Andy Reid’s Main Line House Is for Sale

andy reid's house

Detail photo of Andy Reid’s Villanova house via Main Line Executive Realty, Inc.

Andy Reid must be settling in as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, as he’s finally decided to sell his private Main Line home at the end of a cul-de-sac in Villanova. Built in 1999, the home has several standout details: two fireplaces, an office with built-in shelving, finished basement and third floor, and closets with storage systems. From a practical standpoint, the house has a generator and a heated driveway and front walkway, making snow removal a breeze.

A secluded back deck leads to lovely grounds — more than spacious enough for a game of touch football. Gallery below.

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Comcast CFO Buys New York Co-Op for $10.5M

hampshire house

A man who is not Comcast’s CFO enjoys his view at Hampshire House. Photo:

The Real Deal reports that Michael Angelakis, Comcast’s chief financial officer, has purchased a New York co-op repeatedly owned by very wealthy people. Angelakis bought the Hampshire House unit for $10.5 million from Peter Georgescu, chairman emeritus of Young & Rubicam, who paid Wall Street exec Robert Feduniak $8 million for it two years ago. This means that Angelakis now has two units in the Central Park South building.

Angelakis’ primary home, of course, is in the Philadelphia area — on Gladwyne’s Lafayette Road. That six-bedroom, nine-bath house — which he bought in 2007 for $8.2 million – has almost 12,000 square feet of living space, dwarfing his new pied-à-terre in Manhattan, which is about 2,000 square feet.

Comcast CFO Buys Hampshire House Co-Ope for $10.5M [The Real Deal]

One Year on the Market: Frank Palumbo’s Former Main Line Home

palumbo house

The house is secluded behind tall trees and a fence, as this 2012 Google Street View capture shows.

There are a slew of properties on the Main Line worth more than 204 Merion Road’s $1,399,000 asking price, but those houses with their gaudy price tags — well, they’re just houses.

This house is different. This is where the legendary nightclub owner Frank Palumbo and his “vivacious” former Hollywood starlet wife, Kippee Valez, lived. That means the new owners of 204 Merion Road will be acquiring a home that comes with a story.

In 2004 the Inquirer’s Matt Blanchard said the home “is probably the closest thing to Graceland in Pennsylvania, and the last remnant of a once-great hospitality empire.”

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“Silly Celebrity Real Estate Rumor and Gossip” About Taylor Swift [UPDATED]


Our favorite real estate gossip site, RealEstalker, has a post about Delaware Valley gal Taylor Swift and her latest real estate inclinations — we’re talking 1,150 words devoted to circumstantial evidence of the most delightful kind. To break it down:

Rumor: Swift is the buyer of director Peter Jackson’s duplex penthouses in TriBeCa, which he put on the market first for a combined asking price of $21,500,000 and later as two separate properties, with asking prices of $5.1 million for the 3-bedroom and $14.85 million for the 6-bedroom.


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Dick Clark’s Unbelievable Flintstones House Dips Below $3 Million


Dick Clark, god rest his soul, was as treasured a Philadelphian (temporary or otherwise) as they come. But was he eccentric? He was. Did he have idiosyncratic taste in home design. Oh boy. DID HE EVER.

His Malibu property — dubbed the Flintstones home for obvious reasons — has not yet sold despite incredible 360 degree views of the Channel Islands, Boney Mountains and the Pacific. On 23 acres, the home is a nature-lover’s dream, with almost equally easy access to woodsy trails and the beach. And the price has been cut from the original asking price of $3.5 million to $2,995,000.

Beyond that, there’s little to say that can’t be said by the slideshow. Please, if you do nothing else today, view this slideshow.

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Jamie Kennedy’s Quirky Ranch House Gets a Price Cut

Monsignor Bonner High School grad Jamie Kennedy has had some trouble selling his ranch home in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA, which he’s listed three times. It’s unfortunate because Kennedy made a lot of funky changes to the house, turning it from cookie-cutter to unique.

Last time I wrote about the home, I had this exchange with Kennedy via Twitter (where else?):

I then suggested he advertise the moat in the listing. I mean, a moat? That’s highly unusual. That’s gotta get someone excited.

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Celebrity Real Estate: Bill Haley’s Melody Manor Is for Sale


Under usual circumstances, a home that hasn’t been updated since the 1950s might be a tough sell. In this case, it’s a point of pride. If the basement looks like a mid-century relic, that’s because it is. Woe betide the buyer who removes so much as an inch of the historic paneling where the legendary Bill Haley and His Comets once practiced.

Mr. “Rock Around the Clock” built Melody Manor in 1954 on the site of his childhood home beside the cottage where he grew up. Haley’s biography claims that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer declined to knock down the cottage, preferring to leave it as a reminder of his meager start.

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Tina Fey Is Largely Indifferent to Her Fireplace

tina fey with fireplace

Fey, in repose at home, next to her fireplace, about which she’s indifferent.

At the American Museum of Natural History gala, host Tina Fey was asked by a reporter about…her fireplace. (This was clearly not a reporter from TMZ, though it’s kind of fun to imagine the Keno brothers, say, reinvented as paparazzi.) Standing with her husband, Jeff Richmond, the Upper Darby native said, “We’ve never used it because it’s always too warm on Christmas.” She also called it “smallish.”

Her husband is obviously more of a fireplace guy. He told the AD reporter: “It’s an original, 1910, plaster fireplace, recently restored.” He said it had nice details, “like beautiful soap.”

Attention Prince: Your Purple Palace Calls From Queen Village


This place just needs some extra time — to buy new window treatments and paint — and your renovation kiss. Because right now it’s a Prince-ly palace: aggressively purple, from the shutters outside to the living room walls; from the grape-juice velvet dining room chairs to the matching velvet window swags.

Putting all that aside, this four-bedrdoom Queen Village home is rather terrific. After all, there is a marble gas fireplace and a kitchen stocked with fancypants appliances, which leads out to a lovely patio. There are surprisingly spare bedrooms on the second floor as well as a laundry room (seriously: Prince is not going down to the basement). The master suite — also with a sort of Prince vibe — features huge closets and a full, en-suite bathroom. 

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