Sixers Release Rendering, Photos of Camden Practice Facility


A newly released rendering of the Sixers’ $82 million headquarters and practice facility in Camden, N.J. Photo courtesy of the Sixers.

The Sixers have released a new rendering and a few construction photos for its new practice facility and corporate headquarters in Camden. The team also announced that it secured a $44 million loan for the project from Firstrust Bank. That came just a few weeks after the Sixers signed Firstrust as their banking sponsor — despite playing in an arena, the Wells Fargo Center, named for a rival bank. Read more »

Court: No, Cooper Hospital Can’t Be Camden’s Sole Paramedic Provider

Cooper and Virtua continue to battle over ambulatory services in Camden.

Cooper and Virtua continue to battle over ambulatory services in Camden.

Cooper University Hospital and Virtua have been battling for months over a controversial new law allowing Cooper to effectively take over paramedic services in Camden County. But on Tuesday, Mercer County Superior Court deemed the law unconstitutional.

The legislation, signed by Gov. Chris Christie in July, said that all advanced life support (ALS) services must go through each county’s level-one trauma center. In Camden County, that’s Cooper, which said the law will lead to better treatment for patients. But Virtua has been providing paramedic services in Camden County for 38 years and was very vocal about their opposition to the law.

The law also affected Hamilton County, where all ALS services were now set to go through Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital — but that angered the folks at Capital Health, who have been providing such services since 1977. Read more »

Will New Subaru HQ Really Revitalize Camden? Um, Maybe.

Subuaru - Camden HQ groundbreaking

The groundbreaking at Subaru’s new Camden headquarters was done, appropriately, by an Outback. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

Subaru put on quite the dog-and-pony show today.

Outside an enormous tent, the company set up a display of four Subarus from its history in the United States, from a 1968 Subaru 360 to a 2015 Outback. Inside the tent, every seat at the ceremonial groundbreaking at Subaru of America‘s new Camden headquarters had a mysterious black box on it. (It had a mug and a floor mat-style coaster in it.) There were copious amounts of food and drink. A brass band played Christmas songs and selections from West Side Story, including “I Feel Pretty.”

When the event began a line of speakers praised Subaru, its new development, the city of Camden, the Campbell Soup Co., government officials and, well, each other. Everyone talked about what a great development this headquarters would be for the City of Camden. Michael McHale, Subaru of America’s head of communications, ended the speeches by saying that the groundbreaking wasn’t quite complete without a little more fanfare. In walked the Camden High School drum line.

The curtain at the back of the tent then dropped, and the band marched out to the pile of dirt. The dignitaries posed for photos as the groundbreaking began: A Subaru Outback, fitted with a plow, pushed a pile of dirt up a hill. The ground was broken, or at least moved around a bit. The new headquarters for Subaru of America, which is currently located on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, is scheduled to open near the end of 2017. Read more »

Here’s What Subaru’s New Camden HQ Will Look Like

Subaru - Camden HQ rendering

Rendering courtesy Subaru of America

Subaru held an elaborate groundbreaking today for its new Camden headquarters in the Gateway District, next to the Campbell’s Soup Company.

Subaru’s headquarters is the first part of a new development in Camden, which Brandywine Realty Trust is calling Knights Crossing. It’s named after Camden’s old Knights Point area (now Kaighnsville), which Dempsey Daniel Butler set up for freed slaves and other black residents of Camden in the 19th century. Read more »

Groundbreaking at Subaru’s New U.S. Headquarters in Camden set for Next Week

The site is bound by Federal and Newton avenues in the north, and 11th Street to the south | Google Street View

The site is bound by Federal and Newton avenues in the north, and 11th Street to the south | Google Street View

Subaru of America will break ground on its new U.S. corporate headquarters next week, as the company officially cements its move from nearby Cherry Hill to the Gateway District on Admiral Wilson Boulevard near Campbell’s Soup Company.

The District is owned by Campbell’s, and the 13-acre swath of the city is being developed by Brandywine Realty Trust. As such, Denise Morrison, President and CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company, and Jerry Sweeney, President and CEO of Brandywine Realty Trust, will join Subaru’s Thomas Doll, Subaru’s President and COO and Mayor Dana Redd in the ceremonial moving of the dirt. We anticipate that shiny shovels and hardhats will be involved.

Read more »

These Texts from Camden Corrections Officers Are Incredibly Racist



The Courier-Post made an open records request recently, asking for the text messages that got nine corrections officers dismissed at the Camden County Jail. After some wrangling in court, the newspaper finally got the messages. Yikes.

As Jim Walsh details in a report today, the texts are incredibly racist. The n-word flows freely. One officer sent a text message saying a black Philadelphia Eagle “should be tied to a bumper and dragged.” One officer, during a conversation about New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio for some reason, said “Don’t forget his wife is a colored.” Texts called the African-American warden of the jail, David Owens, “HNIC.” That doesn’t stand for Hockey Night in Canada. Read more »

Susquehanna Bank Center to Change Its Name … Again

Photo from Google Street View

Photo from Google Street View

If you’ve ordered tickets for an upcoming show at Susquehanna Bank Center, don’t be thrown for a loop when they arrive with the name BB&T Pavilion printed on them. That’s what the Camden waterfront music venue will be called following an official announcement next week. It will be named after the North Carolina-based BB&T Corporation, who purchased current owner, Susquehanna Bancshares, in August for $2.5 billion.

If you’ve been keeping track, this is the third name change for the venue since it opened in 1995. First it was the Blockbuster Sony Music Entertainment Centre (or E-Centre), then, in 2001, it became the Tweeter Center (several years before we knew what tweeting actually was). It was christened Susquehanna Bank Center in 2007.

The Philadelphia Business Journal, who broke the news, say sign changes are currently in progress and should be finished in a couple months. More info here.

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WATCH: Video Captures Colorful Philly Sunset From Camden’s Waterfront

Camden. Our New Jersey neighbor may rarely cross our minds, but a new video from filmographer Cory J. Popp gives us just the reason to make the trek across the Delaware — namely the stunning view of our skyline. Popp took a bike ride across the Ben Franklin Bridge one night to capture the sun setting over Philadelphia. The result is a perfectly clear view of the lights and hustle and bustle of our city from afar.

“This was actually my first time on Camden’s Waterfront,” says Popp in a description on his website. “Somehow I had gone years without knowing it existed, and I know I’m not alone, after all, it is a pretty long trek.” Check out the video above. Maybe it’ll be just the incentive you need to make the trip before winter makes a stroll along the waterfront unbearable.

The video comes weeks after Liberty Property Trust announced its plans to turn a 16-acre swath of land along the waterfront into a vibrant live/work/play destination. (More on that on Property.)

Also, snag some tickets to this year’s ThinkFest, where Popp will sit on a panel that explores “Philly’s digital storytellers” and their impact.

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Why Camden and Its $1 Billion in Tax Breaks Isn’t Growing at Philly’s Expense


Since September 2013, when Gov. Chris Christie signed into law New Jersey’s Economic Opportunity Act of 2013, the state has approved more than $2 billion in tax credits and incentives for the recruitment and retention of jobs and capital investment. A main focus of the Act was to incentivize development in economically distressed areas — especially Camden.

As a result, more than $1 billion in tax credits have been approved for companies to relocate or expand in Camden such as Holtec International, the Philadelphia 76ers, Subaru, American Water, Lockheed Martin, European Metal Recycling, and Cooper Health. (See the table below for more detail.) Read more »

$253 Million to Relocate HQ to Camden


Can New Jersey revitalize Camden with tax credits? That remains to be seen, but the state sure is trying.

New Jersey awarded one of its largest Camden tax credits Thursday to scrap metal recycler EMR Eastern LLC, which was approved for up to $252.7 million in Grow NJ tax credits over 10 years. The company had narrowed its search to Camden or its existing location in New Orleans. Read more »

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