Chris Christie Uses Jersey Tax Dollars to Buy the Presidency


When Chris Christie starts his run for the presidency a year from now — and despite Bridgegate, it’s now pretty clear that he’s running — he will no doubt list among his accomplishments that he’s a job creator.

That’s not quite right. He’s a job stealer. Maybe a job buyer. But job creator? Nah. “Creator” implies making something where nothing existed before. And that’s not Christie’s job strategy for New Jersey. Instead, what Christie does is take what was created elsewhere and claim it for the Garden State.

Christie’s strategy — and the reason for it — became abundantly clear in Thursday’s New York Times report about his administration’s economic development policies. It’s startling stuff: His administration has given away $4 billion in economic subsidies since 2010 to lure or keep companies in Jersey  — up dramatically from the $1.2 billion given away by the state during the 10 years previous to that.

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It’s Not Just the Sixers: Jersey Is Paying Big to Lure New Jobs

Photo | Mel Evans

Photo | Mel Evans

There’s been some grumbling locally this week about New Jersey’s $82 million package to lure the Sixers headquarters and practice facilities to Camden. That’s part of a broader strategy by Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to lure jobs to the state through massive subsidies: He’s granted $4 billion in such subsidies during his governorship — up from $1.2 billion granted by the state the 10 years before he took office.

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Christie Aide Denies Role in Bridgegate Closure

[Update 1:30 pm] The Inquirer reports:

Gov. Christie’s chief of staff testified today before the legislative panel probing the George Washington Bridge lane closures that he had nothing to do with the controversy.

Kevin O’Dowd said he wanted to start the hearing “by making very clear to the committee that I had no prior knowledge of, or played no role in, the decision to close the lanes at the bridge last September.”

[Original] The Wall Street Journal reports that today could be a make-or-break day for the investigations into the Bridgegate scandal in New Jersey. Kevin O’Dowd, chief of staff to Gov. Chris Christie, has been subpoenaed to testify. His words may well decide where or how the investigations proceed from here.

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Governor Christie to Appear on Jimmy Fallon Thursday

chris christie nj gay marriage

The Star Ledger reports that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will appear on Jimmy Fallon this Thursday. This will be the first time he’s sat on a late-night couch since the George Washington Bridge debacle — and the first time on The Tonight Show since Fallon and Bruce Springsteen sang about him in “Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, New Jersey Traffic Jam.” Will be fun to see what he has to say — or sing — about that. Check out the video after the jump.

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