Chipotle Will Give You a Free Burrito If You Do This 

In case you are one of those strange creatures who isn’t addicted to the Internet, Chipotle, everyone’s favorite sort-of-kind-of-healthy chain, has had a slew of run-ins with E. coli and norovirus over the past few months. So naturally, people are a little bit scared to eat there. But last week, the CDC declared the E. coli outbreak over and, today, all Chipotle stores closed for a few hours for an all-staff meeting on food safety. And now, it looks like they’re hoping to get customers back in the door with free burritos.

I will shamelessly take the bait. Read more »

The Checkup: The Case for Ditching Salad and Ordering Tacos at Chipotle Instead

• If you’ve stared at neighboring tables’ tacos while filling your mouth with salsa-topped lettuce on every Chipotle trip for the past decade, no more: Turns out, a measly two-ounce serving of the chain’s vinaigrette will cost you a whopping 270 calories. To give you some perspective, three sofritas tacos — when ordered thoughtfully — will only run you 380 calories. Yeah, tacos win, right? [TIME] Read more »

How to Skip the Chipotle Lunch Lines for Good


I’m as much of a Chipotle fan as the next gal — those burrito bowls are my jam — but a regular Chipotle-for-lunch habit is about as healthy for my bank account as it is for my waistline.

So this past weekend, I decided to take matters into my own hands: I whipped up a monster batch of make-ahead-and-freeze burritos that should keep me lunchtime-happy for at least two solid weeks. (See the photo I snapped above for evidence.) Bonus: The entire process, from chop to cleanup, only took about an hour.

All you need to do to pull off this bit of lunch-hour magic is make a batch of burrito filling, put it in some tortillas, wrap said tortillas in aluminum foil, pop them in the freezer and — voila! — frozen, ready-to-eat burritos whenever you need a quick lunch. Read more »

BizFeed: Amtrak Passengers Stuck After Crew “Ran Out of Hours”


Still in Delaware? Yup. arvitalyaa/Shutterstock

1. Amtrak Passengers Stuck in Delaware After Crew “Ran Out of Hours”

The News: On it’s trip from New York to Washington D.C., an Amtrak train surprisingly screeched to a stop just before the Newark, Del. station. Then the waiting began. Turns out, Amtrak’s crew had “run out of hours” and needed another crew to relieve them. It took one hour and 12 minutes before the new crew arrived and the train got moving again. Read more »

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