PHOTO: Mo’ne Davis Stuns in November’s Teen Vogue

Image via Teen Vogue.

Image via Teen Vogue.

We’re huge Mo’ne Davis fans over here at Shoppist HQ. So when we saw the Taney Dragons all star featured in November’s issue of Teen Vogue, we squealed, and gushed, and AH, SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY!

The stylist and photog deserve major kudos: Mo’ne toes the line between looking perfectly glamorous in a metallic top—yet totally age-appropriate with minimal makeup—while still wearing a baseball cap and braid.

It’s a glitzy break from throwing 70 miles per hour fastballs. Plus, it’s pretty much perfection.




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  • This mini-profile and accompanying video of Betsey Johnson is truly awesome. Her house is just as colorfully crazy as she is. Watch it, and prepare to want to go home and change into something with lots of sequins. [StyleLikeU]

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Where to Get the Pepperoni Pizza Onesie Katy Perry Wore in Philly This Week


This is flattering.

Unless you live under a rock,  you’ve heard that Queen of the Tweens Katy Perry was in town for a show. After the show, she climbed the Art Museum steps—wearing a pepperoni pizzza onesie. (Yep, this was not a mere hoodie, as previously reported. It was a full top-of-head-to-tips-of-toes onesie). If you’re going to wear a greasy-looking slice of pizza, might as well go for broke, right?

Here’s where to buy it.

7 Hilarious Reviews of Blake Lively’s New Lifestyle Website ‘Preserve’


The PRESERVE homepage, a study in sepia, dramatic silhouettes and fonts straight outta Colonial Williamsburg.

At long last, Blake Lively’s new “lifestyle site” is here. It is called Preserve and it is one part Martha Stewart, one part Kinfolk, two parts painful earnestness, and five parts Instagram filter. Shoppist’s assistant editor Marina pointed out that the sun-kissed photo of a golden-haired Blake romantically penning the site’s “editor’s letter” looks a whole lot like this photo of Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen studying for her SATs.
The resemblance is uncanny.

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  • Your makeup brushes might be giving you acne. Also, when’s the last time you cleaned your tweezers? Ew. [Total Beauty]
  • Wanna look like Mia Wallace from Pulp FictionUrban Decay just launched a five-piece beauty collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie[InStyle]

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  • No, no, no, NO. Free People is selling fake, clip-in dreadlock extensions. Also they cost $128. Bob Marley is rolling over in his grave right now. [Racked]

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