Habitat: Refined and Chic in Bucks County

If you are prone to pining after a country retreat, this is your Bucks County sanctuary. This home marries Andrew Wyeth’s color scheme and simplicity with a sense of calm and comfort. Homeowner – and interior designer – Danielle Datz purchased the house in 2005 and while she said it was a “solid, well-built” home, she also concedes that it was “very ’80s.” She oversaw renovations herself and now calls the home her design muse.


Photo by Laura Kicey

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Mother, Daughter Found Murdered After Fire in Bucks County

Fox 29 reports: “An investigation is under way at the scene of a fire where a young mother and child were found dead in Bucks County. … The Bucks County district attorney says it appears the victims were stabbed, and the fire may have been set to conceal evidence. Relatives told FOX 29 News that the victims are 22-year-old Ebony Tally and her 4-year-old daughter, R’mani.”

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Splendiferous Interiors: Creative Decor Refreshes 18th Century Longwood Estate

2660 n sugan rd

As if the exterior of this property weren’t enough — lush wooded grounds with an uncommonly beautiful pool — the interior of the home is rather fabulous as well. It’s not just the structure of the house, which is unique, that stands out — it’s the decor too. These listings photos are a welcome change from blandly staged rooms devoid of personality.

The creative juxtapositions include Shaker-style chairs in the dining room with contemporary lighting above the table; a reclaimed-wood-style island against smooth, dark floors in the kitchen; an old oil painting above a fireplace in a room with mid-century modern chairs; and a brass chandelier with delicate fabric lampshades in a sleek white bathroom.

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Halloween Special: A List of Spooky Places Near Philadelphia That Doesn’t Include Eastern State

logan inn

Photo of New Hope’s haunted Logan Inn by Laura Kicey

Halloween is just a day away and ‘scariest places’ lists have been appearing everywhere. The most mentioned site in the Philly area? Eastern State Penitentiary, course.

Although Eastern State has certainly earned the honor, we thought it best to bring lesser known, but just as equally spooky, ‘haunted’ locations to the foreground.

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Bucks Co. High School Paper Disavows “Redskin” Team Name

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 3.00.35 PM

Criticizing the Washington Redskins for their racially insensitive team name has become a cause celebre lately. The president’s jumped on the bandwagon, and several well-respected DC-based publications are refusing to print the name altogether. Neshaminy’s high school newspaper has adopted the cause too, with respect to its own mascot.

Whether it’s the most basic dictionary definitions , the opinions of many Native Americans, or a more in-depth look at the word’s origins, the evidence suggesting that ‘Redskin’ is a term of honor is severely outweighed by the evidence suggesting that it is a term of hate. It is for these reasons that The Playwickian editorial board has decided it will no longer use the word ‘Redskin,’ or any derivative such as “‘Skins” within its pages in reference to the students or sports teams of Neshaminy High School.

Meanwhile, the Neshaminy School Board has asked the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission to drop a complaint about the team name made by a high schooler’s parent who claims Native American ancestry.

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New Hope Home Calls Itself “Subtle,” May Not Understand Definition of That Word

104 Wynfield Lane, New Hope, PA

104 Wynfield Lane, New Hope, PA

“This all brick home exudes a subtle elegance,” says the listing for this home. But take a look at the gallery and you’ll see there little that’s subtle about this lavish New Hope residence. Granted, the elaborate décor may have something to do with the three-story mansion’s grandiose appearance.

Floors range from tile to carpet to wood to marble. A mini waterfall can be seen from the entrance hall. There are three fireplaces, a butler’s pantry, and arched pocket doors. There’s a walnut library and palatial bathrooms, one with a bidet.

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New Hope’s Famously Haunted Logan Inn Is on the Market for $6.7M

logan inn

Photo by Laura Kicey

Talk about historic properties. The Logan Inn was once built as a humble tavern, but became an inn around 1727. It’s the oldest running inn in Bucks County, and the fifth oldest in the U.S., one manager said. But the more important fact? Its vaunted paranormal reputation.

The New Hope building has regular visits from ghost-hunting believers and skeptics alike. It’s part of the New Hope Ghost Hunting tour, and has been featured in innumerable media accounts of haunted properties. There are at least eight ghosts rumored to roam the halls, but sometimes people simply hear boot steps on the floors or see furniture move. Video evidence is, shall we say, debatable, but word of mouth (and book and TV) keeps people coming back. Take this example from this Yahoo! travel post:

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