number of guests who want to bask in the glow of the magical lights. There’s even an entire tree made of thousands of hand-cut paper leaves and paper-mache penguins sliding down a mountain of silver dichondra!

If you can’t wait, we’ve brought a taste of the holiday gardens to you via the following pictures that capture the little extra something that Longwood presents throughout the holiday season. And, heck: we even included a picture of their award-winning bathroom (yes, you read that right.)

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