South Jersey’s Mario Tobia Is America’s Top Blind Golfer

Mario Tobia (left) with his coach, Frank Hesson. Photo by Joe Trinacria.

Imagine yourself standing on the uneven green of a meticulously manicured golf course, the soft turf giving slightly beneath each step of your spikes, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of birds chirping in the air as you set up your putt.

Now, reading the break on a green is difficult enough for any golfer, but how do you think you’d fare with your eyes closed? How about setting up a shot off the tee box without being able to visualize where you wanted to place the ball?

Is there a dogleg left or right? How far are the trees from the start of the rough? Are there even trees there at all?

Golf Digest’s Dan Jenkins once said, “Golf is 90 percent mental. Once you know how to hold the club and swing it, it’s all in the mind.”

For South Jersey’s Mario Tobia, the president of the Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association, vision is overrated. Read more »