Center City Korean-Fusion Restaurant Transforms Into a Northeast Philly Favorite


Today, BopBrent Celek (yeah, that one) and Scott Keenan’s humdrum Korean fusion restaurant on Broad Street with a “three-umbrella problem“, is officially no more. And that’s okay. There’s better Korean in Center City to be had, what with Dae Bak now open, SouthGate doing its thing in Rittenhouse, plus a few more opening soon (Serpico/Starr’s new Korean spot on Sansom Street Kyung Ho and Chris Cho’s Center City Seorabol).

In its place, opening this Friday (June 9th), will be the second coming of the Blue Duck — this one called Blue Duck on Broad — Northeast Philly’s New American restaurant by Kris Serviss and Joe Callahan, Jr.

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Eagles Notes: Injury Updates, NFL Not Yet In Touch

Doug Pederson. (Jeff Fusco)

Doug Pederson. (Jeff Fusco)

After exiting the Eagles’ 24-15 win over the Falcons in the second quarter with a head injury, Nolan Carroll is now going through concussion protocol, Doug Pederson announced Monday afternoon. However, Pederson added that the Eagles aren’t planning on making any personnel changes despite Carroll possibly being out this week and Leodis McKelvin’s lingering hamstring injury.

With Ron Brooks out for the season with a quad injury, the Eagles’ only other cornerbacks are rookies. Jalen Mills has played significant snaps, but C.J. Smith and Aaron Grymes have combined for only one NFL snap. Read more »

The Three-Umbrella Problem: Bop Reviewed

Bop's bar with kitchen in the background | Photo via BOP

Bop’s bar with kitchen in the background | Photo by Laurie Satran

I ate the mandoo at Bop and they were fine. Tasted like a thousand other dumplings at a hundred other American-Asian restaurants in a dozen other cities and were, in exactly that way, as perfectly satisfying and completely non-threatening as McNuggets. The leeks (chopped in with the beef, pork and vermicelli noodle filling) were a nice touch, I thought. But I wasn’t in love.

I had the fried rock shrimp, too — little knuckle-sized lumps with the consistency of fried shrimp, if not the flavor, and a nicely crisped tempura crust that stood up admirably to the generous slicking of sweet-hot, creamy, almost mayonnaise-y chile sauce. They, too, were fine. I’m a sucker for fried shrimp on an appetizer menu anyway. (Some lingering poor kid’s equation of shrimp=special and fried=awesome that will never go away because shrimp is the lobster of the lower-middle class and the white in my collar still looks blue in the right light.) I’ll order them anywhere, in any regional or ethnic variation, and these were, if not unique (at all), then certainly as good as anyone else’s fried sea protein in spicy Asian goop.

I ordered the bulgogi and I ate it and I was surprised when I saw that half the Korean marinated beef and half the rice and half the seasonal vegetables were gone without my hardly even noticing. Then I paid my bill. Then I left. And outside, I saw a man carrying three umbrellas.

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Eagles Offseason Outlook: Tight End

Zach Ertz. (Jeff Fusco)

Zach Ertz. (Jeff Fusco)

Throughout the next two weeks, we’ll take a position-by-position look at where the Eagles stand going into the offseason. In the first three installments, we covered the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. Now, it’s on to the tight ends.


After 11 weeks of underwhelming performances, Zach Ertz came alive in the last four games of the season. He racked up 450 yards over the final four games, joining Jimmy Graham as the only NFL tight ends with at least 450 yards over a four-game span since 2013. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Why the Eagles Are Being Aggressive

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

You wonder if Fletcher Cox would have been locked up months ago if not for the short-lived Chip Kelly power grab.

Howie Roseman comes from the Joe Banner school of financial management that teaches to sign your core players early. The logic is sound: the money arrow is always pointing up in the NFL. The more dollars that come in, the higher the cap. As the cap grows, so too does the cost of the individual deals. If you have identified someone that you want to keep around long-term, it’s best to strike as soon as possible while leverage is still on your side and before the price spikes.

Cox became eligible for an extension at the conclusion of the 2014 season. Since then, Ndamukong Suh inked a six-year deal that contains a shade under $60 million in guarantees and averages out to about $19 million per year; Cox has elevated his game while marching a step closer to the end of his deal; and the cap jumped $10 million, with another $10 million bump (if not greater) expected to be announced in March for the ’16 season.

Some league insiders believe Cox will command somewhere around $16-18 million per season now, if not higher. Assuming the 25-year-old was willing to play ball last season, the Eagles lost a significant amount of money by waiting.

That (somewhat extreme) example helps explain why Roseman has been so aggressive to start this offseason. Read more »

Brent Celek: ‘Philadelphia Is My Home Forever’

Brent Celek. (Jeff Fusco)

Brent Celek. (Jeff Fusco)

Brent Celek was home celebrating his 31st birthday with his wife when he got a phone call on Monday night.

“We got a deal done,” his agent said.

Celek turned to his wife as tears came down his cheeks, before going downstairs and sitting on the couch. He thought about the journey that transformed him from a fifth-round draft pick in 2007 to a tight end with a three-year deal to remain in Philadelphia. Read more »

Eagles Sign Brent Celek To Three-Year Deal

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

The Eagles and veteran tight end Brent Celek have agreed to a three-year deal worth $13 million, including $6 million in guaranteed money. The deal, first reported by ESPN’s Adam Caplan, was confirmed by the Eagles.

This news comes a day after the Eagles announced a five-year deal with Zach Ertz, a deal that is reportedly worth $42.5 million, with $20 million guaranteed.

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