Exclusive Preview: $3.99M New Hope Residence with Riverfront Views


What’s better than finding a gorgeous Bucks County home on the market? One that no one knows about just yet..except you! This New Hope property will be up really soon, but we’ll give you a sneak peek before it’s listed on every real estate site in town:

The home, which is situated alongside the Delaware, has a concrete river wall with steps leading down to the water. Of course, if you’d rather stay dry, there are two decks and a covered summer kitchen with fireplace out back.

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Property’s Weekend Agenda: Bucks County Open Houses

Listing: 43 Lafayette St, Doylestown, PA, 18901 [Weichert – Doylestown]
Conversions are always so fun to look at, but this one is especially unique. Built as a church circa 1889, the building was later transformed into a charming residence in the early 70s and still retains its high ceilings, as well as an original fixture from Our Lady of MT Carmel Church. Random-width hardwood floors are throughout.

Open House:
Sunday, November 16, 1:00pm
Beds: 3
Baths: 2 full, 1 half
Square feet: 2,666
Price: $599,000

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Where We’re Eating: Hattery Stove & Still

Photo via the Doylestown Inn

Photo via the Doylestown Inn

Grilled octopus confit, vegetable bibimbap, steamed skate, beer-battered string beans — what the heck is going on here? We’re not entirely sure, either. But that’s not to say the Hattery Stove & Still, the new restaurant/bar inside the Doylestown Inn is bad. The menu’s just a little confused. That octopus and those string beans were great, and we loved the $12 burger. But really, this is more a place to hang with friends over some drinks (the bar list is one of the suburbs’ better ones) and snacks like the fried olives and hot potato chips.

Hattery Stove & Still [Foobooz]

Originally published in the November, 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine

Central Bucks West H.S. Cancels Football Season After Hazing Reports

central bucks west football

The superintendent of the Central Bucks School District announced Thursday that the remainder of Central Bucks West High School’s football season has been canceled. The decision to cancel the rest of the season, Superintendent David Weitzel wrote, came after reports of hazing on the team, including rookies being forced to grab other players genitals. C.B. West was supposed to play rival C.B. East tonight in its homecoming game.

Other players were reportedly involved in waterboarding, per police, but the process was not quite the same as the torture: Players had towels draped over their head and were then lead into the shower.

“Appropriate team-building activities cannot be permitted to spiral out of control and become hazing,” Weitzel wrote. “As educators, we must do what is right for all of our students, who deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect.”

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House of the Week: $3.45M Residence Includes Stage and Dance Floor

3477 Wellsford Ln, Doylestown, PA, 18902

3477 Wellsford Ln, Doylestown, PA, 18902

There are plenty of beautiful Bucks County homes for sale, but this one may appeal most to those with a fondness for performance. Its lower level entertainment center has a stage and dance floor (with the requisite lighting) in addition to multiple seating areas, bar, and game room.

The home, which boasts Tuscan-style architectural details, also has a music room, theater, and kitchen with built-in booth seating. A sauna can be accessed via the home gym and an au pair suite with bathroom and kitchenette sits over the 4-car garage. Outside features include pool and cabana.

Gallery below.

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Neshaminy School Board Member Wanted Newspaper Editors Prosecuted


We’ve told you before about the administrators at Neshaminy High School in Bucks County. Last year, student editors at The Playwickian banned the word “Redskins” from the newspaper. That’s the school’s nickname, and previous editors of the awesomely-named paper had banned it with little controversy.

Not this time. The school board has consistently attempted to force the newspaper to print the nickname, eventually settling on forcing the paper to print the word in op-eds. The district even suspended a faculty member who advised the paper, and suspended the paper’s editor from her gig for a month.

At least one board member wanted more. According to an email posted by VICE Sports this week, board member Stephen Pirritano wanted the student editors arrested and prosecuted.

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On the Market: Sprawling $9.2 Million Twin Silo Estate in Doylestown

5727 Twin Solo Rd, Doylestown, PA, 18902

5727 Twin Solo Rd, Doylestown, PA, 18902

One hundred acres. That’s how much land the Twin Silo estate covers. But, it’s not necessarily the meticulously designed grounds (there’s even a hedge maze!) that will lure potential buyers to consider the Bucks County property–though, the pool, private tennis court and kitchen-equipped entertainment pavilion make an enticing argument.

To begin, the a stone house built circa 1710 serves as the main residence and has solid mahogany flooring throughout. The slate roof is 100 years old and a stone barn (constructed sometime in 1783) with two silos reside nearby. Other outbuildings include a 4-car garage and restored guest house with three bedrooms.

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Morning Headlines: Home Buyer Tries to Burn Down House Before Finalizing Deal

Photo credit: Newtown Township Police Department's Facebook page.

Police officers (maybe even this guy?) found the man hiding out in his car near the home.
Photo credit: Newtown Township Police Department’s Facebook page.

In news that sounds like something out of a movie (starring Jim Carrey perhaps?), an Allentown man in the final stages of buying a home in Newtown Township tried to set the property on fire hours before finalizing the deal, among other things.

According to Jo Ciavaglia of the Courier Times, police found John Pfeiffer Jr. hiding out in his car after the sellers (who were spending one last night in their home) overheard him trying to break in: Read more »

Highest Bidder in No-Reserve Auction Gets Crosscreek Farm

6536 Meetinghouse Rd, New Hope, PA, 18938

6536 Meetinghouse Rd, New Hope, PA, 18938

Unlike reserve auctions where sellers reserve the right to refuse a lousy winning bid, no-reserve auctions give the item in question to the highest bigger whether the seller is happy with the price or not. Thus, in the off chance that few people go to this auction (and start off with a very low bid), someone could get Cross Creek Farm for a bargain.

And what a bargain it would be! The New Hope estate is a smart home (iPad and Sonos controls, among other amenities) situated on 93 acres and is set far off the road. A private driveway, which will probably make you feel like you’re in a car commercial if this promotional video for the property is any indication, leads to the house.

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Rally in Bucks County Hears Emotional Statement from Gay-Bashing Victims

There was a “Love Over Hate” rally held at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown on Wednesday. The event drew around 200 supporters who were there to lend support to the two gay men who were beaten in Center City on September 11th, and offer a platform for gay high school and middle school students to talk openly about the bullying they face at school.

The emotions didn’t stop there. At one point someone read a statement written by the 26- and 28-year old victims of the Center City attacks. It’s one of the first times we’ve heard from the victims, who continue to protect their identity. According to slgdn.com, the statement read as follows:

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