Lena Dunham Pans Woody Allen and Other Things Overheard at Sundance 2015

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“All Woody Allen was doing was making out with 17 year olds for years and we didn’t say anything about it.”| Shutterstock.com

We’re coming to the end of the line for the 2015 edition of Sundance, with most press leaving either today or tomorrow—and most of the stars and talent having long since departed—which leaves a bit of that feeling when the lights are suddenly turned back on at the end of the party, leaving everyone still there looking around like they just woke up from a long, twisted dream. In keeping with the metaphor, let’s pull out the broom and start sweeping up the debris with a sampling of quotes—and tweets—that help to encapsulate the 2015 Sundance experience.

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THIS HAPPENED: Patti LaBelle’s Bizarre 1995 Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you’re like me, your favorite part of the Super Bowl is the halftime show. This year, pop princess Katy Perry will hit the field with what’s sure to be a cupcake breast- and fireworks-filled extravaganza. She’s revealed that Lenny Kravitz will join her, and that there are a few more super-secret guest stars.

The halftime shows have been pretty solid over the past several years, with Destiny’s Child, Bruno Mars and Janet’s nipple being some of the best in recent memory. I fell into a bit of a wormhole this week catching up on some old performances, when I came across this gem featuring Philly soul queen Patti LaBelle.

The show was produced by Disney, hence all The Lion King/Indiana Jones shenanigans. Bless her heart, there was so much going on on stage that screaming and wailing was all she could do to keep the audience’s attention on her. And those outfits?! Things calm down a tiny bit in the end when Tony Bennett comes out to join her on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” The show happened exactly 20 years ago this year. Enjoy the flashback above.

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Jay Leno on Bill Cosby: “I Don’t Know Why It’s So Hard to Believe”



In an interview today at the National Association of Television Program Executives in Miami Jay Leno offered his opinion on what he called “this whole Cosby thing.” He shares a similar stance with Larry Wilmore, the Comedy Central host who flat-out said Cosby is guilty of sexual assault on last night’s The Nightly Show.

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REBEL HEART CAUGHT: Arrests Made in Madonna Music Leak

Madonna Header

Someone’s been an unapologetic bitch leaking pop queen Madonna’s new music off her upcoming album Rebel Heart, and now NBC News reports that a computer hacker in Israel has been arrested:

“The 39-year-old suspect’s arrest came after a complex undercover investigation by Israel’s cybercrime unit and the FBI, according to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. He is suspected of hacking into the computers, stealing the music and distributing it online for ‘a fee.'”

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“Weird Al” Yankovic Coming Near Philly on “Mandatory World Tour”



“Weird Al” Yankovic has been promising a tour for quite some time, and now he’s making good on it. Today he released the dates on his “The Mandatory World Tour,” which comprises 100-plus cities, including two stops within driving distance of Philadelphia: Bethlehem and Lancaster.

Kicking off on May 12th in Las Vegas, the tour is in support of his Grammy-nominated 2014 album, Mandatory Fun, which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart. Pre-sale tickets are available via Yankovic’s website starting Tuesday, January 27th, and will be available to the general public on January 30th. For a full list of dates, cast your eyes downward:

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Kevin Hart: I Won’t Play a Gay Role


Kevin Hart is everywhere these days promoting his latest flick, The Wedding Ringer, which opened in theaters this weekend with an impressive $20.6 million box office. The film finds the Philly native in his first “hard R-rated comedy,” which he has said gives him the ability to explore new avenues as an actor by incorporating some of his earlier, more-risqué standup material. An interview he gave on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club last week, however, reveals that, no matter how rewarding it is for him to explore new territories as a performer, there’s one that he’ll likely never navigate: playing gay.

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