Corbett: Liquor Privatization Still on Table

WITF reports:Governor Corbett says he’s still working on a plan to change the state’s system of liquor stores, but isn’t giving any new information about what might eventually be enacted. Corbett addressed the topic at a news conference in Harrisburg today. He says a lot of discussion is going on regarding the liquor stores that the public doesn’t know about.” Corbett additionally said he was recovering well from recent hernia surgery.

Arthur Goldman and the PLCB: Rare Wines. Bad Law. Big Trouble.


Let’s grant this: What Arthur Goldman (allegedly) did was dumb. It was, if proven, certainly illegal. And if convicted, he’ll likely pay a steep price for his sins.

But was it wrong?

Goldman, you’ll remember, is the Chester County attorney who this week found himself in the headlines after being accused of wine smuggling by that county’s district attorney. Apparently, Goldman bought lots of rare wine through unapproved channels — that is, without including state-owned liquor stores in the transaction, and then sold lots of rare wine through unapproved channels … that is, without including state-owned liquor stores in the transaction. Now he’s in big trouble.

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Tom Corbett May Give Liquor Privatization Another Shot in 2014

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports privatizing the state’s liquor stores may be on the agenda in 2014, thanks to a $1.4 billion budget deficit. “There are plenty of other options, legalizing more gambling such as keno and pension reform among them. Full Medicaid expansion is another possibility. But selling the state stores long has been a popular notion with most Pennsylvanians (though, in fairness to the opposition, it’s not a burning issue). That said, the dynamics of state store privatization could change shortly.”

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Running of the Santas Turned Fatal This Weekend

A Running-of-the-Santas fatality occurred this weekend.

Herr, 24, of Lebanon, Pa., was in Philadelphia for the annual Running of the Santas on Saturday when somehow, about 10:25 p.m., he found himself in costume and on foot on Interstate 95 South near the I-676 interchange…[27-year-old motorist Augustine] Bangura, driving with a suspended license, struck and killed Herr, according to police. Responding officers said Bangura failed field sobriety tests and his car smelled of marijuana. He was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants and with homicide by motor vehicle.

[Daily News]

Penn Receives Alcohol Education Grant

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports:  Penn’s”Division of Public Safety and the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives received a $25,000 grant to fund alcohol education related to off-campus parties. … As part of the program, officers are stationed on street corners and sidewalks nearby parties and hand out educational materials to students as they pass by.”

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Tales O’ Halloween: The Drunk Villanova Student Who Dressed As a Mailman

If this guy’s costume was “Drunk mailman,” he nailed it.

According to police, an [18-year-old] man dressed as a postal worker was lying between two postal trucks in the lot [in Bryn Mawr]. Police said officers believed the man was dressed for Halloween. The ground was wet so police checked on him. As police approached the man, officers found vomit on the man’s clothing.

Another young man, dressed as “Villanova Student Urinating on Lancaster Avenue” was also cited by police in the wee morning hours of November 1st. [Main Lines Times]

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