Now Open: Res Ipsa Cafe


The all-day cafe is the new fast-casual. Or anyway, that’s certainly how it seems with the recent surge of these hybrid coffeshop/bar/restaurants we’ve seen around Philly. And the newest? Res Ipsa Cafe, which opened this weekend at 22nd and Walnut. It is (as these things often are) a team effort between the crew from ReAnimator Coffee and Tyler Akin of Stock.

So what happened when these two forces came together in one small space?

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Stockyard Sandwich Company Opens on Spring Garden Street

Opening Day Special: Roast Pork Loin - Spaghetti Squash, Shallot, Fennell, Apple Mustard + Side: Spaghetti Squash - Brown Butter, Kabocha, Pecans

Opening Day Special: Roast Pork Loin – Spaghetti Squash, Shallot, Fennell, Apple Mustard + Side: Spaghetti Squash – Brown Butter, Kabocha, Pecans

Stockyard Sandwich Company, a seasonal, farm-to-table restaurant opens today. Since temperatures have suddenly dropped 20 degrees, we will be sticking to sandwiches instead of the salads offered on the menu. We suggest you do the same.

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Breakfast for Dinner at Dizengoff

Dizengoff hosts Breakfast-for-Dinner book party with Chef John Currence

Dizengoff hosts Breakfast-for-Dinner book party with Chef John Currence

The answer to the insipid interview question: “If you had the opportunity to invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why?” has always been obvious to me. I would invite a Philadelphia chef because a) they’re local, alive, and non–fictional, and therefore might actually show up and b) they could cook for me, so even if I left with a heart full of disappointment, I would at least have a stomach full of something other than coffee and bagels from the café below my apartment.

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The Checkup: How to Order Fast-Food Breakfast Like a Nutrition Pro 

Photo by Flickr user one2c900d

Photo by Flickr user one2c900d

• Maybe you slept through your alarm for an early flight and didn’t have time to pack a breakfast before hitting the airport; maybe you’re stuck on a long car ride in the middle of nowhere, where rest stops are the only spots to find sustenance; whatever the case: Fast-food breakfast happens every now and then. Here, a nutritionist’s top picks for when you find yourself in line at a fast-food spot first thing in the morning. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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Breakfast of Champions: The Dutch Reviewed



The Dutch | Photo by Emily Teel

Breakfast is the last great, untouched frontier. Of all the meals available to us (lunch, dinner, supper, elevenses, fourthmeal, midnight snacks, etc.), breakfast is the most pure, the most un-fuck-with-able. No one in his right mind tries to innovate during breakfast. No one tries to dazzle you with technical wizard-powers or supply lines to long-lost fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is toast and jelly. Coffee. Pancakes. Eggs and bacon. Waffles in all their myriad glories. It is, occasionally, oatmeal. Complicated (but comforting) pastries. Half a grapefruit doused in Wild Turkey. Whatever.

I love congee and chilaquiles as much as anyone, but Americans own breakfast the way the French do dinner. We have stolen all the great ideas ever had about breakfast and made them our own. Americans are so good at breakfast that our canon doesn’t extend merely to regional variations, but to social, religious, economic and historic ones as well. The trucker’s breakfast is a thing. The yoga breakfast. The camp breakfast. The Lutheran pancake social or Continental or Southerner’s petit déjeuner. Breakfast knows no bounds save temporal. And brunch? Well, brunch doesn’t even have those rules to adhere to. Brunch laughs at the notion of rules.

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The Checkup: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Skipping Breakfast

• If you’ve been shamed by your mother and your significant other and your barista for skipping the most important meal of the day (who is hungry before the sun rises?!) for years now, rejoice while reading this argument from pediatrics professor Aaron E. Carroll, who says, really, “breakfast has no mystical powers.” So if you’re never hungry, don’t worry too much about skipping it. [The New York Times] Read more »

The Best Jersey Shore Breakfast and Brunch Spots

The Best Jersey Shore Breakfast and Brunch Spots: Blueberry pancakes from Fishin’ Pier Grille in Avalon

Blueberry pancakes from Fishin’ Pier Grille in Avalon | Photograph by Jason Varney

Spending shore mornings with a giant stack of pancakes in front of you is practically a shore right-of-passage. Here, the Jersey Shore’s best breakfast and brunch spots that won’t disappoint.

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First Watch Daytime Café Opening In Wynnewood


First Watch, the daytime café with over 200 accolades, has been in Pennsylvania for ten years–just not in Philadelphia. But finally, next Monday, March 7th, the next First Watch will be opening its doors in Wynnewood at 31 East Wynnewood Road.

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The Checkup: How to Put an End to Your Procrastination Habit — Finally!

• If you are currently reading this in order to put off the gruesome task of checking your work email after the weekend, we’ll allow it — but only because it will make you less likely to procrastinate and put things off later on. Here, nine ways kick your procrastinating ways to the curb and have the most productive week ever. [Fast Company] Read more »

Matt & Marie’s Opening Second Location in Rittenhouse

matt maries 118 s 18th 940In just a couple of weeks, one of Philly’s lunch spots, Matt & Marie’s, will be opening its second location at 118 South 18th Street.

In addition to the Italian sandwiches, salads, bagels, and pastries the flagship shop on 18th and Arch Streets serves, the new Matt & Marie’s will also have fresh ravioli, stuffed shells, and baked Campanelle pasta, along with four house-made sauces to choose from.

All of Matt & Marie’s food is either made fresh in house or picked up early in the morning, like the bagels from South Street Bagels, and the pastries from La Colombe.

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