Chestnut Hill’s Heirloom Heads to Louisiana

heirloom snowThis week’s ROAM menu at Chestnut Hill’s Heirloom is inspired by Louisiana. And though Louisiana is a hot state, few things are as appealing on a cold Philadelphia night than the prospect of a bowl of seafood gumbo.

ROAM is Heirloom’s exploration of regional cuisine across the United States. The next regions up include; Savannah, Mississippi Delta and The Plains. The Louisiana menu is available all week and is just $24.95 for three-courses.

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Catahoula Announces New Happy Hour

catahoula-logoQueen Village’s Catahoula has a new happy hour menu. The Cajun bar offers $5 bites daily from 4 to 7 p.m. Included among the $5 dishes, hushpuppies, wings, jambalaya, cheese fries and more. And happy hour isn’t truly happy without a drink deal. Catahoula comes through with a dollar off all drafts, $2 Narragansett 16-ounce cans and $4 well drinks.

Catahoula [Official Site]

Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Carmine’s Creole Cafe, Act II

Shrimp and crawfish etouffee at Carmine's Creole Cafe Act II

With scaled-down ambitions and pumped up flavors, John Mims comes back to Narberth. But is this homecoming what he really wants?

The best place to be is the four=seat kitchen bar, where you can watch [Mims] lob giant knuckles of butter into fry pans already thick with seafood and his tomato-bombed Creole stock, or smother andouille sausage and duck meat with glistening lumps of braised pork shoulder–and top that with bacon gravy.

Two-and-a-half Stars — Very Good

Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Carmine’s Creole Café Act II Turns It Up to 11 [Philadelphia magazine]

Beck’s Cajun Coming to 30th Street Station

This summer Beck’s Cajun Cafe will be coming to 30th Street Station. The popular Reading Terminal Market stand will be opening next to what was Delilah’s in the food court at 30th Street. Look for the same Cajun fare that the RTM stand is popular for.

Beck’s Cajun Cafe [Official Site]

Cajun Swagger at Catahoula

It isn’t perfect but Catahoula takes Craig LaBan back to his Times Picayune days.

[W]hen I put a spoon into Martin’s return-to-roots bowl of chicken-and-andouille gumbo at Catahoula, it flipped lights on my taste buds that hadn’t been lit since my own Louisiana days. The broth is darker than most northern cooks would ever dream of serving, a deep mahogany-red hue that comes from slow-roasting roux to the color of chocolate. And the darkness channels a roasty, nutty depth, allowing the earthy savor of smoked meat, tender chicken, and a prickly cayenne heat to rise through the murk like a bloom on the Bayou Teche.

A bowl of this gumbo alone is worth the visit to Catahoula, the new Queen Village gastropub named for Louisiana’s state dog.

Two Bells – Very Good

Catahoula [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Catahoula [Official Site]

Good, Honest Catahoula

Brian Freedman finds excellent Louisiana cuisine without the schlocky beads and fleur de lis at Queen Village’s Catahoula.

Louisiana’s is among the most poorly parroted cuisines. But at Catahoula, with its focus on “good, honest food,” as Martin notes, it’s being rendered as solidly and appealingly as it has in a long time in Philly. Good eating needs no gimmickry—much less a brass band—to proclaim its worth.

Catahoula [Philadelphia Weekly]
Catahoula [Official Site]

How Many Bells For Soul?

The majority has incorrectly guessed the last two Craig LaBan ratings, expecting three bells for Little Fish and two for Butcher & Singer. This week should be equally up in the air as LaBan heads to Chestnut Hill to check out Soul, it’s a Creole spot and we know LaBan is extra tough on those bringing Louisiana up north.
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