A Viewer’s Guide to the 2015 Broad Street Run

Blue Cross Broad Street Run

Blue Cross Broad Street Run | Photo by Jeff Fusco

Planning on parking yourself somewhere along Broad Street to watch the hoards of runners pounding the pavement toward the Navy Yard Sunday morning? Here, everything you need to know before you head out the door, from where to park to where you’ll find fellow spectators to cheer with to where to get brunch afterward. Have fun — and don’t forget to come bearing a good sign! Read more »

Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Broad Street Run Edition

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

For this week’s playlist, we got ODDyssey Half Marathon race director Carl Ewald — who’s throwing a post-Broad Street shindig at McFadden’s at Citizen’s Bank Park, by the way — to come up with a playlist that will make you keep on truckin’ to the Broad Street finish line, even when you feel like your legs are definitely about to fall off.

He reached out to fellow Philly runners for their input, and what they came up with is two hours worth of tunes — from Iggy Azalea to Zac Brown Band to Sweet Disposition — that will keep you moving for 10 miles straight. So first, give a big round of applause to Carl for putting together a super-sweet Broad Street playlist, then listen to it for yourself below. And good luck, Broad Streeters!  Read more »

Broad Street Run Training: 10 Things Every Broad Street Runner Needs to Know

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Now that your training is done, it’s time to focus on race day, because a little planning ahead pays off big come the big day. I reached out to the Run215 community of over 2,000 local runners to ask, What are the top 10 things every runner needs to know before running Broad Street? See what your fellow Philly runners had to say below.
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Students Run Philly Style Is Starting the Mile of Cheer at the Broad Street Run

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

If you’ve pounded the pavement in the Broad Street Run before, you might’ve noticed a stretch in the second half — between miles seven and eight, to be exact — where the cheers fell silent and you were left running through a cheer desert with your own thoughts. Thoughts like, “Are my legs breaking? I think my legs are breaking,” and “If I crawl to the finish line, does it still count?” But not this year! This year, Students Run Philly Style will be hosting the Mile of Cheer along the stretch of South Broad Street, from Federal Street to Ritner Street, that year after year serves as a cheer desert. And it sounds like folks who post up to watch the race there will have a blast.
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13 Reasons We’re So Stinkin’ Excited for Warm Weather in Philly

Yoga on the Pier at Race Street Pier | Photo by Matt Stanley

Yoga on the Pier at Race Street Pier | Photo by Matt Stanley

Newsflash: We’ve only got nine more days of winter, people! Spring is a comin’ — on March 20th, to be exact — and I, for one, could not be more excited for the warm weather it’ll bring with it. Just about every single day of this dreadful season we call winter, I say to anyone who will listen, “If we lived somewhere warm, we could be doing [insert fun outdoor activity here] right now. Ughhh, winter!” And I’m sure I’m not alone.

But with spring headed our way, soon we’ll all be able to start checking things off the long list of activities we’ve been talking about wanting to do for months, from hiking in the Wissahickon to playing frisbee down the Shore to picnicking anywhere we can lay a blanket down.

Below, 13 reasons we here in Be Well Philly Land are so freakin’ excited for warm weather in Philly.  Read more »

Morning Headlines: Plans to Revitalize Metropolitan Opera on N. Broad

Curbed Philly has the scoop on some eyebrow-raising developments at the old Metropolitan Opera House at North Broad and Poplar.

Eric Blumenfeld’s company (yes, that Eric Blumenfeld), EB Realty Management, co-owns the property along with the Holy Ghost Headquarters Church. EB’s Commercial Development Manager Chris Cordaro tells Curbed they are currently negotiating to turn the lower level of the mouldering opera house into a giant catering space.

“We’re in discussions now about the size,” said Cordaro when contacted by phone. Although nothing is solid quite yet, he noted that it could be up to 20,000 square feet in size.

Curbed says there are also plans for a bakery, restaurant and a separate banquet area in the works. Head over there to gaze upon the renderings from Stokes Architecture.

Could a huge catering facility be coming for the Met? [Curbed Philly]

More news this way…

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Luxury Apartments to Replace Student Housing at Broad and Chestnut

Avenue of the Arts building

Image via MRP Realty.

Two real estate companies made an announcement yesterday of a joint purchase of most of the 17-story Avenue of the Arts building, which has the Olive Garden and Capital Grille on the ground floor, and Art Institute student housing on floors 4 through 17.

Washington, D.C.-based MRP Residential and the commercial Principal Real Estate Investors plan a “comprehensive redevelopment” of the building into a luxury apartment complex. The deets:

– 220 Class A residential units
– New building lobby
– Leasing office
– Fitness center
– Theater room
– Interior landscaped courtyard
– Clubroom
– Roof deck
– Renovated elevators

The companies plan to keep Olive Garden and Capital Grille. The project has a target completion date of early 2016.

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