Like You, Ed Rendell Hates the Wawa at Broad and Walnut

Wawa image via Google Maps

On my morning walks to Philly Mag’s offices on Washington Square I trek northbound across Center City, occasionally taking Broad Street up to Walnut and navigating construction zones until I’m steered back onto the sidewalk by the Wawa. That’s typically when I’m hit with a waft of what I assume can only be a mix of spilled Turkey Hill iced teas, trash can juice, and urine. Oh yes, it’s a lovely start to the day.

Count me among the many who were excited about the potential of a Wawa at Broad and Walnut when it first opened. But today, as I’m incessantly harassed by a regular crew of panhandlers drawn to the free bathrooms and 24-hour foot traffic of Philly’s favorite convenience store, I don’t know anymore — it’s not as bad a look as the old Forum on Market Street, but it’s close. And you know who’s with me on this? Ex-mayor and ex-governor Ed Rendell. Read more »

Judge: Broad Street Median Parking Is Here to Stay – for Now

broad street median parking

Photo by Claudia Gavin

It’s the end of the line for the lawsuit filed in July by self-proclaimed urbanists who sought to end median parking on Broad Street.

On Wednesday, Common Pleas Court Judge Daniel J. Anders tossed a suit filed by political action committee 5th Square, which sued the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philadelphia Parking Authority to get officials to enforce ticketing on the median.  Read more »

Inside Roman Catholic High School’s Expansion and Ambitious Future

Photo courtesy of Roman Catholic High School.

The country’s first free Diocesan Catholic high school is expanding its footprint in Center City, ceremonially breaking ground on a new visual and performing arts center that serves as the first phase in Roman Catholic High School’s bold $25 million expansion campaign dubbed “A Vision of Promise.”

“Too often the narrative for Catholic schools in the city is closures and mergers, but here we’re in growth mode,” Rev. Joseph Bongard, Roman’s president and rector tells Philly Mag. “The primary goal of our expansion isn’t to increase enrollment, it’s to broaden program offerings.”

A historical landmark nestled on the corner of Broad and Vine streets, the school’s original 1890 building – faced in marble in the Gothic Revivalist style – is too small and in some cases ill-equipped to accommodate its student body of just under 1,000 boys. The chapel has a maximum capacity of 18 people, so masses are said in the school’s legendary third-floor basketball gym. The band hall is a closet. Read more »

New Sixers Mural Unveiled at Broad and Federal

Photo: Christian Sarkis Graham

Photo: Christian Sarkis Graham

Mural Arts Philadelphia unveiled its latest piece at the corner of Broad and Federal streets – a 37-foot tall collage dedicated to the 76ers and the team’s commitment to service in the local community. Read more »

WATCH: Cyclist Chased, Threatened By Angry Driver After Knocking Over Loading Zone Cone

Screen capture from a video by YouTube user Cheekflapperer.

Screen capture from a video by YouTube user Cheekflapperer.

[UPDATE, 1 p.m., January 27th]: Cameron Kline, spokesman for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, says that after the cyclist inquired about pressing charges, the police contacted the D.A. “In terms of the evidence available, we decided at that point that we weren’t going to charge,” Kline said. The driver of the minivan, says Kline, faced potential charges of simple assault and harassment.

After first being turned down by the D.A., the cyclist said that he attempted to press misdemeanor charges against the driver himself, but was again refused. Kline acknowledged that the D.A.’s office decided against pursuing the case a second time. The cyclist finally appealed the D.A.’s review of the complaint to Judge Marsha Neifield, who ruled in favor of the District Attorney.

[ORIGINAL]: By now, you’re all aware of the Philly Police’s #NoSavesies movement, but what happens when people get territorial over a loading zone?

The video below, which was made public yesterday but filmed about nine months ago, shows what a cyclist says is him intentionally knocking over a traffic cone in front of the Monti-Rago Funeral Home on South Broad Street, and that the cone was one of several being used to save a spot in a 20-minute loading zone. The video had more than 89,000 views at the time of writing.

Read more »

Broad Street Median Parking Spotlighted on ESPN

ESPN - Broad Street median parking

A screengrab of ESPN’s shot of parking in the middle of South Broad Street during last night’s Giants-Eagles game.

Three years ago, I wrote about the establishing shots that are always used during national sports broadcasts played in Philly: LOVE Park, the Rocky statue and the Art Museum Steps, cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell. Most national TV games set in Philadelphia show these locations and no others.

Last night, the Eagles played on national (cable) TV against the New York Giants. Things worked out pretty well. While Sam Bradford threw three interceptions, the Eagles’ defense absolutely plastered the Giants. The Eagles won, 27-7, and are now in first place in the NFC East. Birds 24/7 has more.

But another great thing happened during the game last night: ESPN showed b-roll of cars illegally parked in the middle of South Broad Street! Right before halftime, there was an establishing shot looking north from Broad just south of Federal. Congratulations to JNA Culinary Institute of Arts for making it on to Monday Night Football. Read more »

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