Our List of Philadelphia’s Best Burgers Will Ease Your End-of-Summer Pain

Zac's Double Burger | Photo via Aramark

Grilling season may be over, but it’s always a good time for a burger.

With Labor Day being celebrated tomorrow, the unofficial end of summer is upon us, and many will be putting away their backyard grills for the season. Gone will be wins and losses of barbecue season, the patties packed with peppers, onions and seasoning, that wowed the assembled, the overdone hockey pucks that were rejected by the family dog. Read more »

The Checkup: Pretty Much All Hamburger Meat Has Poop in It, New Report Says



• If you plan on grilling up a hamburger this weekend, one thing you should know beforehand: A new Consumer Reports investigation found that pretty much all store-bought hamburger meat “contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination.” Yeah, there’s poop in your hamburger meat. But, if you’re going to buy it anyway, you’re better off going with grass-fed. [Mother Jones]
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Battle of the Burger Names 20 Finalists

Justin Swain of Rex 1516 won the 2014 Battle of the Burger.

Justin Swain of Rex 1516 won the 2014 Battle of the Burger.

magazine’s Battle of the Burger is set for Monday, September 14th at the Armory on 23rd Street. 20 burgers have qualified via popular vote and guests will get to taste them all and vote for the best of them all.

And since the event is co-sponsored by Birds 24/7, you don’t have to worry about missing the Eagles season opener, the game will of course be on.

Tickets are $50 per person and include burgers, beer and of course the Birds.

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Percy Street BBQ Is Celebrating National Root Beer Float Day This Thursday

The meal at Percy Street BBQ next Thursday.

The Brisket Burger and Root Beer Float for National Root Beer Float Day

There are many, many delicious things we all owe Philadelphia big thanks for (I’d take a moment to list highlights, but I have no doubt we all have a personal set of favorites). On that list, quite close to the top, is the Root Beer Float. So on Thursday, August 6th, we celebrate.

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Burger Monday (Also Known As “A Gift From Us To You”)


Burger deal at Lo Spiedo.

On the off chance this weekly celebration was unbeknownst to you, welcome now to Burger Monday. The day where burgers are not so many dollars as they are usually, but remain every bit as delicious.

Celebrate the start of the week in proper burger fashion with Lo Spiedo, where burgers are $5 until 6:30 PM today. That means the usual brisket burger ($14) just made it’s way well into your price range.

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P’unk Burger Celebrates 10,000 Burgers Served

Blueberry Cardamom Pie Shake with preserves from Green Aisle Grocery.

Blueberry Cardamom Pie Shake with preserves from Green Aisle Grocery.

P’unk Burger has been busy. They’ve sold 10,000 burgers since their February opening so now they’re celebrating with exciting new menu items and collaborations. These new burgers, shakes, and salads will stay on through the end of June at least.

The new burgers include the Big Fat Greek Burger and the Jalapeno Burger. The BFGB is a collaboration between the owners and their neighbor, Amin Bitar of Bitar’s. It features organic lamb with smashed falafel, tzatziki, cucumber and red onion.

The Jalapeno Burger is thanks to a collaboration with 1732 Meats: the organic beef burger is topped with 1732’s jalapeno bacon and then further perfected with jalapeno jack cheese, cilantro and pico de gallo. Though this burger was introduced in May, its feature is extended through June as it has quickly become the most popular specialty burger.

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s a Blueberry Cardamom Pie Shake that’s mixed and topped with fresh baked pie crust from neighbor Chhaya Cafe. There’s also a “lighter” milkshake, the Reanimator Red Eye, made with Little Baby’s non-dairy ice cream and Reanimator Coffee. The lighter menu continues with a Seared Ahi Salad and a Vegan Pulled Portobello Sandwich as well.

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Meat Week: Philly’s Best Burgers

Best of Philly 2014: Bargain Burger Salt, pepper, a juicy beef patty for $5. It’s a fast-food price for a legit burger. Wash it down with a beer from one of the smartest lists in the city. Price: $5

The $5 burger at Fountain Porter

You can’t have Meat Week and not talk about burgers. So here is our list of the best burgers in Philadelphia.

Compiled from Best of Philly winners who have to stood the test of time to some of our new favorites. From the blue cheese stuffed classic at Good Dog to the meat bomb that is the Whiskey King at Village Whiskey to our current fave, the $5 bargain at Fountain Porter.

Philadelphia’s Best Burgers [Foobooz]


Want To Eat A PYT Burger A Day For A Whole Year?


If you could choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

If your answer is burgers, well, you may just get your wish. Groupon currently has a deal where you can get a burger every day for one year at PYT for $143.

Yes, this is real. Every day. For one year. With french fries. That’s a $4,830 value.

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