It’s Not Bribery, It’s Palm Greasing

I just read this nonsense about Jason Sheehan being accused of bribing a waiter with $50 for a table at some restaurant, in some city other than Philadelphia. Apparently, this is worthy of national news—or at least the food blog version of national news. Jason went on to issue a denial of the horrendous charges, but wait a second, it’s not bribery, and it’s not wrong.

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Scandal! Sheehan (Falsely) Accused Of Bribing Waiter 4 Years Ago!

Oh, the things that pass for news…

Yesterday, Eater’s Denver office posted an interview in their “The Gatekeepers” section with Paul Attardi, a floorman and partner at the restaurant Fruition. In it, Attardi alleged that, while working as an anonymous critic for Westword newspaper, I tried to bribe one of his servers for a table by offering him $50 while he was out back having a smoke. It wasn’t true, but because it contained the words “critic” and “bribe,” the story has since taken off.

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