The Craziest Shopping Stories From Black Friday

BlackFridayIt seems that as soon as crazy door-busters are announced, people go crazy. Not just camp-outside-all-night-for-a-TV crazy, but brawl-in-the-towel-aisle. Here, the most insane, question-your-faith-in-humanity stories from Friday’s shopping battlefield. Be prepared: It’s not pretty.

  • First, there was that stun gun fight at the Franklin Mills Mall. (Let’s face it. The only two reasons to go to that mall are Off Fifth and Last Call by Neiman Marcus. Tip: You can enter both of these stores from outside entrances, so you never even have to wander into the actual mall. Do this.) [Philly Mag]
  • In cheerier news, a man was cited after tossing $1,000 bills over an upper-floor railing at Minnesota’s Mall of America during a choir’s performance of ‘Let It Snow.’ Now why couldn’t that have happened at Franklin Mills? [ABC News]
  • Some of the craziness happened before shoppers even entered the stores: A Virginia man was stabbed in the arm in a Walmart parking lot over a parking space. [dcist]
  • Apparently, towels are Walmart’s best-selling Black Friday item. Maybe this explains why in Arkansas, a fight broke out in the towel aisle on Friday. [Huffington Post]
  • Back to Chicago: Two men suspected of shoplifting at a suburban-area Kohl’s store fled the scene in a car, which sped away dragging a police officer behind it. [Count On 2]
  • And we’ll end with another Walmart brawl: Three fights broke out in a Rialto Walmart. A police officer suffered a broken wrist while trying to break up a fight over someone cutting in line. [The Sun]
  • There’s this, too (which is false, but sadly seems totally plausible). Shopping. Is is a war. [The Daily Currant]

And now, here’s something to cheer you up.


Black Friday Brunches Around Town

blackout brunchThe Cambridge – Since you’ll surely be up and shopping by 4 a.m., you’ll be ready for a Bloody Mary by 11:30. And that works out well since that’s when the Cambridge opens and your first Bloody is free through 2:30 p.m.

Kraftwork and Sidecar – Both these bars are offering their annual Blackout Brunch. Sidecar is making Thanksgiving leftovers sound appealing with specials like “green bean casserole quiche” and yam soup plus dark beers like Great Lakes Blackout Stout and Goose Island Bourbon Country Stout. Kraftwork is offering almond pumpkin coffee cake and Thanksgiving biscuits and gravy. The Fishtown bar will also be going dark on tap with Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout highlighting an impressive list.

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Macy’s Will Open Thanksgiving, Breaking With Tradition

Philadelphia Business Journal reports Macy’s will be open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, breaking a 155-year tradition for the company. “But opening on such a major holiday could lead to backlash from workers. Over the past two years, workers at Target stores signed petitions and protested the opening. It remains to be seen whether Macy’s will see a similar backlash or if retailers opening on Thanksgiving night will become the norm.” Sometimes, we think America would be better off with a return of blue laws. 


Foobooz Store Now Open For Your Shopping Pleasure

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. Foobooz–America’s most awesome-est food blog–now has a retail arm for all of your holiday shopping pleasure. The Foobooz Store will be THE place to pick up clever t-shirts (like the Hawk Krall-designed East Passyunk tee, or the limited-edition Foobooz Sriracha shirt which will make you the coolest kid on any block whenever you wear it), Philadelphia City Dining Cards, Side Project Jerky (the jerky for gentlemen), and more.

And really? We’re just getting started. But what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the gift-giving holidays coming up (did you know that beef jerky and locally-made food blog tee-shirts are the traditional gifts for loved ones on New Year’s Day?), we decided it was time to light this candle and start whoring ourselves expanding our brand more directly.

So check it out, won’t you? It’s up and running right now. Just stay home, have a cup of coffee, skip all the crazy sales and just shop with us. Because really, everyone knows that, come Christmas, an Anonymous Commenter tee-shirt and a fistful of jerky beats some stupid flatscreen TV any day.

Shop at the Foobooz Store [Official]