“Perfect Storm” Rescue Ship Sunk Off Cape May Coast

Photo courtesy of NJDEP.

A decommissioned Coast Guard cutter famous for its service in World War II and 1991’s deadly “Perfect Storm” off the coast of Massachusetts was laid to rest on Wednesday as it joined the cadre of sunken ships that comprise the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Reef below the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control partnered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to carry out the sinking of the 205-foot USCGC Tamaroa roughly 26 nautical miles off the coast of Cape May. Read more »

Why’s Everyone Freaked Out About Cape May Beach?

Photography by Ryan Collerd; photograph illustration by Alyse Moyer.

Photography by Ryan Collerd; photograph illustration by Alyse Moyer.

If you really squint at the shape of New Jersey, it looks like a malformed hand pointing angrily at the ocean. And the fingertip that’s jabbing at Mother Nature is Cape May, the southernmost city in the state, where my family has owned a home since 1964. For the most part, Cape May is a sleepy Shore town with an everybody-knows-everybody vibe. It’s the sort of place where most residences, even businesses, don’t lock the doors. Read more »

Old-Fashioned Clambakes at Congress Hall

Often the scene of weddings, on Tuesdays in August, the Great Lawn will be home to a clambake.

Often the scene of weddings, on Tuesdays in August, the Great Lawn will be home to a clambake.

As much as we are in denial, the last few weeks of summer are approaching quickly. If you’re spending them down the shore, I am definitely jealous, but also have news about a fun event for you. Congress Hall in Cape May will be hosting clambakes every Tuesday through August 23rd.

Hosted on the Great Lawn, there will be live music and games every week. Ideal for those Tuesdays when you really just can’t find a reason to leave your beach chair and make dinner.

You can buy dinner for two people for $70, for up to six people for $180, and for up to eight people for $250. Each family-style meal is full of shrimp, mussels and middle neck clams with sides of Jersey corn and cucumber tomato salad. 

More details on the clambake »

The Wine Beneath My Wings


The Garden State Wine Growers Association is switching things up for its annual Cape May Wine Festival this year by holding it at the Naval Aviation Station-Wildwood Museum. For the first time this Saturday and Sunday (from noon to 5 pm), 19 of the state’s wineries will be pouring their wares among vintage private and decommissioned military aircraft in Hangar #1 at the Cape May airport.

So what we’re saying is, good for airplane nerds and for wine drinkers. A double win.

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Lobster, Chocolate and Fish Stories In Cape May

CapeMayChocolateThe event programmers at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities in Cape May have got it going on. While other non-profit organizations struggle to create themes for their one big annual fundraiser (or repeat the same public activities all the time), these folks are constantly coming up with unique programming. Coming up in early October: an exploratory lesson on local seafood and fishing history on October 3 and a chocolate-tasting tour through a series of historic lodgings on Oct. 10.

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This Weekend: Cape May Craft Beer And Crab Festival


As a Maryland girl, there’s almost nothing I like better than craft beer and blue crabs. I can literally spend all afternoon picking crabs and washing them down with a cold craft can. In fact, today’s my birthday and that’s exactly what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.

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Cape May Zoo Named 13th Best In the World

Tripadvisor.com recently ranked the 25 best zoos in the world, and Cape May County Park and Zoo (CMCPZ) cracked the lineup at lucky number 13.

CMCPZ is the nearest one to Philly to appear on the list, sharing the accolade with biggie animal parks like Bioparc Valencia in Spain (No. 12), Zoologlischer Garten in Germany (No. 14) and the San Diego Zoo in Southern California (No. 1).

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This Weekend: Barefoot Beer Festival On The Beach

Undoubtedly the most picturesque place for you to get drunk this weekend

Undoubtedly the most picturesque place for you to get buzzed this weekend.

Drink beers on the beach this weekend at the inaugural Barefoot Beer Fest at Diamond Beach. Do you really need details? You’re drinking unlimited beers on the beach, people.

On Saturday July 11th, Icona Resort is hosting this craft beer fest on their private beach at Diamond Beach (between Wildwood and Cape May). Forty breweries are attending: including Goose Island, Yards, Dogfish Head, Great Lakes, Evolution and Sam Adams. Ten New Jersey breweries will also be on site with their seasonal specialties. One ticket ($50) gets you unlimited two-ounce pours and one food ticket.

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20 Teens Charged in Cape May Sexting Scandal

Photo by "Smallbones" via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by “Smallbones” via Wikimedia Commons

Ah, Cape May, that idyllic Jersey Shore town that’s usually associated with bed-and-breakfasts, wine bars, and salmon-colored Bermuda shorts and generally not associated with anything approaching a scandal. But thanks to a group of high school and middle school students, Cape May is now the epicenter of a sexting scandal. Read more »

Where To Eat At The Jersey Shore


Each year as the weather warms up and the schools let out, we begin our annual migration down the shore. And in case you’re not from around here, “down the shore” is synonymous with heading to the Jersey beaches.

Every summer weekend, Philly seems to become a ghost town as residents make the drive and take refuge in their beachfront homes. The freezing, murky water and running from the beach tag police are beloved traditions we’ve come to expect each year.

And now, the most highly anticipated weekend of the year is coming up and it’s time to load up on sunscreen, dust off our beach chairs and prepare to wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic to kick off the summer season.

Though most people may be looking forward to the greasy, oversized boardwalk pizza slice and those crispy, crinkly boardwalk fries, we’re pretty sure that some of you out there will be looking for something a little bit better. So from fancy meals to excellent local sandwich joints, we’ve got all of your down-the-shore dining needs covered for this Memorial Day Weekend and beyond.

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