What to Eat This Week: Breakfast for Dinner

what to eat breakfast

Way back in February, we featured a bunch of breakfast-for-dinner recipes in an edition of this weekly series, and you guys ate ‘em right up (pun totally intended). And since you all loved having breakfast for dinner so much (I mean, who doesn’t?) we figured we’d bring the theme back this week, with five delicious recipes that taste great with a morning cup o’ joe, and even better with a post-work margarita. Happy brinner-ing! Dreakfast-ing? Whatever. Happy cooking!

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Six-Pack: Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner


Bacon Pancakes at Grubhouse | Photo by Courtney Apple

There are only a few foods that one can happily eat for every meal and pancakes are one of them. Maybe it’s because lasagna for breakfast doesn’t flow as well, but pancakes for dinner is never a bad idea. No matter what time it is, pancakes can always be the answer to the question of “What would make me happy right now?” And here’s a list of some of our favorite spots to get the hot and fluffy dish.

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14 Healthy and Easy Mason Jar Breakfasts

We’ve done it again. We already showed you the joys of mason jar salads, and now we’re back with another Instagram-worthy meal: mason jar breakfasts.

Not only are your breakfast faves now in a totally cute mason jar, they’re also portable! And since eating a good breakfast is so stinkin’ important, we’ve picked recipes that will help you start your day off right and avoid a crash later. So no matter how many times you hit the snooze button, knowing you have a nutritious breakfast ready to go will make your rushed morning just a little bit easier.

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What 10 Philly Fitness Pros Eat for Breakfast



I love breakfast—a lot. Like, I could eat breakfast food for every meal and still crave eggs and banana pancakes. But on those mornings (read: every morning) when I hit snooze one too many times, cooking a complete breakfast just isn’t always possible. Usually, my breakfast ends up being me shoving fruit into my face and a granola bar into my bag as I run out the door. Not exactly glamorous.

So I asked 10 Philly fitness pros what they do for breakfast, hoping to gain some inspiration to get up earlier and upgrade my favorite meal, fast. But instead of walking away with a hundred crazy recipes to try, I learned something far more practical: breakfast doesn’t have to take forever to make. In fact, almost everyone I talked to either preps their breakfast the night before or puts something together in just a few minutes in the morning. So I can ditch the granola bars and still hit snooze. It’s a win-win.  Read more »

Café Ynez Will Bring Mexico City Diner To Washington Avenue

cafe-ynez-logoJill Weber and Evan Malone, who have brought us JET Wine Bar and Rex 1516 are opening their third restaurant, Cafe Ynez at 2025 Washington Avenue on April 14th.

The BYOB, which is adjacent to Malone’s NextFab Studio, will serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week and will serve brunch on the weekend.

In the kitchen, Mexico City native, JC Piña will be bringing a few of his mother’s “secret” recipes to life. Daily lunch specials will include seasonal soups, tacos, burritos and cemitas (sandwiches). A takeout counter will offer neighbors a to-go choice that will include whole rotisserie chicken. The chickens will be available by the whole or half. A half-chicken and two sides will set you back just $10.

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Start Your Day Off Right: 26 Genius Ways to Eat Quinoa for Breakfast



Remember a couple years ago when nobody knew how to pronounce the word “quinoa,” much less knew what it actually is? Today, the protein-packed seed, loaded with all nine essential amino acids, is everywhere, and the quinoa moment doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, any time soon.

To wit: Have you noticed that quinoa isn’t just a dinnertime staple anymore? Lately, it’s been making its way onto the breakfast table in all sorts of unexpected forms: breakfast bars, pancakes, porridge—you name it, you can make it with quinoa.

And the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I mean, what better breakfast is there than one loaded with fiber, protein and antioxidants? None, right? So to get the ball rolling on your quinoa-for-breakfast obsession—because, trust us, you will be obsessed—here are 20 of our favorite breakfast recipes starring everyone’s favorite superfood.

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