Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Time Is Doug Pederson’s

Doug Pederson. (Jeff Fusco)

Doug Pederson. (Jeff Fusco)

“Time’s yours.”

A phrase made popular by former Eagles head coach Andy Reid, the mentor of current coach Doug Pederson, held literal truth as Philadelphia defeated the Browns on Sunday afternoon.

In his first game as Philadelphia’s new boss, Pederson accomplished something previous head coach Chip Kelly never did in 47 games with the Eagles. According to NFL research, the Eagles’ 39:20 time of possession was more than any single game during the Kelly era.  Read more »

Jason Peters: Last Year Was ‘Hurtful,’ ‘Frustrating’

Jason Peters. (Jeff Fusco)

Jason Peters. (Jeff Fusco)

Jason Peters addressed the media today after practice, talking about Chip Kelly and what went wrong last season for the first time. He echoed many of the sentiments of his teammates, indicating the Eagles’ former coach was intolerant, predictable and bad for veterans.

The offensive lineman was particularly discouraged by Kelly’s lack of adaptability, and how the former coach didn’t make needed changes. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Where the Weight Lies

Doug Pederson and Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Doug Pederson and Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Today’s question comes from reader Jeff:

Are the Birds as bad as everyone thinks? Or was Chip putting guys in bad positions that are not part of their skill set?

Seems like a good one to tackle as the Eagles open training camp today.

The Chip Kelly effect on the 2015 team has been underplayed a bit when discussing this year’s outlook. You can argue the three main reasons for Kelly’s downfall in his final season were 1) a vanilla offense that lacked answers once the league caught up to it; 2) a tempo-at-all-costs approach that routinely stressed his own defense and 3) an inability to adjust his leadership style to meet the needs of the pro athlete.

All three issues are expected to disappear under Doug Pederson. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Johnson Welcomes ‘Better’ Offseason Approach

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Like Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews, Lane Johnson said he also traveled to Oklahoma to spend time with Sam Bradford this offseason – though his visit was more of the rocking chair and lemonade variety.

“No, I did a lot of sitting,” he said when a reporter jokingly asked if he was out there running routes for the quarterback. “I had to rest this offseason. I was tired.”

Johnson skipped the MMA training during the break (though he may spend a month there later in the offseason, he said) and pulled back on the weight lifting so that the body could heal. The 25-year-old dealt with knee and ankle injuries (at a minimum) over the course of the season. With 44 starts and three NFL seasons now under his belt, he is feeling it more than he once did and taking his cues from other veteran linemen on how to properly recover in-between seasons.

“You’re not working out, lifting, you feel like you’re not up to any good. But I felt it was necessary to get the body back right,” said Johnson.

Particularly after three seasons working under Chip Kelly. Read more »

Weekend Reading: Will Eagles Stay Put In Draft?

wentz senior

Carson Wentz. (USA Today Sports)

In a week dominated by narratives gleaned from the recent owners meetings in Boca Raton, Florida, the Eagles still managed to insinuate themselves in both trade rumors and roster moves alike. Here’s the latest from around the web on a possible move up in the draft, and other Eagles news. Read more »

What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Chip owners meetings

Photo: USA Today Sports.

This year’s owners meetings provided the Philadelphia media with the first opportunity to question Chip Kelly since his firing in December of last year, and also opened up Doug Pederson to an hour of questions.

Here is the latest on what we learned at the coaches breakfasts, as well as the owners meetings as a whole. Read more »

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