A Frame-By-Frame Analysis of the Geico Philly Cheesesteak Commercial


Did you watch the Super Bowl Sunday? Of course you did, it’s the Super Bowl, and even football-hating heathens tune in. While we didn’t get the Bucks County-born defense lawyer’s amazing two-minute spot here in Philadelphia, we did get a ridiculous local ad of our own: The Geico gecko at the Cheesesteak nexus!

Foobooz covered this yesterday, but I figured I’d take a closer look at today at the two-minute spot.

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Dalessandro’s Versus Chubby’s


As we promised, 2014 is the Year of the Cheesesteak. And as part of the continuing coverage of the cheesesteak, we will be profiling cheesesteak rivalries around town. 

When GQ’s Alan Richman came to town to rank his ten favorite cheesesteaks, one of the biggest complaints was the omission of Dalessandro’s Steaks in Roxborough. According to Ray Didinger, who went along with Richman on his cheesesteak hunt, Richman had eliminated the Roxborough stalwart from his list based upon a previous cheesesteak visit to Philadelphia.

Sunday, I set out with a couple of friends, including comedian Chip Chantry, to try both Dalessandro’s and Chubby’s across the street. Check out the results of our first Rivalry Tale of the Tape.

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