Vote for Best of Philly: What’s the Best Cheesesteak in Philly?

2014 Best of Philly winner: Spot Burger

2014 Best of Philly winner: Spot Burger

Here in Philly, we know our steaks on a first name basis. John, or Jim, or Pat, or Carmen, or Philip, or whoever — cheesesteaks are personal. Our favorite spots help get us through the week, or through a night, and sometimes a rough morning (don’t judge).

Of course, there’s a wrong way and a right way to make a one. Strangely enough, far too many shops get it wrong, and we end up with places like Center City’s Steve’s Prince of Steaks (for those in-the-know, Steve’s in the Northeast is a far better experience).

And then there are some that do it exceptionally well.

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John Kruk Likes Mayo On His Cheesesteaks

Left: The logo for Kruk's Philly Steaks. Right: Kruk with the Phillies in 1992. (Photo via Missouri State Archives/Wikimedia Commons)

Left: The logo for Kruk’s Philly Steaks. Right: Kruk with the Phillies in 1992. (Photo via Missouri State Archives/Wikimedia Commons)

Former Phillies star John Kruk is a man full of surprises. Even though he built a real tough guy reputation while playing for the Phils, Kruk has never been on a motorcycle, he refuses to get a tattoo, and his preferred drink these days is water. And now we’ve learned that Kruk eats his cheesesteaks with mayonnaise, an admission that might have some hardcore cheesesteak purists crying foul. Read more »

Pat’s Steaks Is Serving White Truffle Cheesesteak

White Truffles descend on Pat's Steaks | Photo Illustration by Arthur Etchells

White Truffles descend on Pat’s Steaks | Photo Illustration by Arthur Etchells

Pat’s King of Steaks is offering an Alba White Truffle Cheesesteak on Thursday, November 17th, starting at 12:30 p.m. The $20 highfalutin take on the cheesesteak is the result of this past weekend’s White Truffle Charity Auction that took place at the Union League in Philadelphia. Pat’s owner, Frank Olivieri, purchased a truffle for $2,500 to support the National Italian American Foundation.

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Michael Solomonov Is Cooking Cheesesteaks At Pat’s

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

You may not agree that Pat’s King of Steaks has the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia, but you do have to concede that chef Michael Solomonov’s take on the classic dish is unique—it includes shawarma spice, tehina and pickled peppers—and it sounds delicious.

Well, good news: On October 19th, Pat’s will feature Solomonov in their Guest Chef Series.

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Get a Cheesesteak, Avoid DNC Crowds: The Return of the Frizwit

The Frizwit | Photo by A Few Fishies

The Frizwit | Photo by A Few Fishies

Since Philly is the cheesesteak capital of the universe, we already know the lines at Pat’s and Geno’s are going to be insane this week with the DNC. But if you’re a true Philly native, you know that there’s more to the cheesesteak scene and that the crowds are just annoying.

So, to avoid the crowds (and get a better sandwich), all you have to do is head right across the street. Food Underground is back at Garage tonight with their two “pop-up” sandwiches the Frizwit and the Sabih.

The Frizwit debuted last September and is simply the best cheesesteak around. Made with grass fed, frizzled beef from Kensington Quarters, served with cheese from Hidden Hills Dairy and Birchrun Hills Farm and then topped with charred and caramelized onions and served on a Ba Le Bakery roll, it really doesn’t get much better.

The Sabih is their most recent venture, the Middle Eastern inspired. Once again, a Ba Le Bakery roll gets piled with roasted eggplant, huevos haminados, tahina, fingerlings, Arabic salad, and schug (type of Middle Eastern hot sauce). Food Underground founder Ari Miller calls it “the best sandwich ever.”
From 6 to 10 P.M. they will be serving up the sandwiches, each one costing around $10. Take advantage of this deal and get them before they disappear again.

Garage [Foobooz]

The Vietnamese Cheesesteak: Hot Take on a Philly Staple

The Vietnamese Cheesesteak

The Vietnamese Cheesesteak

It can be tricky to mess with a classic, especially one as beloved as the cheesesteak. Tampering with the simple “one whiz wit” could be a fraught with peril but Chad Kubanoff, owner of Same Same, has decided he’s up to the task.

The Vietnamese Cheesesteak” will be making its debut at the Liberty Lands Music Festival and Flea Market, this Saturday, June 4th.

The sandwich layers shaved beef shank with caramelized onions, pickled onions, Laughing Cow cheese on top of banh mi bread. This is all topped off with a concoction Kubanoff dubs “Jawn Sauce,” which is a special blend of oyster sauce, soy sauce, and garlic.

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Han Dynasty at Pat’s Steaks

han chiang pats steaks 400Tonight, Friday, May 6th, Han Chiang will be at the grill of Pat’s Steaks cooking up cumin pepper steaks. The Han Dynasty owner will be turning out his steaks from 9 p.m to midnight this evening.

Chiang’s appearance is part of Pat’s Steaks continuing Guest Chef Series. Owner Frank Oliveri has been inviting chefs to come up with their own twists on the cheesesteak. Participants have included Marc Vetri, Jose Garces and even vegetarian cheesesteaks from chef Sally Eisenberg.

Pat’s Steaks [Foobooz]

Please, Don’t Let a Pittsburgh Place Win This Cheesesteak Poll

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Let’s be fair: There is no reason a cheesesteak made in Pittsburgh can’t be good. The Groove Cheesesteak Company — which apparently used to be called Southside Steaks, and still has that URL for its website — may make a good cheesesteak.

In fact, it probably does! (“Southside Steaks” sounds like a more authentic name for a steak shop, though.) There’s no reason that a steak shop has to be in the city of Philadelphia to make a good cheesesteak. Anthony Bourdain himself said Donkey’s in Camden has the best. But there is no way we can let a Pittsburgh place win USA Today’s Best Cheesesteak in Pennsylvania contest.

Working with Sandwich America, USA Today’s “10 best” site has selected 20 places in Pennsylvania that are contenders for the best cheesesteak in the state. Eleven of them are in Philadelphia, and three more are in the suburbs. One, Groove, is in Pittsburgh. Read more »

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