Eagles Wake-Up Call: Tempo No Help Against Seahawks

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

A few sharp-tongued members of the Seattle defense let it fly in the locker room following a dominant performance against the Eagles’ highly touted offensive attack.

Linebacker K.J. Wright called the Eagles “a pretty simple team.” Defensive end Michael Bennett said the Philadelphia police should be notified because Mark Sanchez is “trying to impersonate a good quarterback.” And Richard Sherman took a shot at the Eagles’ receiving corps while throwing some love in the direction of his childhood friend, DeSean Jackson.

“I think they miss him tremendously. He was an incredible threat — still a threat in this league,” said Sherman of Jackson. “A player like that a defense has to account for. You have to be worried about where he is at all times. Right now we can stand up across the board and play.”

The defending champs had room to criticize after holding the Eagles to just 139 yards of total offense en route to a 24-14 win Sunday. That’s the lowest offensive output in Chip Kelly‘s six years as a head coach.
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Observations: Seahawks 24, Eagles 14

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Here’s what we saw during today’s Eagles-Seahawks game.


* The Eagles struggled to get anything going offensively all game long. On 12 drives, the Birds punted eight times, turned it over twice and scored two touchdowns. One of the two scoring drives came when special teams set the offense up at the Seahawks’ 14. Mark Sanchez went 10-for-20 for 96 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He averaged 4.8 YPA. Read more »

All-22: The Challenges Against Seattle


Go around the Eagles locker room and ask players what makes Earl Thomas so good, and you’ll get a variety of answers.

“He’s a freak,” said Jordan Matthews. “You can tell he has a desire to be the greatest in the game. No different than my lockermate, 27 [Malcolm Jenkins]. I feel like both of those guys have that same mentality. The dude is full speed every single play the entire game. You’ve gotta be able to match that intensity and go out there and play your hardest if you’re gonna compete against him.”

“His speed,” answered Mark Sanchez. “He’s just got a nose for the football. He diagnoses plays fast. One of the most intense players. The film doesn’t have any sound, but that guy almost puts a soundtrack to the film. You see him just completely sell out – against the run, against the pass, breaking plays up.” Read more »

Why Seattle’s Not Concerned With Eagles Tempo


Chris Maragos was asked this week whether Eagles coaches have approached him at all to discuss the Seahawks’ defensive scheme.

“Not really. Just because it’s not like it’s complicated,” said Maragos, a safety/special teamer who spent the previous three seasons in Seattle. “You guys can watch the film and see what they do. It’s Cover 3, it’s Cover 1, single-high safeties, different things like that, so it’s not like they’re doing all this exotic stuff. I don’t think they need my help.”

His response shed light on one of the more fascinating story lines heading into Sunday: How will the Seahawks’ defense deal with the Eagles’ tempo? Read more »

Chip: Florida Never Contacted Me

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly spent the early portion of his Wednesday press conference answering (in very succinct fashion) questions about the University of Florida rumors.

Have you or your agent been contacted by Florida?

“Nope. No.”

Would you talk to them if they called?


What do you think when things like that come up?

“I laugh.”

Is it flattering?

“No. I think it’s silly.”


“Because it’s a rumor, it’s not the truth. I think things that are false are silly.” Read more »

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