The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Springsteen Signed a Fifth-Grader’s School Absence Note

So back on September 7th, Mike Fenerty took his son Michael to Bruce Springsteen’s show at Citizens Bank Park. You remember that show — the one that went on for four hours and four minutes? Springsteen’s longest-ever U.S. show? That was also Michael’s first day of fifth grade at Masterman. Despite all that excitement, Michael enjoyed grooving to “Spirit in the Night and “Born to Run” so much that when he heard The Boss would be signing his new memoir at the Free Library, he begged Mike to take him. Only problem? That would mean missing school. “Why don’t we just get Bruce Springsteen to sign my excuse note?” Michael asked his dad.

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How to Get Tickets for Springsteen’s Book Event at the Free Library

Brian Patterson Photos /

Brian Patterson Photos /

Last week, Bruce Springsteen played for four hours, four minutes in Philadelphia — his longest-ever concert on U.S. soil. Now he’s coming back to Philadelphia for another long appearance.

Springsteen will be at the Parkway Central Library on September 29th to sign his new memoir — titled Born to Run, of course — starting at noon. First a four-hour concert, now a book event? Maybe Bruce is just going to move here. By next year he’ll be living in Vince Fumo’s mansion, marching in the Mummers Parade, and posting in the comments. Read more »

Springsteen Played His Longest-Ever U.S. Show in Philly Last Night

Bruce Springsteen plays at Citizens Bank Park

Photo | Dan McQuade

Bruce Springsteen opened last night’s show with “New York City Serenade,” a track from 1973’s The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. By the time he ended with “Bobby Jean,” from 1984’s Born in the USA, he’d played for more than four hours. The four-hour, four-minute show at Citizens Bank Park was Springsteen’s longest ever in North America — the fourth time on the current tour he’s broken his personal record for longest U.S. show. Springsteen is, may we remind you, 66.

Springsteen’s all-time longest show was in 2012, in Helsinki, Finland. (Also, last night may have been just 4:03:46.) Whatever the exact length, last night’s Springsteen show was the longest show below 60°N latitude. Neat. Read more »

Music: 7 Shows to See in Philly This Week


The Heavy @ TLA | Tuesday, September 6
British rock band The Heavy just kicked off a North American tour in support of their album Hurt and the Merciless with a sold-out show last night in Boston. You’ve heard their song “How You Like Me Now?” in a ton of movies and commercials. And if you want to weigh in, they did request cheesesteak recommendations ahead of their Philly stop.

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Everyone Freak Out: Bruce Springsteen to Play Citizens Bank Park


If you missed the Boss on The River Tour when it came to the Wells Fargo Center back in February, you have a second shot at scoring tickets.

This morning, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band announced a September 7th show at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, one of eight new stops. The tour, which started in January, celebrates the 35th anniversary of the 1980 album The River (think “The Ties That Bind” and “Hungry Heart”). At the Philadelphia show, the band will play a selection of River songs sprinkled with a few Springsteen classics.

So far, the tour’s shows have been running over three hours. Clips have been magical; the Boss has as much energy as ever.  Read more »

See the Cover of Bruce Springteen’s Autobiography, Out in September


Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography will spring from cages out on Highway 9 and onto bookshelves this September. Springsteen announced the book, titled Born to Run, on his website today. He’d been working on it since 2009, after playing the Super Bowl halftime show.

The announcement quoted the book in its announcement: “Writing about yourself is a funny business. But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind. In these pages, I’ve tried to do this.” Read more »

John Legend Says He Was a Victim of Racial Profiling at Penn

R&B crooner John Legend was among a handful of musicians who appeared last night on A&E’s “Shining a Light Concert,” a special about race in America.

To promote the program, he gave an interview to USA Today in which he recalls being a victim of racial profiling when he attending the University of Pennsylvania. When asked if he’d experienced racism on a personal level, he answered:

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Tina Fey, Bruce Springsteen Will Be on SNL Together in December


Donald Trump may have given Saturday Night Live its highest ratings in a long time when he was on a few weeks ago, but something tells me the media-proclaimed carnival barker may get a run for his money when Upper Darby’s Tina Fey and comedian Amy Poehler return to host in December.

NBC announced today that the duo will take over hosting duties on December 19th. If that’s not enough, another local hero (unless you ask this guy), Bruce Springsteen, will serve as musical guest.

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