Projects Bubbling Up in Brewerytown in 2015

Photo credit: Julia Rowe via Flickr.

Photo credit: Julia Rowe via Flickr.

Looks like Tacony isn’t the only neighborhood fixing for a revival. The Brewerytown boosters at MM Partners recently sent out a report of the projects they have in store for the growing ‘hood. The list, which you can read in full here, includes everything from the upcoming Turnkey Startups co-working space to plans to deck out the area with public art.

But as this is a real estate blog, after all, below you’ll find the developments we’re most looking forward to in the area:

Brewerytown Revitalization to Continue as Developer Set to Invest $60 Million

Photo credit: Brewerytown Living.

Photo credit: Brewerytown Living.

MM Partners, a developer who has invested close to $45 million in Brewerytown within the last decade, according to Natalie Kostelni at the Philadelphia Business Journal, plans to keep the neighborhood booming with approximately $60 million in future investments.

Kostelni reports MM Partners, which has “more than 50 residential, retail and mixed-use properties” in Brewerytown, has mainly kept its eye on a five-block stretch of the neighborhood. Below are Kostelni’s roundup of some of the developer’s in-progress projects:
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Crime & Punishment Brewing Kicks Off Fundraiser with a Concert

crime and punishment storefrontCrime and Punishment Brewing Co. is hoping to put the brew back in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia. This Saturday the potential brewpub unveils its crowd-sourced fundraising campaign with an evening of live music, Russian dishes and of course craft beer.

Brewers Michael Wambolt and Michael Paul will be serving up four of their beers, all inspired by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Among the beers pouring, The Guillotine, a saison brewed with blood oranges and hibiscus and Grand Theft Polka, an oak-smoked Polish wheat beer.

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And Brewerytown Is Still Booming!

rendering girard27_1-660x395

Rendering of the proposed Girard27 via Hidden City.

Looks like Brewerytown Living is going to have to update this map soon. In a partnership between developer MMPartners and lot owner Adco American Development, a proposal was brought forth for the double development of a 20-year-old vacant lot at 27th and Girard. However, before anything can happen, zoning variances must be granted for the two projects, which are planned for concurrent construction at the end of this year (or beginning of 2015).

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Morning Headlines: Pretty Maps Show a Blossoming Brewerytown

Photo credit: Brewerytown Living.

Photo credit: Brewerytown Living.

Last May we said Brewerytown was the next big thing, and in November developer MM Partners threw a shindig where locals and real estate professionals hung out to discuss how the neighborhood is booming.

But it’s one thing to hear that, and quite another to see it illustrated on pretty maps. Curbed Philly recently compared two such maps — both from MM — that shows the area’s rapid growth.

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“Ask Me How Brewerytown Is Booming!”


Photo: Brad Maule

Last night at Rybrew — the cafe-restaurant with a superb beer selection at 28th and Girard Avenue — neighborhood residents mingled with real estate professionals and developers to talk about Brewerytown. The event was put together by MM Partners, a neighborhood development and real estate company that is, without question, Brewerytown’s most tenacious evangelist. In order to educate attendees about the neighborhood, MM hand-picked local “experts” — whether business owners or residents — to wear name tags that read: “ASK ME HOW BREWERYTOWN IS BOOMING!”

MM’s Jake Roller explained that the event was targeted to real estate professionals for a reason. “When we started out, I don’t think anyone knew the name Brewerytown,” he said. “We’ve been trying to educate people about the real character of the neighborhood with events like the jazz concerts and the spring festival. I think we’ve made progress with the general public. Now I think the next step in the evolution of the neighborhood is getting people to move here, and that has to start with real estate brokers.”

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Philadelphia Salvage Signs an Agreement for a Brewerytown Store

philadelphia salvage

Philadelphia Salvage sells a little bit of everything — and the kitchen sink. Photo via Philly Salvage’s Facebook page.

When Mugshots closed its Brewerytown location about a month ago, there was nervous chatter among people hungry for the area’s revitalization. After three years on the 2800 block of Girard Avenue, the coffee shop — popular and profitable in Fairmount — was still only breaking even. So they packed it in and moved on.

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The Tacos Are the Thing at Shifty’s Taco


Brian Freedman finds that Shifty’s Taco is a good reason to head west on Girard Avenue.

[T]he tacos here are Shifty’s raison d’être, and on that count, Chef Geoff Gabrick and his team (including Jeb Woody of Honey’s and Zack Shell of El Fuego) acquit themselves admirably. The Rub was a highlight, its tender strings of braised brisket singing a song of adobo and chipotles, the slow simmering heat building yet never cresting: Lovely. The Hem and Hawl, on the other hand, demonstrated the kitchen’s aptitude with fish. Well-cooked and tender tilapia done on the plancha was anchored by an attractive slaw that, though it could have been a touch brighter, nonetheless brought enough crunch and liveliness to each bite to win me over.

Excellent new tacos at Shifty’s on Girard [Philadelphia Weekly]

Shifty’s Taco [Foobooz]

Crime and Punishment Brew Pub Coming to Brewerytown

crime-and-punishmentA new brew pub is aiming to open in Brewerytown. Crime and Punishment is the name and they’ve been previewing the beer at Pizza Brain’s First Friday parties. The brew pub is up for 2014 but look for the beers to show up at Pizza Brain. This month it was House Arrest Farmouse Ale and Truancy, a peanut butter and jelly ale.

Liz Spikol, who claims she loved the peanut butter and jelly ale has more details over on Property.

New Brew Pub Coming to Brewerytown [Property]

Brewerytown Renaissance Update: Will the Neighborhood Get a Vinyl Shop?

brewerytown beats
Photo of Ochester via

Brewerytown’s evolution continues apace with last week’s opening of Shifty’s Taco (odd name, that) at 27th and Girard. Jeb Woody, owner of Honey’s Sit N Eat, is a partner in the business, which gives it immediate street cred among Girard Avenue’s other relatively new Brewerytown-renaissance evangelists: Mugshots, Ryebrew, Best in Show Grooming, Icy Signs, Chicken Master and MM Partners.

Now comes Peter Maxwell Ochester, a Brewerytown resident who spent the past 20 years traveling cross-country collecting records–as in, vinyl LPs–and who now wants share his haul with others. “The dream,” he writes on the page he launched this week, “is turning into a brick and mortar vinyl shop.”

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