Firm May Get $260 Million in Tax Credits to Move to Camden

A New Jersey energy firm could get $260 million in tax credits for argeeing to move some of its operations to Camden. The application from Holtec International, which is currently based elsewhere in South Jersey, was made public in an agenda for a Thursday meeting of the state’s Economic Development Authority.

Holtec International makes components for power plants. Its founder and CEO is Krishna P. Singh, who has a building named after him at Penn. He has a doctorate in engineering (Penngineering) from the school.

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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter Plagiarized from Philadelphia Inquirer

A report in The New Republic today reveals that, in 2010, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges had plagiarized in a story about Camden he submitted to Harper’s. The pilfered prose? A 2009 series about Camden by then-Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Matt Katz.

Katz, who’s now at WNYC, says he hasn’t seen the piece that Harper’s editors determined Hedges cribbed from him. It didn’t run in the magazine. Hedges, a foreign correspondent for The New York Times for 15 years in the ’90s and early 2000s, has become a favorite political journalist of many liberals in the last 10 years. TNR’s Christopher Ketcham writes that he became defensive when confronted with the plagiarism.

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Sixers May Open Practice Facility on Camden Waterfront

camden-sixers The Philadelphia 76ers may build a practice facility and administrative headquarters on the Camden waterfront, the Inquirer’s Julia Terruso said. The facility would be near Campbell’s Field, she reports.

The Sixers have practiced at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine since 1999. (Before that they practiced on a West Philly street court with chain nets, I assume.) The Philadelphia Business Journal reported last summer the team was looking at the Navy Yard for a state-of-the-art practice facility, but that deal fell through in April. (Normally the descriptor of “state-of-the-art” would be pointless — how else would they build it? — but it is the Sixers, after all.)

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Camden Is the Overall Most Dangerous “Suburb” in the U.S.

camdenMovoto — whose tagline is “the lighter side of real estate” — is the Upworthy of the real estate blogosphere. It makes BuzzFeed look like Kafka. Still, every now and then one of their preposterous rankings provide an opportunity for consideration of, like, concepts and stuff. Like the recent post “These Are America’s 10 Most Dangerous Suburbs.”

Depending on who you listen to — Movoto or Movoto — Camden is either the most dangerous suburb or the second most dangerous suburb. In the slideshow and list, it’s No. 2. In the text, it’s No. 1.

What’s interesting is the notion of the city of Camden, NJ, as a suburb. By any colloquial definition, Camden is not a suburb, though municipalities in Camden County, NJ, are often characterized as Philadelphia suburbs.

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