What Are Your Favorite Wings?


Just in time for the Super Bowl Epicurious has just come out with its list of America’s Best Wings. Philadelphia is represented by Federal Donuts interpretation of the Buffalo classic. And with the Wing Bowl all set for the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow, we’ve been thinking about wings a lot.

So we’re opening up to you, faithful Foobooz readers, what are your favorite wings? Are they FedNuts? PJ Whelihan’s, which provide the wings to Wing Bowl? Or do you have a favorite bar that does them just right?

Leave your favorites in the comments.

The Abbaye Hosts Its Fourth Annual Vegan Wing Bowl

i-love-vegans-400This Saturday, February 1st is the Abbaye’s fourth annual Vegan Wing Bowl. Competitive eaters can enter for a $20 entry fee that includes bottomless beer, all the wings you can eat in the allotted time, Vegan Wing Bowl/Abbaye/Philly Roller Girl swag and if you win, a trophy, cash prize and Roller Derby tickets. Call 215-627-6711 to enter.

Just looking to cheer on your favorite vegan competitive eater? $10 gets you bottomless Philadelphia Brewing Company beers and discounted vegan wings.

Philly Roller Girls will be in attendance and sponsoring the eating contest. Competitors will consume as many seitan-based wings as they can during a the length of a roller derby jam, two minutes. Winners from each round will be weighed and put on the leaderboard. The top three weights will win prizes.

The doors open at 4 p.m. with the competition beginning at 5 p.m.

The Abbaye [Official]

West Philly Restaurant Falsely Accused of Serving Cats

Photo by Charles Mostoller via the Metro

Photo by Charles Mostoller via the Metro

On December 2nd, the Metro ran a story about the Pennsylvania State Senate considering a bill that would make it illegal to breed cats and dogs to eat. It would be only the seventh state to enact such legislation. Author Tommy Rowan asks George Bogle, the Pennsylvania SPCA’s director of law enforcement if he knew of any such circumstance. He recounted the story of a West Philadelphia restaurant that was butchering cats in its basement. Bogle refuses to give the name or address since the restaurant has since closed and reopened under new ownership.

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Restaurants Offering Super Bowl Food To-Go


Heading to a friends house for the Super Bowl? Don’t be THAT guy who shows up empty-handed. Here are a handful of restaurants offering special takeout options for the Super Bowl. Bring an order of Ela’s wings (pictured) and a local growler and quickly go from zero to hero.

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National Accolades for FedNuts, Amis, Le Virtu & Alla Spina


Wings at Alla Spina

The praise, it keeps on coming for Philadelphia. Zagat saluted two Philadelphia restaurants as the hottest Italian restaurants in the country. Amis and Le Virtu received the praise.

Also in the Marc Vetri orbit, Alla Spina’s chicken wings were named among the best chicken wings in the U.S. by Food & Wine.

Michael Solomonov’s Federal Donuts also got some national love as the donut and fried chicken spot was featured on NBC’s 1st Look.
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4th Annual Wing King Competition Next Weekend

Wing King, a chicken wing competition hosted by BigBite, is next weekend on Saturday May 26th at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum in West Philly. The competition, in its fourth year, brings together 25 local cooks to create the best wings in Philly. For a $10 donation you can gain access to the event, eat, drink, and judge the People’s Choice round.

Which, considering there’ll be free beer, is one helluva deal.

You said something about free beer?

Supper Bowl at Lemon Hill

Photo by Andrea Monzo

Lemon Hill on Aspen Street in Fairmount is hosting a blowout Super Bowl party on Sunday, February 5th. The all-you-can-eat buffet will pit New England against New York. Among the battles, New England Chowder versus Manhattan and New Haven white clam with garlic versus a Brooklyn style sausage with peppers and onions.

The buffet is $42 per person. Doors open at 5 p.m. with the buffet beginning at 5:30.

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This Is Why I Hate You: Tony A’s

I really should’ve known better. When you get right down to it, this all might’ve been my fault.

I should’ve known better than to order the Buffalo chicken pizza. I mean, in the full and flowering spectrum of pizza choices, the Buffalo chicken pizza is an anomaly, a bad joke among Neapolitan purists–like the Hawaiian or the Chicago deep-dish. It is barely a pizza at all, qualifying only because it is round, has a crust, comes from an oven and isn’t an apple pie. The Buffalo chicken pizza is less a pizza than it is an experiment in American overindulgence–in feeding the desperate need we have to always be stacking one good thing on top of something else or jamming one good thing inside another.  Hmm, says the pizza man, standing thoughtful before his ovens and hoping for inspiration to strike. My customers do like pizza. But then, they ALSO like chicken wings. Hey, wait a minute! What if I were to…

Would that a runaway bus had chosen that moment to crash through the glass of the shop owned by the first man to consider Buffalo chicken pizza. Would that the vengeful food gods had access to mortars or a time machine.

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