7 Hilarious Reviews of Blake Lively’s New Lifestyle Website ‘Preserve’


The PRESERVE homepage, a study in sepia, dramatic silhouettes and fonts straight outta Colonial Williamsburg.

At long last, Blake Lively’s new “lifestyle site” is here. It is called Preserve and it is one part Martha Stewart, one part Kinfolk, two parts painful earnestness, and five parts Instagram filter. Shoppist’s assistant editor Marina pointed out that the sun-kissed photo of a golden-haired Blake romantically penning the site’s “editor’s letter” looks a whole lot like this photo of Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen studying for her SATs.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Market Report: What the Heck Happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s Skin?!

  • MR4Guys, please let this photo of Jennifer Lawrence be a lesson in self-tanner restraint. [StyleList]
  • Your makeup brushes might be giving you acne. Also, when’s the last time you cleaned your tweezers? Ew. [Total Beauty]
  • Wanna look like Mia Wallace from Pulp FictionUrban Decay just launched a five-piece beauty collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie[InStyle]

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Market Report: 12 Outfits to Wear When It’s a Million Degrees Outside

  • MR24Welcome to another brain-meltingly hot week. Here’s an entire summer’s worth of amazing outfits that are perfect to wear when the mercury rises. Go! Look! Be inspired! [Refinery29]
  • DKNY just launched a ‘Ramadan’ collection, and it’s shockingly free of controversy. It was styled by Muslim women in the fashion industry, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. [The Independent]
  • In Apple’s continued quest to rule the universe, the brand recently hired a bigwig from Tag Heuer to ostensibly help out with the iWatch, due out in the fall. An iWatch! [Business of Fashion]

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Market Report: 3 Swimsuit Styles Every Woman Should Own

  • MR1Happy Monday, Shoppists! This easy swimsuit shopping guide breaks down the three must-have styles every woman needs in her arsenal: the strapless, the maillot, the itty-bitty. [WhoWhatWear]
  • The World Cup trophy will be presented in a custom Louis Vuitton trunk. Tres fancy. See it here. [WWD]
  • No, no, no, NO. Free People is selling fake, clip-in dreadlock extensions. Also they cost $128. Bob Marley is rolling over in his grave right now. [Racked]

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Bradley Cooper Was Dressed Like a Slob on the Red Carpet


Image via Splash.

Our sister blog Ticket just alerted us to the travesty that is Bradley Cooper’s most recent red carpet look. Rarely do we make a fuss about red carpet looks over at Shoppist—I mean, everyone is just so boring these days—but for this, we had to make an exception. Bradley, sweet, sweet Bradley, where was Suki Waterhouse to give you a little sartorial direction? Or at least a clean shirt?

Click here for the scoop on this rough look.

Market Report: OMG, These are the Most Insulting Sizing Labels Ever

Market Report

  • In WTF retail moves, a Japanese company uses the following size labels on its clothing: Twitch, Skinny, Fat and Jumbo. Yes, there are pictures of the actual tags. [Huffington Post]
  • And here’s what everyone wore! RIHANNA. [WWD]

More must-know style news right here.

Market Report: Here is Everything Everyone Wore to the Met Gala

7 Ways To Wear Red And Pink

  • The fashion world’s prom took place last night. Some knocked it out of the park (Solange, Liu Wen, Giovanna Battaglia, Arizona Muse), some were head-scratchers (Lupita‘s headband?), some were downright bad (Elizabeth Olsen in an ice-skating costume; Katie Holmes in a wench’s costume; SANDRA LEE OMG), and one desperately needed to wash her freaking hair (Chloë Sevigny). [New York Times]

But you need to see what Rihanna wore to the afterparty.

Market Report:16 Biggest Fashion Trends for Summer 2014

  • MR26Here are the 16 biggest fashion trends for summer 2014—all rounded up in one handy visual guide. [Shoebaloo]
  • Katy Perry is slowly revealing through Instagram pics her over-the-top designer costumes for her upcoming Prismatic tour. There is a butterfly cape! [Elle]
  • Bradley Cooper‘s stunning girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, spilled her beauty secrets. Women everywhere will now start slathering heaps of coconut oil all over their faces. Just watch. [My Daily]

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Market Report: How to Vintage Shop Like a Pro

  • MR20Happy Friday, Shoppists! First up, smart tricks and tips for shopping vintage like a pro. Because there’s no better line than, “Oh, this? It’s vintage.” [Teen Vogue]
  • Finally, some answers from the Hillary Clinton shoe-throwing incident! It was … a black-and-orange athletic shoe. If you’re going to throw a shoe at someone, why not go all-in and make it a stiletto? Just sayin’. [New York Daily News]
  • Here is Emma Stone wearing the least slutty Versace dress ever. [Go Fug Yourself]

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