The Main Line Is Getting Its Own Trashy Reality TV Show

After the suits at Bravo TV determined that the Main Line didn’t deserve the Real Housewives treatment, it appeared that we had been spared.

But according to the folks over at Savvy Main Line, a Conestoga High School grad who works as a “reality star coach” has stepped in to provide the trashy reality television programming centered on that most posh of suburban Philadelphia enclaves that nobody asked for – except, of course, those conceited Main Liners themselves.

Get Real Main Line follows Berwyn’s Toni Filippone – a life coach who has worked with “stars” (we’re using that extremely loosely) from the New York and Orange County editions of Real Housewives – and her hand-picked team of local advisers with expertise in nutrition, fitness and spirituality. Read more »

Five Real Philly Housewives We Want to See on Bravo


The strangest thing about “Real Housewives” — after the fact that we watch it, we watch it so hard — is that the franchise never set up shop here since debuting in 2006. For a show that lives and dies by its batshit quotient, you’d think they would have made Philadelphia home years ago.

That, however, might be about to change: As the Daily News’ Jenice Armstrong reports, producer Princess Ann Banton-Lofters — creator of the series’ gold-standard Atlanta version — has been in town scouting, for lack of a better word, talent.

Presumably, Bravo is poking around the Main Line and Rittenhouse for their usual mix of old money, new money and hopefully-results-in-jail-time money.

But that would be a mistake.

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RHONY Fashion: The Episode in Which Everyone Forgot to Wear Pants (Except Legz)


We’re back!

Another week, another Real Housewives of New York whirlwind of sartorial insanity. This week, we’ve got some real gems. Sonja performed in a “caburlesque” show wearing a feather bolero and no pants! Kristen wore a ridiculous bathing suit and no pants! Heather wore a negligee to the beach and no pants! Legz … well, Legz wore pants, because Legz is very proper like that. Anyway, let’s get on with it! To the slideshow!

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RHONY Fashion: Good Hair, Sexpot Ramona and Legz for Days

RHONY MarqueeThis week’s Real Housewives of New York City fashion recap is coming to you a few days late. This is because Bravo inexplicably started making viewers pay for new episodes online or enter their “cable provider credentials,” which naturally I do not know. (I even engaged in an IM chat with a Comcast customer service representative to figure out my login password! This is what I do for you!) But I say better late than never, so let’s dig in!

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RHONY Fashion: The Good, the Bad, and the Naked


There are shower caps.

Let’s press pause on our Philly shopping coverage for a moment and bask in the fabulousness that is week two of the Real Housewives of New York. To sum it all up: Carole does not think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but she does like very tall gladiator heels; Legz has never met a button-up she didn’t like; Heather is still trying to recapture her glory days of working at Bad Boy via very large hoop earrings; Sonja wears a bathing suit; Kristen wears her birthday suit; and Ramona wears a cute dress that is shockingly not ruched or satin. Let the fashion recapping begin!

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Local Designer to Appear on Rihanna’s New Bravo TV Show


I first met Autumn Kietponglert over a year ago while she was a designer in the inaugural class of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, a design program in which four designers are chosen for a year mentorship, with provided studio space in Macy’s Center City and invaluable meetings and mentorships with leading experts in the industry. Her pieces at the PFI studio were incredible; they stood out for the very fact that few people could actually pull most of them off: massive, Edwardian-esque scultptural collars made of zippers; gothic corsets reminiscent of a Tim Burton movie; voluminous couture creations. It’s the stuff of rock stars.


Enter Rihanna.

Yep, that Rihanna.

Who’s Following Jennifer Carroll?

Jennifer Carroll was out around town this weekend celebrating her birthday with family and friends. Who else showed up for the festivities? We hear it was a film crew from Bravo. No word on whether Carroll’s getting her own show or something else.

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