The Checkup: The Trick to Boost the Calorie-Burning Powers of Your Run

• If this week’s rainy forecast has you planning on squeezing in a treadmill run or two, take note of this 30-minute treadmill workout that’s designed to ramp up your run’s after-burn effects. And note: The workout can also be done outside — just make sure you pick a running spot where you won’t trample anyone when you’re sprinting all out. Sprinting, my friends, is the key. [Women’s Health]

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The Checkup: How to Navigate the Grocery Store Like a Boss (And Save Big Bucks)

• You walk into the grocery store with one thing on your mind: “I just need avocados, I just need avocados.” Then, suddenly, a bright bag of kale chips catches your attention, so you grab it and toss it in your cart without much thought. Next thing you know, your cart is piled high with foods you never even planned on buying and the cost of a simple trip to buy just avocados has eaten up half of your paycheck. We’ve all been there — but how does it happen? Turns out grocery stores have lots of tricks up their sleeves to get you to buy more than you planned. Never fear, though: There are a few ways to combat their sorcery. [Huffington Post]

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This Is Exactly How Many More Calories You Burn By Standing at Your Desk

If you’ve resourcefully fashioned a standing desk for yourself out of found materials — magazines, boxes, encyclopedias no one actually uses because the internet exists — around the office in an effort to burn more calories while chained to your desk, I’ve got some depressing news to share with you: A new study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that standing at work only burns eight or nine more calories per hour than sitting.

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The Unexpected Element Upping the Calorie Counts of Your Meals

Going out to dinner is one of the many joys in life. And it doesn’t always have to be super indulgent — many of us know the basics of enjoying a meal out while not completely blowing the calorie bank: steer clear of fried foods, nix the sugary drinks, go for green, try not to overdo it on the bread basket, and so on. But what if it isn’t all completely in your control? What if there are exterior forces causing you to throw caution to the wind and order the fried ice cream?

SURPRISE! Turns out there are. A recent study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, found that the type of lighting in the joint you’re eating at can greatly affect your dining choices. When the lighting is dim, diners are more likely order dishes with way more calories. Like, 39 percent more calories.  Read more »

The Checkup: How Counting Calories Can Sabotage Weight-Loss Success

• Last week, certified health coach Jolene Hart told us she’s not into counting calories, and focuses on the quality and nutrient content of foods instead. And here, a registered dietitian echoes her anti-calorie-counting philosophy: She says, for one, science shows counting calories can cause a spike in cortisol levels which is linked to belly fat (no thanks). And two, not all calories are created equal, so if you’re looking to lose weight, counting calories to do so can easily backfire. [Health] Read more »

How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing, bringing tons of tasty treats that test how strong your willpower truly is. The siren song of the Do-si-dos coming from the pantry has led many to the bottom of an empty box in record time, baffled and slightly afraid of their own appetite.

But we would never tell you to ditch Girl Scout Cookies completely. I’m pretty sure that’s been scientifically proven to damage the soul. But seeing how many calories just a couple of these cookies can pack might make you think twice before going elbow deep into a box of Samoas — just sayin’. Read more »

The Checkup: The Easy (But Weird) Way to Burn More Calories Walking

• If you want to burn more calories while getting from point A to point B and you don’t mind looking a little, well, insane, here’s how: A new study found that changing the speed of your walk from fast to slow every few seconds can help up your calorie burn by a good 20 percent. (If we spot you doing this down Broad Street this afternoon, we promise not to judge.) [Yahoo Health]
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