Tales O’ Halloween: The Drunk Villanova Student Who Dressed As a Mailman

If this guy’s costume was “Drunk mailman,” he nailed it.

According to police, an [18-year-old] man dressed as a postal worker was lying between two postal trucks in the lot [in Bryn Mawr]. Police said officers believed the man was dressed for Halloween. The ground was wet so police checked on him. As police approached the man, officers found vomit on the man’s clothing.

Another young man, dressed as “Villanova Student Urinating on Lancaster Avenue” was also cited by police in the wee morning hours of November 1st. [Main Lines Times]

Sarah Palin Kicking Off Book Tour in Bethlehem, PA


It’s November and the War on Christmas season has already begun? GROAN! Have no fear, brave crusader Sarah Palin is here–literally here, in Bethlehem, to wage war on this war. Palin’s rolling into the local Barnes and Nobles there on Tuesday, November 12th to hawk her new book Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.

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Urban Outfitters’ Crazy Lehigh University Project

Urban Outfitters co-founder Scott Belair, Lehigh U ’69, is giving his alma mater a $20 million grant (with more to come, apparently) to create a sort of satellite campus/”innovation incubator” on top of a hill where students will roam around dreaming up genius ways to change the world, with little to no guidance from anyone else. They call it…”The Mountaintop Project.” Really.

Operating much like a study-abroad program, Lehigh students will head to Mountaintop for an entire semester to focus on nothing but their big idea to change the world. They’ll get guidance from their professors and colleagues — if they want it — but the concept, process and solutions will be all theirs. “We need to breed a new generation of risk-takers,” Lehigh University President Alice Gast said Wednesday. “Our current system of education rewards the risk-averse: It’s listening to lectures and passing tests. This is an effort to break through and show what education can be.”

If they don’t change the world, do they pass the class? The new campus will be located in a few former Bethlehem Steel factories. [Morning Call]

International Business Times Thinks Bucks County Sucks

International Business Times has a piece out arguing that Bucks County is the global epitome of suburban sprawl, homogeneity, and paved-over natural beauty. Here’s their case, in a nutshell:

  • “The cost of all this growth, prosperity and success has been high — that is, the gradual and perhaps irreversible destruction of Mother Nature in favor of housing developments, shopping malls, subdivisions, parking lots and office complexes.”
  • “By the 1970s, tract housing, shopping centers and other monuments to commercial progress proliferated across Bucks County – in the process, wiping out thousands of acres of farms and forest lands.”
  • “Between 1990 and 2009, “agricultural” lands alone lost 7 percent, or about 27,000 acres, while “undeveloped” land lost 6 percent, or almost 24,500 acres.”
  • “By 2030, when Bucks’ population is expected to reach between 678,000 and 692,000, the number of residences could amount to up to 280,000 units, up from about 246,000 in 2010. Of course, all these new housing units will require more precious space.”

On the other hand…New Hope!

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