Six Reasons Breaking Bad Is the Best TV Drama Ever


Now there is no doubt—Breaking Bad is the greatest drama series in the history of television. If the show’s finale is still collecting virtual dust on your DVR and you’ve somehow managed to avoid spoilers, stop reading (and go watch the damn thing already). Two days after Walter White took his last breath in a neo-Nazi-sponsored meth factory, I’m more convinced than ever that no other show can top what Vince Gilligan and company created over the course of five thrilling, intense, funny, horrifying and thoroughly satisfying seasons. To argue against this is futile. Logic, bitch!

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Breaking Bad Finale Party at Old Eagle Tavern


Okay, so you KNOW you’re going to be watching it. And unless (like us) you’re seriously worried that you might spend the entire hour and change of the Breaking Bad finale curled up in the fetal position on your couch and trying not to soil yourself, what better way to see off one of the greatest TV series ever than with a big-ass party full of like-minded addicts?

On Sunday, September 29 (which will heretofore be known simply as Finale Day), the Old Eagle Tavern in Manayunk will be throwing said party. It’s gonna start early, with the bar showing a season 5 Breaking Bad marathon, all leading up to the 9pm premier of the LAST EPISODE EVER. What’s more, there’s going to be beer specials, all based on characters from the show (like the Two Brothers Sidekick IPA for Jesse Pinkman and Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch for Skyler White), and all selling for $1 off. And for dinner? A Los Pollos Hermanos-based menu of chicken specials, of course.

So get there early, settle in, hang on tight, and be ready to drink away the pain when it all comes crashing down.

Old Eagle Tavern [Official]