A List of Celebrities Eating Badly in Philadelphia


Kate Upton and Justin Verlander were spotted at the Melting Pot Friday before catching the Flyers game the next night, where they “canoodled.” The Melting Pot, a fondue chain, is quite possibly the lamest restaurant they could have chosen and suggests the relationship is doomed. They are not, however, the only celebrities to make ill-advised dining choices in Philly.

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Are the Redskins Changing Their Name to the “Bravehearts”?

TMZ has an intriguing report out that the Washington Redskins, whose name has become unacceptable to utter in polite society, may be contemplating a switch.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder lives in Potomac, Maryland, a few doors down from a very rich dude, Aris Mardirossian. Aris, a wealthy patent investor, registered the name, WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS on October 17th.   According to the Trademark application, obtained by TMZSports, Aris plans to use the name for “Entertainment in the nature of football games.”

Leave it to the defiant, often-ham-fisted Snyder to contemplate switching his racially insensitive team name to one made famous by a movie some called “Anglophobic”, and whose lead actor is guilty of an infamous anti-semitic outburst. (Snyder has difficultly sussing out actual anti-Semitism, apparently.) IF, that is, Snyder and Mardirossian are actually mulling a name change.

PHOTO: Shaq, in Camden

Shaq, yesterday, visiting kids, in Camden. Hey, happy Friday.



The Big Aristotle was in town to promote “Just Play,” an initiative that encourages more after-school activity. I’ll always remember that Shaquille O’Neal is a Newark native; I learned it in one of my favorite books: Hoop Stars, published in 1995. (Ages 5 and up.)

Bryan Cranston Apparently a Phillies Fan

Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz sent out this tweet earlier today. What?! Screw you! We’re not unlikable! Calm down everyone who just thought that! It was a joooke. Turns out Walter White isn’t the Phillies fan; it’s Bryan Cranston who likes the team.

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