Penn Receives Alcohol Education Grant

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports:  Penn’s”Division of Public Safety and the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives received a $25,000 grant to fund alcohol education related to off-campus parties. … As part of the program, officers are stationed on street corners and sidewalks nearby parties and hand out educational materials to students as they pass by.”

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Tales O’ Halloween: The Drunk Villanova Student Who Dressed As a Mailman

If this guy’s costume was “Drunk mailman,” he nailed it.

According to police, an [18-year-old] man dressed as a postal worker was lying between two postal trucks in the lot [in Bryn Mawr]. Police said officers believed the man was dressed for Halloween. The ground was wet so police checked on him. As police approached the man, officers found vomit on the man’s clothing.

Another young man, dressed as “Villanova Student Urinating on Lancaster Avenue” was also cited by police in the wee morning hours of November 1st. [Main Lines Times]

Hey Kids! It’s (Kind of) Safe to Drink Again at Temple!

Granted, that’s not the headline that Temple wants to see for this story. But heck, here’s the news:  ”The crackdown on student drinking by Temple police that resulted in 270 arrests or citations during the first four weeks of this semester took a different direction these past two weekends, with 27 reported alcohol-related incidents, as compared to the average of 67 incidents in the first four weekends.”

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Dogfish Head Makes Beer out of Meteorites


Makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?

CBS Philly reports on Celest-jewel-ale, a small-batch brew from Dogfish Head Brewery, made out of … moon dust. “To be exact, Celest-jewel-ale contains crushed lunar meteorites that have been made into dust then steeped ‘like tea in a rich, malty Oktoberfest’ yielding a beer with “subtle but complex earthiness” and hints of toasted bread, caramel and herbs.” The downside is that drinking the stuff will turn you into an alien who feasts upon the innards of humans, but … it’s really good beer! In any case, it’s only available at Dogfish Head’s own brewpub in Delaware.


Penn’s Brightest Minds Put Expensive Ivy League Education to Work Designing Hack-Proof Party App

The Daily Pennsylvanian brings us news of TheRedCup, the most secure party app ever designed by human brains. Thank God the parents of these fine students got them into exclusive preschools and SAT prep classes; they’ve used those advantages carefully, clearly.

TheRedCup, a mobile app that lists all parties on campus in one place, aims to fill the gap between those who want to party and those who throw the parties. Since it was launched Aug. 20, it’s gotten 3,000 downloads and 2,000 users.

To login to TheRedCup to check or post events, users must have an undergraduate email address as well as a valid Facebook account.

“[The police] definitely cannot access it. It requires an undergraduate student email, not any Penn email address,” Engineering sophomore and co-founder Utkarsh Shah, said. “If an administrative staff wants to log into it, he or she wouldn’t be able to.”

Hey remember the time Penn students got huffy about PhillyMag jokes about Penn drinking? Glub-glub, guys!

Dan Aykroyd Crystal Skull Bottle Signing

Dan Aykroyd, below with members of local Ghostbusters fan club, was at the new Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection store at 2040 Market Street this afternoon to promote his Crystal Skull brand of diamond-filtered vodka. On a day when people lined up outside the Apple store for the new iPhone 5s, the crowds may have been larger to see the former Ghostbuster.

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