Why Do You People Hate Meteorologists So Much?


As Stella makes its way out of the Philadelphia area, a lot of people are pissed. Pissed that they’re stuck in the house with their kids, who should be in school. Pissed that they spent two hours in the Acme yesterday. Pissed that their flights were cancelled. And who are they blaming? Our meteorologists. Read more »

Video: Cecily Tynan Ditches Trail Run to Rescue Injured Owl

Welp, if you weren’t already obsessed with Cecily Tynan like just about every other human in Philadelphia, you’re about to be: The 6abc meteorologist and avid runner was out for a trail run today when she spotted an injured owl. And here’s where the swoon-worthy part that will make you fall in love comes in: When she spotted the owl, Tynan ditched her run, wrapped the owl in her shirt and took it to get medical attention, rescuing it like a freakin’ knight in shining reflective gear. Read more »

Cecily Tynan’s Official Broad Street Run Forecast

Broad Street Run | Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

Broad Street Run | Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

If you were looking forward to near-perfect weather for the Broad Street Run again this year, it looks like you should lower your expectations. As 6ABC meteorologist and avid runner Cecily Tynan tells us, “The latest information shows a cold, soaking rain on Sunday morning with temperatures starting in the upper 40s and not climbing far into the 50s during the race.” She suggests you show up to your corral decked out in a trash bag. Really.

But before you start tearing up at the thought of spending your morning running through the rain, look on the bright side: At least you won’t feel like you’re an egg being fried for brunch as you pound your way down Broad Street. As Tynan says, “High temperatures and sizzling sunshine can turn the nation’s largest 10-mile race into a virtual death march.” Read more »

Cecily Tynan Beats Hurricane Schwartz in Long-Range Winter Forecast Battle


Thursday was pretty much the Super Bowl of the local weather wars, with 6 ABC gale force goddess Cecily Tynan delivering her yearly Winter Weather Outlook and NBC 10 El Nino nerd Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz with his 19th Annual Long-Range Winter Forecast. Schwartz was the guy who brought the idea to the Philly market, back when Tynan was cutting her pearly whites as the station’s first weekend meteorologist, picking up some general assignment reporting on the side.

Though they could never admit it, we’re going to take a wild guess and assume that both of these bona fide meteorologists hate doing these ridiculous predictions about as much as people love to take to Facebook to chide them for doing so. But ratings are ratings and year after year the stations turn on their hype machines and yell “GO!”  Read more »

Cecily Tynan’s Favorite Fitness Studio Is Opening a Center City Location



Back in February, Cecily Tynan told us all about her favorite places to work out in Philly, and her number one pick? Joltin’ Jabs in Manayunk. In her words, “nothing gets out your frustrations like punching something.” We couldn’t agree more. And good news for all you Center City dwellers: The Manayunk boxing studio is making its way to Center City with a Rittenhouse location set to open in early September, so you’ll be able to punch a bag whenever the urge strikes.

Read more »

Cecily Tynan Says She Ran a Marathon Faster Than Mike Rossi

Cecily Tynan after last year's Rothman 8K finish | Photo via Facebook. Mike Rossi at the Boston Marathon

Cecily Tynan after last year’s Rothman 8K finish | Photo via Facebook. Mike Rossi at the Boston Marathon

[UPDATE, 9:15 P.M.] The original headline of this post, “Cecily Tynan Says She Can Beat Mike Rossi in a Marathon,” overstated the nature of Ms. Tynan’s comments. We have updated the headline accordingly.

[ORIGINAL, 4:23 p.m.] On Monday, we told you about the $100,000 that LetsRun.com offered to Montco’s Mike Rossi if he could match his controversial 3:11 time in the race that qualified him for the Boston Marathon. (Long story short: A lot of people think Rossi cheated, Rossi says he didn’t, and the organizers of that race issued a very carefully worded statement saying that there was no “conclusive evidence” that Rossi didn’t run the race in the time recorded for him.) Well, now avid runner and beloved 6 ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan has jumped into the fray, telling us that she’s run a marathon even faster than Rossi’s disputed time. Read more »

Cecily Tynan’s Official Broad Street Run 2015 Weather Forecast

Photo by G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia

Photo by G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia

Good news, Broad Streeters: It looks like the weather is going to be pretty much perfect come race day. As Cecily Tynan told us today, “Mother Nature will be smiling down on the 40,000 runners as they trek down Broad Street on Sunday.” See? Perfect.

To be a bit more specific, Tynan says when you hop out of bed for your predawn wake-up call, the temperatures will be in the low 50s, but by the time the starting pistol fires at 8 a.m., temperatures will already have shot up into the upper 50s. And during the race, she says they’ll quickly rise into the mid 60s.  Read more »

Philadelphia Flower Show Black-Tie Gala and Afterparty


The 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show opened on Friday, February 27, 2015, with a black-tie gala. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and a cocktail party under a marquee of beautiful flowers while surrounded by Caribbean pirates, playful rats, princesses, and chickens in the barnyard. This year’s theme is “Celebrate the Movies,” and as you may have guessed, there’s a large contingent of displays inspired by Disney movies as well as Hollywood classics. After the cocktail hour, dinner took place among the floral displays. As dinner ended at 10 p.m., guests joined the afterparty where DJ Montone and DJ Jason Weiss kicked off dance party which continued well after midnight. The Flower Show runs through March 8, with a schedule full of special events, celebrity appearances, and lots and lots of beautiful flowers and shopping.

More photos from the Flower Show Gala after the jump »

Cecily Tynan Talks About ACL Injury, Surgery and Recovery

Cecily Tynan at physical therapy | Photo via Facebook

Cecily Tynan at physical therapy | Photo via Facebook

The past month has been a bit of a medical whirlwind for 6 ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan. In January, she took a tumble skiing in the Poconos and suffered a left ACL tear. She’s since undergone surgery to repair the damage, and has been working hard in daily PT sessions.

Yesterday, Action News ran a segment about her injury, surgery and recovery: “When Dr. [Robert] Frederick showed me the MRI and said, ‘You have an ACL rupture’ — you know, it’s gone — I think I started to cry because I knew I’d be out for a long time,” she says. Read more »

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