Franklin Flea Picking Up Where Brooklyn Flea Dropped Off

Photo courtesy Mark Vevle

Photo courtesy Mark Vevle

Victor Fiorillo has a question-and-answer session with Mark Vevle, the founder of Franklin Flea and the local manager of Brooklyn Flea Philly that recently decided to close up shop. Franklin Flea will run for six weeks on the first floor of the Strawbridges building at 8th and Market and there will of course be food. Luke’s Lobster, Hot Diggity and La Porchetta will all be there, plus some new food vendors he’s remaining mum on.

The first Franklin Flea will be Saturday, November 16th. Check out what else is in store in the Q&A.

Q&A: Franklin Flea Founder Mark Vevle [Philadelphia Magazine News]

Q&A: Franklin Flea Founder Mark Vevle


The same day that we learned that the Brooklyn Flea brand failed here in Philadelphia, we also learned that its locally based manager, Mark Vevle, was set to launch a new market in Philadelphia with a much more Philly-appropriate name, The Franklin Flea. Here, Vevle tells me what what wrong with the Brooklyn Flea and what to expect from the Franklin Flea, which opens November 16th in the Strawbridge’s building at 8th and Market streets.

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Why Brooklyn Flea Couldn’t Cut it in Philly

Photo via Brooklyn Flea Philly

Photo via Brooklyn Flea Philly

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere” is the next-to-last line in Frank Sinatra’s famous paean to “New York, New York.”

And of late, this city has witnessed a slow but steady stream of New Yorkers moving down this way to make it here because they can no longer afford to make it there.

Most of those people are residents, though, and so far, Philadelphians have welcomed them with open arms.

Businesses? That’s another story.

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Brooklyn Flea Philly Is Looking for More Food Vendors


Brooklyn Flea Philly already has a significant food presence with Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, Red Hook Lobster, Wursthaus Schmitz, Nomad Pizza and this week, Alchemy Creamery from Brooklyn is joining the fun. Also look for Hot Diggity in a week or two. But that’s not enough, Brooklyn Flea Philly is still looking for more food vendors to serve under the flea market’s tents.

So if you’re a chef with a side-project, a startup with a great idea that you want to test at the market and have the intestinal fortitude to make it through the City’s Office of Food Protection’s Special Event licensing process, the Brooklyn Flea wants to hear your idea.

Pitch your concept at or email with questions about eligibility.

Brooklyn Flea Philly [Official Site]

What Food Do You Want at the Piazza’s Brooklyn Flea Philly?


Over on the Philly Post, I just broke the news that Brooklyn Flea Philly will debut at the Piazza in June, meaning Smorgasburg Fishtown can’t be far off. Brooklyn Flea co-founder Jonathan Butler was mum on details about what Philly food favorites we’ll find at Brooklyn Flea Philly, but he did tell me that Brooklyn Flea staples Red Hook Lobster Pound and Grady’s Cold Brew have signed on.

Here’s my wish list for Brooklyn Flea Philly:

1. HyBird, the Questlove/Stephen Starr collaboration.
2. Pete McAndrews with a whole roasted pig, a very sharp knife, and some good bread.
3. The Marc Vetri Mobile Pizzeria.
4. Scott Schroeder making sardine sandwiches.
5. Lil Pop Shop.

What do you want to see at the Brooklyn Flea Philly?

[Photo courtesy The Piazza at Schmidts]