Are These The 5 Best Cheesesteaks In West Philly?

2014-year-of-the-cheesesteakWest Philly Eats has put together a list of the best cheesesteaks in West Philly, but the list is a bit…underwhelming. I mean, I love the fact that a halal restaurant that I’ve never even heard of makes it into the #1 slot, but there were a lot of frightening inclusions among the other entries. Like how do you make it onto a list of the best of anything with a description like this?

The problem with this cheesesteak is that there were too many frills, and the cheesesteak is essentially a big, dumb, tasty sandwich with no frills. The most upsetting frill was the flaccid lettuce. The cheese was, somehow, unmelted. It was too ketchupy. The tomatoes were hard. I am not a purist, so the various condiments and vegetables did not necessarily bother me. But the frills were not fresh. Everything was slopped together to form a liquidy mush on greaselogged bread.

No, seriously. That was one of the best.

So anyway, the West Philly Eats list included Pasqually’s, Lee’s Deli, Koch’s Deli, Gojjo and Saad’s Halal Restaurant. Each one gets a write-up and its (relative) strengths and weaknesses weighed. But I gotta ask… For those of you out there living in West Philly, is it really such a cheesesteak wasteland? Are there that do better?

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Tale of the Tape: SPOT Gourmet Burgers, Steaks, & Pork


As we continue the Year of the Cheesesteak, we’ll be taking a look at cheesesteak spots that are new, been flying under the radar or been suggested to us. Today, we visit the SPOT Burgers truck at The Porch at 30th Street Station. Yes, SPOT Burgers has gotten plenty of rightful ink for their hamburgers but you cannot sleep on owner Josh Kim’s cheesesteaks.

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A Healthy(er) Cheesesteak At Geno’s?


Geno’s Steaks | Health food?

WHYY has this new(ish) health-based show attached to Newsworks called The Pulse. It talks to doctors and discusses high blood pressure and cholesterol and all those things that grownups care about. It’s a good show, but rarely catches my attention until, this morning, I heard them talking about cheesesteaks.

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Tale of the Tape: Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co.


As we continue the Year of the Cheesesteak, we’ll be taking a look at cheesesteak spots that are new or have been suggested to us. Today, we visit Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co. in Northern Liberties. Del Rossi’s opened in late October of 2012, giving Northern Liberties a steak, pizza and sandwich shop that owner Mike Frank thought was missing from the neighborhood. The extensive menu includes burgers, hoagies and even salads, but we were focused on the cheesesteak when we visited on a recent weeknight.

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Geico Super Bowl Ad Celebrates Cheesesteaks

Did you turn off the Super Bowl after the halftime show? Then you may have missed the Geico Gecko dancing to cheesesteaks in South Philadelphia. Geico, the insurance company that has utilized a hump day camel, a talking pig and a gecko from down under to great success, rolled out a “Cheesesteak Shuffle” ad during the Super Bowl. The ad, which was shown in select markets is part of Geico’s most recent television ad series, “The Gecko Journey.” The ads feature the mascot talking about landmarks across the country. Philadelphia and the “Cheesesteak Shuffle” has kicked the series off.

In the Philadelphia ad, the gecko appears in front of Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks discussing how in Philadelphia you can get a cheesesteak 24-hours a day, similar to how Geico’s web site is available all day and night. Then the gecko breaks into dance, the “Cheesesteak Shuffle” to be exact.

Geico has also posted a Cheesesteak Shuffle video that is at least as good as the Chicago Bears’ Grammy nominated “Super Bowl Shuffle.” Let’s see if it becomes a viral hit.

Watch the Cheesesteak Shuffle video » 

Ishkabibble’s II Opens on South Street


Ishkabibble’s II, the sit-down sequel to the original cheesesteak stand at 337 South Street has opened at 517 South Street. The new Ishkabibble’s features the same menu as the original spot that has been a South Street institution since 1979 but features a ton more seating, about 52 seats in total.

The hours are also the same as the original location, open Sunday till Thursday from 9 a.m. to  11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday till 3 a.m.

So if you’re a fan of Ishkabibble’s beef or chicken cheesesteak, head on in, grab a seat and make sure you order a “Gremlin” (1/2 grape, 1/2 lemonade) to drink.

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Cheesesteak Almost Takes Out WIP’s Angelo Cataldi


Dramatization – do not try at home.

Yesterday, 94 WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi was filming a Super Bowl commercial spoof that required him to spin and chomp down on a cheesesteak. When Cataldi completed the bite in the second take, things went wrong. The ringmaster of Wing Bowl couldn’t get the cheesesteak down. He ran back into the building looking for water. Howard Eskin’s son and WIP host Spike Eskin was there and once he realized Cataldi wasn’t joking about not being able to breathe, Eskin performed the heimlich maneuver 5 or 6 times until Cataldi’s breathing passage was clear.

Cataldi estimates he wasn’t breathing for about a minute.

Speaking of opportunities to choke, WIP’s Wing Bowl takes this place this Friday at the Wells Fargo Center.

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The Strip Joint Opens This Weekend


The Strip Joint opens this weekend, replacing SoWe at 22nd and Carpenter. The new concept delivers steak dinners for under $20. That part sounds intriguing, the strip bar metaphors on the other hand … Are you ready for “Happy Endings” (desserts), “Something Wet” (drink menu) and a bar menu that includes the “Stripcheese Steak?”.

Saturday is being pushed as a “friends and family” night with 20% off food and drink. Sunday will see the Strip Joint open for brunch.

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