Our Five Favorite Parts of the Chris Christie New Yorker Profile

You’ve already heard about the Joy Behar incident. There are a lot more golden tidbits in this week’s New Yorker profile of Chris Christie. Here are five of our favorite:

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Dear Chris Christie: It’s Time to Give Up on 2016

AP Photo | Julio Cortez

Chris Christie. AP Photo | Julio Cortez

Dear Governor Christie:

It is over. For the good of the Republican Party, the State of New Jersey, you, and your family, it is time to put to rest all speculation that you may run for president in 2016. Have one of your famous news conferences — call us all idiots if you’d like — but officially announce that you’ll not be running for president.

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Chris Christie Spars with Audience at Town Hall-Style Meeting

You’re not going to believe this, but Chris Christie argued with audience members at a town hall-style meeting in Middlesex County last night.

The Inquirer’s Maddie Hanna writes that Christie first had to deal with a coordinated call-and-response chant from protesters over “corrupt uses of Hurricane Sandy money.” Sadly, we don’t learn what the chant is, but my guess is “Hey, ho, hey, ho/Corrupt uses of Hurricane Sandy money have got to go!” Okay, maybe not.

Christie told the audience the protesters were from the Communication Workers of America — “people who we – we, collectively – have been standing up against for the last 4 1/2 years.” The union denied the affiliation.

The second disruption was more fun, because it featured better quotes from Christie.

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Chris Christie Raises $1 Million for Republican Governors

Guess the Bridgegate scandal isn’t hurting him too badly among Republican donors: “The same day the RGA reported a hefty haul thanks to Chris Christie, an RGA aide tells ABC News they raised $1 million today at fundraisers in Chicago. Christie held one-on-one fundraising meetings as well as headlining a dinner. This morning the RGA reported it has raised $6 million with the help of Christie and other GOP governors, more than twice as much as it has ever raised during the same month. Christie’s trip last week to Texas raised $1.5 million and he has other fundraising stops in Massachusetts, Utah, Georgia, Connecticut and Michigan on his schedule.” [ABC News]

Chris Christie’s Office Also Investigating Bridgegate Scandal

The Hoboken Record reports that Chris Christie’s attorneys are doing their own investigation into the Bridgegate scandal—even asking Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer for an interview about her allegations that members of Christie’s cabinet threatened to withhold Sandy recovery aid if she didn’t play ball on a development project the governor favored.

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