Daily News Editorial on Gay Scouting is So Out of Touch, It’s Gone With the Wind


Christine Flowers, a writer over at the Daily News, must have watched one too many movies from the late ’30s (and had one too many boxes of wine) before writing the downright absurd “Scouts and Gay Leaders: From Slip Knots to Slippery Slopes,” a piece that ran on Philly.com this morning about the Boy Scouts’ revised policy that allows openly gay leaders. In part, you have to feel bad (really, really bad) for people like Ms. Flowers who have this type of archaic belief system because, news flash: It’s vanished. Read more »

Boy Scouts Deliver Pizza to Utah Gay Couples Waiting for Marriage Licenses

boy scouts gay pizza utahHere’s a story to warm even the Grinchiest of  hearts on this fine Christmas Eve day:

Over the weekend a troupe of Boy Scouts in Utah delivered pizza to hundreds of gay couples who were waiting in a long line to get their marriage licenses at a county clerk’s office in Salt Lake City. The boys (some clad in rainbow scaves!) also handed out slices to couples waiting in the hallways and county workers who had skipped lunch to stay around to process the licenses.

Photos of the act of goodwill were posted on Twitter and have since made their way around the web. Let’s hope they caught the eye of some of the BSA leadership (and Phil Robertson!), because this is what being a good scout is all about. Someone get these boys an “I’m Awesome” badge pronto!

The Daily News Has Update on Boy Scouts Building, With a Little Italiano

Philly_ScoutAt long last, the saga of the City vs. the Cradle of Liberty chapter of the Boy Scouts is over. The Scouts have owned one of the most beautiful buildings on the Parkway since 1928, but the City only started waging legal war against them since 2008. From the Daily News, emphasis ours:

In its suit five years ago, the administratino argued that the Scouts were violating the city’s anti-discrimination policies by operating on city property and refusing membership to homosexuals.

Sì, è vero, ma ora è tutto finito because a settlement has been reached. It’s pretty far from what the Scouts initially wanted for the improvements they made to the building, which was in the millions. But it is $825,000, which ain’t chump change.

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Bullied Gay Teen Denied Eagle Award

Photo by Think Stock

Karen Andresen started her Change.org after leaders in Boy Scout Troop 212 in San Francisco told her son Ryan that he’d be refused the rank of Eagle Scout after he came out as gay in an effort to address bullying. Ryan had completed all of his requirements to become an Eagle Scout, says his mom, even completing a capstone project at a local middle school where he helped construct a “Tolerance Wall.” But he was told last week by his troop leader that because of his sexual orientation, he would be denied his Eagle Scout award. The news came just a few days before Ryan turned 18.

“It breaks my heart to watch Ryan suffer for being who he is, because to me, he’s perfect,” says Karen. “Ryan has worked for nearly 12 years to become an Eagle Scout, and nothing would make him more proud than earning this well-deserved distinction. I can’t believe the leaders in Ryan’s Boy Scout troop would punish him like this, especially after all Ryan has done to serve his community and to combat bullying.”

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Should UPS Pull Boy Scouts Funding?

First it was Intel. Now UPS is under fire for funding the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, founder of Scouts for Equality, has launched the latest campaign in hopes of reaching UPS just days after Intel Corporation, one of the Boy Scouts’ largest corporate donors, affirmed it would no longer support the BSA until its anti-gay policy is amended. Wahls says UPS gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Boy Scouts in 2010, despite having a perfect scores on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.

At press time, a UPS spokesperson said the Boy Scouts’ current policy wouldn’t deter UPS Foundation from funding the organization in the future. The company issued this statement: “This decision has not and will not impact The UPS Foundation’s decision to provide funding to BSA, although we evaluate each funding request on an individual basis.”

“While the rest of the nation is moving forward, often with corporate America leading the way, the Boy Scouts of America has decided to turn back by reaffirming this hurtful policy,” argues Wahls. “If UPS wants to uphold its reputation as a champion of equality and a proud leader in corporate diversity, then it must cut ties with the Boy Scouts until their anti-gay policy is removed.”

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Philly Scout Gives Back Medal

Cameron Kline and his father are unhappy with the Boy Scouts ban on gay scouts and leaders (screen capture courtesy of NBC10)

“I am gay, my father is not” Cameron Kline said in a letter to the Boy Scouts of America. “Collectively, we have given more than 50 years to the Boy Scouts of America. We’re both Eagle Scouts.”

But because the scouts refuse to permit gay scouts and leaders from serving, Kline wanted to send a message. That’s when he and his dad wrote a letter to the Boy Scouts, returning his own hard-earned Eagle Scout medal – the highest medal a scout can receive. “It really hurt when I saw this policy reaffirmed,” Kline told NBC10. “They’re saying to people like me, ‘No, no, no, you’re not welcome, get out.'”

Many other openly gay scouts have joined Kline in the past year, also returning their medals and speaking up about the ban. “We don’t have an exact count of medals returned recently but we have received a few,” a spokesperson for the scouts told NBC10.

Find out what else Kline has to say about the issue:

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