Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Fried Chicken, Fat Chefs, Cheesemongers and A World Record Attempt

Just because it was a short week, that didn’t mean it was a slow one. Between the new summer menu at Opa, the free drinks at Adsum, Michael Solomonov doing fried chicken at his Down the Shore party (a picture of which is above, thanks to the folks at Bridges, Burgers & Beers) and the controversial revealing of one of the city’s best hidden salad joints we had plenty to talk about. And that’s not even counting the news of a second restaurant from the folks behind Trio. Or the announcement of Chicken.Org–a new organic chicken restaurant coming to 4th Street whose name we did not make nearly enough fun of.

Not enough for you? Here’s what else you might’ve missed:

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New “Docu-Series” Casting Fat Chefs For Cooking/Weight Loss Show I really wish I was kidding about this, but I’m not
Almanac Market Closes And wins award for most passive-aggressive closing announcement EVER
Cheesemongers: The Food World’s Newest Celebrities Because, seriously, what’s sexier than a pale, cave-dwelling obsessive who smells like Gorgonzola?
Pizza Brain’s World Record Attempt Not bad, considering the restaurant is still months away from opening
The Mystery of Le Bec-Fin Or I guess we should say the most recent mystery, anyway

Chicken.Org Opening Soon just debuted a couple months ago and now partners Eyal Aranya and Yoni Nadav are on to their next concept, This sit-down and to-go spot will be located at 534 S 4th Street, just a door in from South Street and down the block from will be serving up both rotisserie and fried chicken and sides reminiscent of  an organic version of Boston Market. The shop looks similar to with vibrant colors and modern design.

Construction is in full swing and they are aiming on opening within a couple of weeks.