Jim Kenney’s Mean Girl 101

Jim Kenney, Chris Christie

Jim Kenney, Chris Christie

Like most people who were tweeting from the Linc on Sunday night, I’m going to assume that Councilman Jim Kenney wasn’t putting much thought into his 140 characters.

An Eagles fan, the possible mayoral candidate was annoyed when he spotted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie snuggling up to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the skybox. Here’s what that looks like:

Admittedly, part of me likes that a Philly politician would not only publish those tweets but defend them. Councilman Kenney – who has a history of Twitter tantrums – didn’t take them down, explaining, “I have a big nose and he has a fat ass. Just as life deals you.”

But, as much as I enjoy Philadelphia’s unique brand of feisty real-talk, I can’t help but think the same thing I think every time someone attacks Christie for his weight: Kenney sounds like an idiot, and he probably needs a hug.

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Cowboys Fan Chris Christie Watches Game from Jerry Jones’ Box


Last night was pretty much a total loss for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team fell into a 21-0 hole in the first half but rallied to take a 24-21 lead — only to lose lose to the hated Cowboys, 35-27. Making it worse, after two consecutive losses the Eagles are now likely to miss the playoffs after starting the season 9-3.

Making it even worse: Chris Christie was in the owner’s box with the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones! How will Christie-loving Northeast Philly Republicans vote in 2016 now?!

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Poll: Majority of N.J. Residents Don’t Want President Chris Christie

A new poll from Quinnipiac University says that New Jersey residents are less than enthusiastic about a Chris Christie presidency.

Though he’s won two terms as governor with relative ease, 53 percent of Jersey residents think he’d be a bad president. Forty percent think he’d make a good chief executive. Quinnipiac has been asking this question since 2010, when 61 percent of New Jersey residents thought he would not make a good president. (The high for Christie was 44 percent “bad president” and 41 percent “good president” — in March 2013.)

“Even Jersey guys, actually Jersey girls, don’t think the nation will go for a Jersey guy like Gov. Christopher Christie,” Maurice Carroll, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a press release. “Shades of Woodrow Wilson. The last Jersey guy who got elected president did not carry the state in his 1916 reelection. And this poll shows we haven’t changed in the last century.”

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Panel: Christie Not Involved in Bridgegate Closures


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was not involved in the “Bridgegate” lane closures meant to punish a Democratic mayor who didn’t endorse his candidacy for a second term as governor, a new investigation has found.

The controversy continues despite the apparent exoneration, however, with legislative Republicans saying Democrats used the investigation to try to harm Christie’s nascent presidential candidacy, the New York Daily News reports.
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New Jersey Voters Approve of Christie’s Ebola Quarantine


Are you terrified of the Ebola virus even though there have been no recorded cases in your state? If you live in New Jersey, you are!

New Jersey voters did not share in the wide mockery Chris Christie received — everywhere from Jon Stewart to Saturday Night Live to Tom the Dancing Bug — for his mandatory quarantine on nurse Kaci Hickox. In a new poll from Monmouth University (below), 67 percent of New Jersey voters say they approved of Chris Christie’s quarantine of nurse Kaci Hickox. Only 19 percent disapproved.

Hickox tested negative for the Ebola virus and showed no symptoms; Ebola is transmitted by direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. Christie says she had a fever when she was quarantined, while Hickox says she was not ill at any time. Hickox was kept in a tent in a Newark parking lot during her quarantine.

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