Bing Bing Dim Sum Adds Brunch Dishes

bing bing dim sum brunch 940

Brunch dishes at Bing Bing Dim Sum

Bing Bing Dim Sum on East Passyunk will be adding brunch items to its menu starting this weekend. Chef Christian Kinsey, who has been with Bing Bing for about six months now after stints at Sbraga and Chifa is rolling out the new dishes.

In addition to the standard menu there will be brunch food and drink specials.

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New Culinary Director, Menu for Bar Bombón

bar-bombon-940Justin Petruce is back in Philadelphia after a sojourn to Florida and he is now the culinary director for Marquis & Co., the culinary group that includes HipCityVeg, Charlie was a sinner and Bar Bombón. Petruce’s first visible change starts today, Monday, December 5th as a new menu debuts at Bar Bomboón.

Bar Bombón’s new menu consists of snacks, veggies and tAmos. There will also be a new brunch menu as well as late-night happy hour and a new cocktail menu debuting.

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Where To Eat This Weekend: Brunch Edition



We have written a LOT about brunch this week. So it seems only appropriate that we end the week with a solid list of new places around town for day-drinking, pancake-eating and other brunch-like activities. Looking for someplace to wile away a Sunday afternoon? We’ve got you covered. Dim sum on Saturday morning? We know a place.

So here we go: Our advice on where to eat this weekend, brunch edition. And it starts with…

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Ranked: The Definitive, Irreproachable List Of The Best Brunch Dishes

Brunch is now served at Nick's in Old City

When we have nothing else to argue about here at Foobooz World HQ, we make fun of manatees. But when even the manatees are no longer amusing, we debate the merits of brunch.

This is saved as a conversation of last resort not because we don’t all agree on the elements of a great brunch (liquor, pancakes, salt, liquor, soft light), but because we have strong opinions that are, mostly, all the same. Brunch, while not an American invention, was perfected by Americans. We do brunch better than almost anyone, and in Philadelphia, brunch is treated almost like a religion–a required and formalized bit of tableside worship done every weekend by thousands of us, only with bloody marys and bacon working the weekly magic of transubstantiation.

So anyway, brunch? It’s something we think about a lot. And here, we have put together a ranked list of the best (and worst) brunch dishes in order of greatness and necessity–not by specific restaurant (the greatest brunch, often, is the one that’s in front of you), but by archetypal dish. And it all begins with…

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South Street’s Tio Flores Starts Brunch

Desayunos Tacos kick off brunch at Tio Flores

Desayunos Tacos kick off brunch at Tio Flores

Tio Flores, the Mexican joint from the team behind Hawthornes and Cambridge is kicking off brunch service this weekend.

Served Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the menu offers plenty of huevos and even a Mexican spin around French toast.

And since it isn’t brunch without some booze, Tio Flores is offering the standard Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria, plus a Mexican Chili Hot Cocoa that you can spike with XO Patron.

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More Brunch News: Fitler Dining Room Rolls Out New Brunch

Sun drenched Fitler Dining Room

Sun drenched Fitler Dining Room

Fitler Dining Room at 22nd and Spruce is rolling out a new brunch menu this weekend. The menu includes an interesting mix of dishes ranging from cast-iron pancakes to duck confit hash with shishito peppers.

The restaurant is also keeping its “Rad Rosé Wines of the Week” going with two selections. And remember, Fitler now offers a full bar, so there is a Bloody Mary on the “Day-Drinking” menu.

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Wm. Mulherin’s Sons Adds Brunch

Brunch at Mulherin's looks to be a feast

Brunch at Mulherin’s looks to be a feast

Fishtown’s hot and swanky Wm. Mulherin’s Sons has added weekend brunch. The restaurant with Chris Painter in the kitchen is rolling out several interesting dishes for its brunch including:

  • Eggs on a Volcano (Mulherin’s take on the Shakshuka)
  • Donut Sandwich -fried ham, fontina and egg
  • Steak and Eggs For the Table – 24-ounce porterhouse with potatoes and choice of eggs
  • Speck & Egg Pizza – caramelized onion, egg, speck, garlic cream

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BarOne: A South Philly Family’s Bar

barone-940The fifth generation of the family who brought you Ralph’s now brings you a casual Italian bar and eatery across the street from the South Philly institution. Siblings Ryan and Gabrielle Rubino, managers of the family restaurants, present BarOne, whose grand opening is set for Friday October 21st.

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Root Launches Brunch Menu In Fishtown

Brent Herrig Photography © 2016

Got brunch plans for this weekend? Well if you don’t, let us make a late suggestion. Root–the new-ish tapas and wine bar in Fishtown–just launched a brunch program last weekend. It’s actually a very straightforward list–lots of eggs, some lemon-ricotta pancakes, french toast, a cauliflower salad for those of you being healthy and lots of bacon for those of you who aren’t–but that’s not a bad thing. And the Turkish eggs and duxelle burger both sound more than a little bit awesome.

Anyway, we’ve got the full menu after the jump. Check it out below.

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