Here’s What You’ll Be Eating When Harp & Crown Launches Weekend Brunch

There are two big changes coming to Michael Schulson’s Harp & Crown in the next couple weeks. First, the restaurant will no longer be serving lunch following Friday, March 31st’s service. From then on, there’ll be happy hour on weekdays starting at 4pm, and then things will just roll right on into dinner. But hey, if you’re in the neighborhood and looking for something to eat before 4pm, Double Knot just a couple doors down (and also a Schulson restaurant) does a great lunch–rice and noodle bowls with some truly dangerous punch to drink–so just go there.

Anyway, that’s the first change. But the far bigger news is that the next day, Saturday, April 1st, Harp & Crown will start offering weekend brunches.

Want to know what they’re going to be offering? Of course you do. Check out the menu and details after the jump.

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Old City’s New Brunch Encourages Bad Behavior (Not Really)

Generally speaking, Old City’s seen its fair share of misbehavior over the years, usually when the bars let out. Not so much during brunch, though.

And last week, Wister, the charming BYOB by ex-Lacroix morning sous Benjamin Moore, test-ran its new “Bad Behavior” brunch menu. What’s that mean, exactly? Moore said that he wanted to “get people drinking a bit to keep it lively!” So, to the Wister crew, “bad behavior” just means drinking more than you ought to, and — if nothing else — brunch is a perfectly acceptable time to do just that.

And here’s how they’ll help you along.

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The Ultimate Philly Runner’s Brunch Guide

If I were a in dog in a pound, the description on my kennel would read something along the lines of “feisty and treat-driven.” The incentive of a good meal waiting for me at the end of any not-so-pleasant task goes a long way in making sure said task gets done.

I know I am not alone in this sentiment, and considering #RunStreakPHL — where folks are taking on the task of running at least one mile every day this month, regardless of how miserably chilly the temps are — is currently underway and spring training just kicked off, I figured now would be a good time to bring you guys an updated version of our Philly Runner’s Brunch Guide. Below, seven awesome brunch spots nestled near super-popular Philly running spots. Because tackling the trails in 32-degree weather is just more likely to happen when you know there’s a breakfast pizza or a plate of pancakes in it for you at the end, right?

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A New Brunch For Center City

ruths-chris-bar 940

Because apparently this city can never have too many brunch spots, it was announced last week that national steakhouse chain Ruth’s Chris (which recently opened a Center City location on the first floor of the Sonesta at 18th and Market, in the old home of that English pub that I only went to once, even though it was literally right around the corner from my office) was going to be launching a brand new brunch service in Philly on February 4.

Our is one of only two cities where this experiment is being tried (the other is Boston). So let’s see what we’re in for, shall we?

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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating at Butcher Bar’s New Sunday Brunch

Butcher Bar opens Friday, September 2nd.

If you’re interested in a Saturday brunch, you’re out of luck. Sure, you can drop by Butcher Bar after 11:30 and order off the lunch menu, but that isn’t quite the same, is it?

No, if you’re interested in an actual brunch, Butcher Bar is offering theirs on Sundays only, from 10:30am until 2:30pm, and it started on New Year’s Day.

The offerings are very much in keeping with the style of Butcher Bar’s other menus: Comfort foods, lots of meat, a large-format meal for 6-8 people served family-style. There are beef-jerky-topped bloody marys, huckleberry skillet pancakes, an Italian meatball sandwich, a double cheeseburger called a “Royale With Cheese”. You wanna see the whole menu?

Of course you do.

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Bing Bing Dim Sum Adds Brunch Dishes

bing bing dim sum brunch 940

Brunch dishes at Bing Bing Dim Sum

Bing Bing Dim Sum on East Passyunk will be adding brunch items to its menu starting this weekend. Chef Christian Kinsey, who has been with Bing Bing for about six months now after stints at Sbraga and Chifa is rolling out the new dishes.

In addition to the standard menu there will be brunch food and drink specials.

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New Culinary Director, Menu for Bar Bombón

bar-bombon-940Justin Petruce is back in Philadelphia after a sojourn to Florida and he is now the culinary director for Marquis & Co., the culinary group that includes HipCityVeg, Charlie was a sinner and Bar Bombón. Petruce’s first visible change starts today, Monday, December 5th as a new menu debuts at Bar Bomboón.

Bar Bombón’s new menu consists of snacks, veggies and tAmos. There will also be a new brunch menu as well as late-night happy hour and a new cocktail menu debuting.

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Where To Eat This Weekend: Brunch Edition



We have written a LOT about brunch this week. So it seems only appropriate that we end the week with a solid list of new places around town for day-drinking, pancake-eating and other brunch-like activities. Looking for someplace to wile away a Sunday afternoon? We’ve got you covered. Dim sum on Saturday morning? We know a place.

So here we go: Our advice on where to eat this weekend, brunch edition. And it starts with…

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