Bill Green Confirmed as SRC Chair

The State Senate has confirmed at-large Councilman Bill Green as new School Reform Commission chair by a vote of 44-2. Philly’s Vincent Hughes and Chesco/Montco’s Andrew Dinniman dissented. Farah Jimenez, who leads a West Philly non-profit that addresses homelessness, was also confirmed as a new member of the five-person board.

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Interview: Can Bill Green Fix Philly’s Schools?


Councilman Bill Green has long been known for his heterodox ways: While other pols rely on glad-handing to make their way, Green spent his time writing white papers describing how he’d fix government in Philadelphia. Earlier this month, Gov. Tom Corbett appointed Green to chair Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission. (See Philly Mag’s new cover story on eight ways to fix Philadelphia schools.)

Thursday, Green talked to Philly Mag about Mayor Nutter’s reaction to that news, his views on charter schools, and whether he still has a shot at being mayor.

So it’s been a couple weeks now since Gov. Corbett announced your appointment to the SRC, what’s your take on the reaction you’ve received since then?

Well there’s been numerous and varied reactions, I think. [Laughs] Nobody is in the middle on my appointment.

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Can Bill Green — Who Has Used Airbnb — Make the Service Legal Before He Leaves?

Bill Green

Photo | Jeff Meade

As the Internet continues to grow and the economy continues to suck, more people are going to try to sell goods and services online for extra income. One such way to do that is to rent out your house short-term. This is the world we live in now. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do that: Airbnb. Owners can rent out their places or parts of their places for money; renters can get much cheaper rates than they would in a hotel. Wikipedia says listings on Airbnb “include private rooms, entire apartments, castles, boats, manors, tree houses, tipis, igloos, private islands.” Next big snowstorm, I’m renting an igloo.

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Mayor Nutter “Perplexed” by Green Appointment to SRC, Says Philly Education Is in Corbett’s Hands Now

Mayor Nutter has released a statement about Bill Green’s appointment to chair the School Reform Commission and, well, it’s not super friendly.

While I appreciate the hand that City Councilman Bill Green extended to me earlier today in his comments, I find his nomination quite frankly perplexing given his votes against some education funding measures and his published views on public education.  As Mayor, I have a duty to raise these concerns over his appointment.

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Bill Green Will Lead School Reform Commission


Councilman Bill Green had made it plain for weeks that he wants to be the next leader of the School Reform Commission. Today, Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to formally announce Green’s appointment as SRC chair; Farah Jimenez, executive director of the People’s Emergency Center, to fill a second seat on the commission being vacated by Joseph Dworetzky.
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