Our Compiled List of #FoieFridays Participants

In Foie Gras We Trust T-Shirt – Via Le Pigeon in Portland, OR

We’re into week two of #FoieFridays with a growing group of Philadelphia restaurants offering special $10 foie gras dishes on Fridays in June.

The event is in response to the imminent outlawing of foie gras in California. Here’s the list we have so far. Chefs, please email us at tips@foobooz.com for with your additions.

More background on Foie Fridays

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Foie Friday: All You Can Eat

Tonight is the first night of Foie Fridays–the we-love-foie-gras, screw-the-California-ban event cooked up by Kevin McKenzie (of Amusing My Bouche) and Jason Cichonski (of Ela)–and for those of you not completely overtaken by the joys of Beer Week, we have put together a categorized list of all the best places (and ways) to stuff yourself with liver tonight–and all for $10.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

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“Foie Fridays” Starts Tomorrow

In protest of the recent foie gras troubles in California (where a complete Nanny State ban on foie gras is due to take effect on July 1), Philadelphia chefs are teaming up to support their West Coast brethren in fighting the good fight. In order to bring a little light and make a little noise, chefs like Jason Cichonski of Ela have called on their colleagues to bring foie gras to the people.

The result? Foie Fridays. And the first one is tomorrow.

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Long Live Foie Gras: Philly Chef Supports California Foie Gras Ban Resistors

We’ve already told you about chef Ben Puchowitz‘s show-stopping dessert at the most recent Foobooz Open Stove Night at Cook. And we’ve also told you about the new “Long Live Foie Gras” tasting menu that Puchowitz and his crew at Matyson are currently serving to hordes of liver-obsessed fans who pack are packing the joint for the $55 5-course meal.

But what we haven’t yet talked about is where this sudden passion for foie gras came from–what so moved chef Puchowitz that he was inspired to throw together this steal of a menu (“One of my favorite menus I’ve ever done,” according to the man himself) and construct that dessert that has had us dreaming of liver-based desserts for nearly a week now.

The answer? It has a lot to do with a little place called California…

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