21 Things to Do in Philly This Weekend

$15 Lunch at Butcher & Singer

Till the end of August Butcher & Singer is offering a $15 lunch. Lunch comes with an appetizer, main course and a side. The Butcher Burger that was famously offered for $5.95 last summer is offered as is flat iron steak and Scottish salmon. Unlikely that this year’s special will create as much buzz as last year’s but it won’t have to be in order to be a success.

Butcher & Singer [Official Site]
Starr Restaurants [Facebook]

Best Of Burger, Cheap

butcher_singer_burger_philly_magPhilly Mag has given us a peek at 10 of its Food and Drink winners for Best of Philly and the winner for gourmet burger is Butcher and Singer.

And yesterday Starr tweated that the burger would be available at lunch for just $5.95. Grub Street hypothesized that maybe this was all related to Tommy Up’s Twitter smack talk but maybe it’s just in time marketing to capitalize on the Best Of win.

Whatever the reason, it’s worth biting into.

Starr Restaurants [Twitter]
Stephen Starr Walks Softly, Carries Big Burger
[Grub Street]
Gourmet Burger: Butcher and Singer [Philadelphia Magazine]

Classic Cocktails

southwarksazeracAway evil spirits! Philadelphia Weekly guides you away from sickeningly sweet cocktails and towards these classics.

  • Southwark
  • La Bourse at Sofitel
  • Mahogany on Walnut
  • Parc
  • Butcher & Singer
  • Distrito

Spirited Away [Philadelphia Weekly]

Steakhouse Check-In

It’s only Tuesday and already we’ve seen a lot of steak related items this week. Philadelphia Magazine biked from steakhouse to steakhouse Thursday to see if our cow palaces were packing them in. 

Union Trust, Del Frisco’s, Capital Grille, and Butcher & Singer were all visited between 7:30 and 8:30. Check out who was lively and who was hurting.

Foodonomics: How are our steakhouses surviving? [Philadelphia Magazine]

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Sniping the Chirpy Manager

In Craig LaBan’s review of Butcher & Singer he states, “Butcher’s overly chirpy manager might restrain herself from incessantly interrupting meals to blather on about the retro nostalgia. Her uninvited monologues (four at my first meal) and forced introductions were a saccharine distraction.”

It’s one thing to say the service was cloying in general, but another to single out an employee. Should Craig LaBan have called out the manager for being chatty?

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3 Bells For Butcher & Singer

Butcher & Singer Dining Room

Craig LaBan visits Stephen Starr’s Butcher & Singer and finds plenty to sing about at the red meat mecca.

Butcher doesn’t mess around with its signature commodity: The meat here was outstanding and perfectly cooked. This was especially true of the 28-day dry-aged porterhouse, which had a sublime tenderness and mineral complexity, even a faint sweetness, that wore just enough funk for a dry-aged connoisseur. Double-size it into a 32-ounce broiler-charred slab for two ($74), like the plump lovebirds behind me did, and indulge in a T-bone romance.

The rest of Butcher’s steaks are wet-aged, which I’m not typically fond of, but chef Shane Cash has mastered the technique (a little air-drying) to eliminate the common metallic aftertaste. Both the New York strip and filet mignon were exceptional. And the 18-ounce Delmonico, sourced from exclusive Four Story Hill Farm in Northeast Pennsylvania, was possibly even better than the porterhouse, with a buttery beefiness that revealed itself in waves of layered savor.

Three Bells – Excellent

Butcher & Singer [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Butcher & Singer [Official Site]

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