The Checkup: The Perfect Pre-Workout Breakfast for Every Diet

• The struggle of finding the perfect pre-workout breakfast — one that’s not so heavy it weighs you down, but hefty enough to fuel your workout — is one we know well. Here, the early-morning pre-workout struggle is smashed with six sports dietitian-approved pre-workout breakfasts that cover a slew of dietary restrictions. From gluten-free to dairy-free to weight-loss-friendly, there’s a meal here to help you power through your morning sweat session. [Runner’s World]

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Where to Get Free Cold Brew All Month Long

Fact: Rittenhouse’s Pure Fare is awesome. From their revolutionary breakfast soup to their countless (gluten-free!) toast variations and constantly growing menu, they are pretty high on our list when it comes to healthy fast-casual spots in Philly. And as of yesterday, they’re doing us another solid for the rest of the month. Hint: It includes free coffee.

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The Checkup: The Sneaky Way Your Breakfast May Be Making You Pack on Pounds

• If you just chowed down on a big bowl of cereal, sorry to be the bearer of bad news: New research published in Nature Communications shows that the preservative butylated hydroxytoluene, which can be found in some breakfast cereals, can screw with the satiety signals our guts send to our brains. And if those signals are messed up, we don’t realize when we’re full. Cue the second (and third) bowl of breakfast. [Men’s Health]

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Monday Morning TL;DR: This Is the Most Hated Restaurant in America


Happy Monday, everyone. If you’ve found your way here yet again, it’s probably because you want to know about deadly summer margaritas, How Hunter Thompson ate breakfast or that restaurant in Crown Heights that bragged about the bullet holes in its walls.

And we’ve got the scoop on all of that. But let’s begin with something else first. Because friends, we gotta talk about Instagram…

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Pure Fare Is Rolling Out A New Summer Menu (And It Looks Delicious)

Pure Fare | Photo via Facebook 

This Thursday, June 1st, Pure Fare will start churning out a new summer menu featuring some pretty drool-worthy items. Think: a Vegan Watermelon “Poke” Bowl. YUM. You can check out the full list of new items below, but to give you an idea of what to expect, the new menu will feature a bunch of new grab-and-go salads, entrees, sandwiches and snacky “guiltless pleasures” (helloooo, carrot cake pudding with cashew cream frosting, yes please!).

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The Best Cafes (and Restaurants) to Bring Your Laptop and Eat an Actual Meal

The Cusco Sandwich at Plenty Cafe

The Cusco Sandwich at Plenty Cafe

Maybe you’re a freelancer with a few hours between meetings downtown and you want to keep up the productivity. Or there’s construction in your office building and you can’t get anything done with power tools grinding away upstairs. Or you work from home but you’ve reached the point at which you’ll freak out if you don’t leave the house today.

You need a spot to get work done — school, freelance, creative, or just catching up on email. You also need to eat, and as tasty as the croissants and cookies at most coffee shops are, they’re not exactly brain food.

We’ve rounded up some of Philly’s favorite spots to camp out for a few hours (or more), eat a real breakfast or lunch, crush your task list. For our purposes, we’ve stuck with Center City and adjacent neighborhoods; we also made free wi-fi for customers and an actual food menu (however brief) a requirement.

And for when the workday spans meals, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite trendy spots where you might spend a working lunch (and maybe happy hour afterwards) while chowing down on a more substantial, chef-driven menu.

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This Make-Ahead Oatmeal Saved Our Lives

If I’m going to be honest, I’ll admit that I’d always seen oatmeal as the homework of breakfast. On one hand, It’s definitely the healthiest option on the brunch menu; on the other hand, it’s oatmeal: mushy, squishy, gooey-gluey. I’d never chosen to eat oatmeal (cookies notwithstanding) without a twinge of oughta reverberating in my frontal cortex.

Then one day my pregnant wife sent me a recipe from The Kitchn for oatmeal that you can — get this — make a whole week’s worth of at once. It seemed, honestly, insane. “That’s bonkers!” I thought. “Wouldn’t it just turn into a giant cauldron of pasty gloop?” Memories of dining halls and motel breakfasts flooded into my head. I was not a believer. I ignored the ridiculous recipe. My wife rolled her eyes.

Then she and I welcomed our first child — and along with the transcendent joy of snoogling with your just-born progeny came the crippling sleep insecurity that accompanies a squalling newborn. All of a sudden, the idea of making, like, five days of hearty breakfasts in one shot was super appealing. In an act of groggy desperation, I retrieved that recipe from my chat history and prepared to disregard the laws of grain physics as I understood them. I forced myself to believe that cooked oatmeal might not turn to gruel over the course of a week. Read more »

The Checkup: Why Oatmeal Shouldn’t Be Your Automatic Healthy Breakfast Pick

• Interesting! BuzzFeed asked dietitians and healthy-eating experts to choose the best breakfast picks from a ton of fast-food restaurants’ menus and it turns out, oatmeal — the item always slapped on the menu for the healthy folks — isn’t always the answer. They noted that in some cases (ahem, McDonald’s and Burger King), the dish boasts way too much sugar and not enough protein, making an egg sandwich a better bet. So remember that next time you get stuck at the airport, flight delayed, at an ungodly hour of the morning. [BuzzFeed]

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The Weird New $5 Philly Breakfast Item to Curb Your Bagel Addiction

A sample of the new sweet potato breakfast soup at Pure Fare

A sample of the new sweet potato breakfast soup at Pure Fare

I’ve got two words for you: Breakfast soup. If you imagine some sort of wholly unappetizing brothy egg concoction when you read those words, let me assure you: That’s not what I’m talking about here. But I do understand why your mind would go there — that’s exactly where my mind went when Kriti Sehgal, owner of the fast-casual spot Pure Fare, told me they’d added breakfast soup, along with a number of other new breakfast items, to the menu at their Rittenhouse location at 119 South 21st Street.

Breakfast soup does NOT sound appetizing to me. And this is why I was so surprised at how darn delicious and delightful their take on it is.

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Now Open: Res Ipsa Cafe


The all-day cafe is the new fast-casual. Or anyway, that’s certainly how it seems with the recent surge of these hybrid coffeshop/bar/restaurants we’ve seen around Philly. And the newest? Res Ipsa Cafe, which opened this weekend at 22nd and Walnut. It is (as these things often are) a team effort between the crew from ReAnimator Coffee and Tyler Akin of Stock.

So what happened when these two forces came together in one small space?

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