Black Friday Means Dark Beers at These Philly Bars

Black truffle deviled eggs and a black beer at Bru | Photo via Bru Craft & Wurst

Black truffle deviled eggs and a black beer at Bru | Photo via Bru Craft & Wurst

Somewhere along the line someone got the good idea to tap some stouts, porters, black IPAs and other dark beers on Black Friday. And so now that’s becoming as much a tradition as heading out to the mall early. But we have to say, dark beers appeal to us a lot more than heading out to a big box store while its still dark out.

So check out these dark beers on Black Friday specials, and one that couldn’t wait till Friday.

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This Year’s Best and Worst Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is right around the corner – where are you shopping? | Shutterstock.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether the deal you’re getting on Black Friday is the best one out there. Between Thanksgiving meal preparations, grubbing, getting together with old friends, and navigating awkward family conversations, who has time to scan every single Black Friday ad flyer for the best deals?

Enter: WalletHub, a consumer social media company that basically did all the work for you. They consulted this year’s Black Friday ads (over 8,000, actually) from the 30 biggest US retailers, and came up with a definitive ranking of the best stores to shop this year. Here’s what to buy where, and what to avoid at all costs. Read more »

Where to Shop in Philly on Black Friday


Grab your girls, and get your shop on. And bonus points if you go out shopping looking like this. | Shutterstock.

As I say every single year, Black Friday is to Shoppist what the Super Bowl is to a football fan. Our whole year of sleuthing out the best shops, steals, deals and trends comes down this – the sale day of all sale days, the bargains to end all bargains. But while less-than-savvy shoppers might line up at big-box spots like Best Buy and Target, we know that the real deals are found in our incredible local shops.

Here are the less-publicized (read: less-crowded) but equally fantastic sales taking place on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Because you can always find another TV on mega-sale. But that covetable Maison Scotch sweater at that insane price won’t come around again. Happy shopping! (And keep checking back! We’ll be updating this list throughout the week as more deals come in.)  Read more »

Psst: Here’s How to Get Free Childcare While You Shop


Complimentary childcare while you shop is called a win-win. | Shutterstock.

Main Line moms, we’ve got the best news for you. Between bundling up the little ones against the cold, impossibly short attention spans, and a few inevitable tears, shopping with the kids can be a stressful occasion. That’s why Skirt Boutique’s owner (and mom of three boys) Maureen Doran is giving you one of the best presents you’ll receive this holiday season: some free time.  Read more »

Geisha House’s Huge Pre-Black Friday Sale

Geisha House

Holiday style with a twist. | Images via Geisha House.

Let’s be real, you’re looking, searching, begging for any excuse to stay home this Black Friday – I know I am. Well, here it is: Geisha House, one of our all-time favorite Philly boutiques, is having a massive pre-Black Friday sale. Shop it to find an outfit for Thanksgiving and then, on Thursday evening, enjoy your turkey leftovers in peace. Read more »

Retailers Opening on Thanksgiving is a Failed Experiment of Corporate Greed

This is what Walmart looks like on Thanksgiving. (Gray Thursday KF Walmart/Wikimedia Commons)

This is what Walmart looks like on Thanksgiving. (Gray Thursday KF Walmart/Wikimedia Commons)

Call me old fashioned, but in my day the retail-blitz called Black Friday started on the Friday after Thanksgiving — not on Thanksgiving night. In fact, when I was a kid, you could hardly find any businesses open on Thanksgiving. Maybe a local gas station. And I’m only in my 30s.

But big retail chains decided a few years ago that it was suddenly acceptable to open on Thanksgiving night — meaning thousands of employees were forced to forgo time with family, decline that extra glass of wine and forget kicking back to watch the late NFL game. If they work at Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Toys R’ Us, or plenty of other stores, they’ve got to go to work. Read more »

Federal Prosecutors Alerted to Viral Video at Oxford Valley Mall

If it’s anything like when I was in high school, there are always plenty of interesting characters at the Oxford Valley Mall. (Once I saw a dude with three-foot mohawk spikes!) And while shopping on Black Friday at the Oxford Valley Mall, Northampton’s Ryan Berk saw a man in army fatigues.

Much like a big Eagles dork can spot a bootleg jersey from across the stadium, Berk — formerly a sergeant in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan — says he noticed several problems with the supposed veteran’s uniform. Berk says the man displayed awards he couldn’t have earned. He told the Bucks County Courier Times he warned a store employee not to give the man a military discount. Then, in the Courier, this great sentence by Jo Ciavaglia:

What inspired him to confront the man, Berk said, was a 20-minute conversation he overheard during which the alleged soldier told a small boy about his military experiences.

Twenty minutes! I feel bad for that kid — he deserves a medal of some sort. Berk filmed the confrontation, and later posted it to YouTube. It since has caught fire.

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Market Report: Did Black Friday Bomb This Year? (All Signs Point To Yes)


  • Perhaps we all have Black Friday fatigue: Thanksgiving weekend sales dropped 11 percent this year. [New York Times]
  • But some retailers managed to whip shoppers into a frenzy: luxury online shopping site Net-a-Porter nearly broke the internet after launching its major end-of-season sale. [Daily Mail]
  • And despite lagging sales numbers, there were still plenty of Black Friday fights, many of which were caught on video.  [Gawker]

Moving on: Let’s talk about gluing things like chains to our eyelids.

Black Beers for Black Friday

black-fridayBlack Friday has become a thing at Philadelphia bars. Luckily, it doesn’t mean getting up at 4 a.m. and wrestling over curved TVs but rather it is all about dark beers.

Here are just some of the Black Friday beer events happening today.

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Aldine’s Got Black Friday Deals


If you’re taking to Center City to do your Black Friday shopping, you’re going to need a bite (and drink) to recover. Aldine, at 19th and Chestnut, will be open early, at 3 p.m., to accommodate anyone who’s looking for a shopping respite.

But it gets better, George Sabatino’s new restaurant will be offering half off draft beer, $5 house red and white wines, $2 oysters, $3 popcorn, and $5 rabbit rillettes crostini.

Get a drink and have a snack at Aldine. That way, you won’t feel badly about spending a ton of money on food after spending so much all day.

Aldine [Foobooz]

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