Craft Beer Calorie Calculator

abv-calculator-croppedAre you a calorie counter? Do you like good beer? Then check out the Foobooz Craft Beer Calorie Calculator. The calorie calculator provides a way to know just how many calories are in that stout or double IPA. Just enter the alcohol by volume of your beer, the serving size and the calorie calculator will spit out how many calories are in that beer.

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HipCityVeg Now Offers Calorie Counts


Nicole Marquis’ HipCityVeg has been packing in throngs of hungry vegans and other diners looking for a healthy meal. But what no one knew until now, was just how many calories were in a groothie or arugula taco salad. Now the most popular (non-fried) items on HipCityVeg’s menu have calorie counts.

Head on over to Be Well Philly for the full list, and start punching those calories into your MyFitnessPal.

HipCityVeg Now Offers Calorie Counts [Be Well Philly]