Cyclists, Rejoice: The Ben Franklin Bridge Is Getting a Major Upgrade

It’s been a good couple of years for pedestrian-and-bike bridges and walkways around these parts: We got the Manayunk Bridge, then Sullivan’s Bridge, both of which connect runners, pedestrians and cyclists to more trails across the Schuylkill. And the good news keeps coming: The folks at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia announced on their blog earlier this week that the Delaware River Port Authority has approved a contract for the construction of a new ramp for pedestrians and cyclists on the Camden end of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

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Delran Police Want Wheelie Kids to Stop “Swerving”

bikers, bikes, wheelies, wheelie kids

Photo by Andrey Marshak via Wikimedia Commons

You’ve probably seen kids popping wheelies as they cruise city roads, sometimes where they might not belong (like on I-676).

Maybe you like the so-called wheelie kids (who, in Philly, are often affiliated with a group called One Way). Maybe you find their tricks impressive and admire the way they claim the streets. Or maybe you think a bunch of kids biking in the road is just plain dangerous – especially if they’re swerving into traffic.

The Delran Township Police Department in South Jersey clearly falls into the last camp, having just announced that it will crack down on “the new fad of ‘swerving,'” i.e. bikers “intentionally swerving into the paths of vehicles and pedestrians.”
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Yes, Please: Bike the SRT to Camp, Do Yoga, Eat Farm-to-Table Food and Drink Beer By Campfire

Bikeout 2016 | Photo courtesy Bikeout 

Back in April, we told you all that the guys behind Philly’s “bike camping adventure” Bikeout, which debuted last year, had set a date for 2017: Saturday, September 9th to Sunday, September 10th. At the time, we just had a few details: Like last year, riders would start around the Art Museum, at Lloyd Hall, and bike the Schuylkill River Trail 38 miles out to the small farm Sankanac CSA at CampHill Village Kimberton Hills, outside of Phoenixville, for a night of camping and more fun. But now, we’ve got details on all the programming for the weekend — and it looks awesome.

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Disgruntled SRT User Hangs Comically Passive Aggressive Banner

You can see the fence poking out on the trail above | Photo via Flickr user tehshadowbat

There’s a sinkhole on the Schuylkill River Trail by the Chestnut Street Bridge that’s been fenced off for a good chunk of time now. This is annoying for a number of reasons, but mostly because it limits the trail available to runners, cyclists and walkers, causing congestion. And yesterday, a photo of a disgruntled trail user’s efforts to call out the claims that the hole is “under construction” and will be fixed, well, anytime soon, appeared on Reddit. It is impressively passive aggressive and also kind of hilarious.

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12 Reasons We Are So Stinkin’ Excited for Warm Weather in Philly

SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park | Photo via Facebook

Springtime finally seems to have shown up, and we couldn’t be happier here in Be Well Philly Land. Below, 12 reasons we are so (so, so, SO) excited for warm weather in Philly. Read up, then start planning your delightful 70-degrees-and-sunny Saturday. Read more »

Awesome Biking/Camping Event Bikeout Just Announced 2017 Date


Bikeout | Photo by Brian James Kirk

Remember Bikeout, the sweet biking/camping/farm-to-table-eating excursion that debuted last year? Well, as a refresher, last year, the Philly-based “bike camping adventure” took 100 bike riders on a 32.5-mile ride along the SRT, from the Art Museum to the small farm Sankanac at CampHill Village Kimberton Hills, outside of Phoenixville, for a night of camping, farm-to-table food, live music, local beer, and more. Chances are, you weren’t there though: The 100 tickets for the event sold out the day they opened registration.

Womp, womp.

But good news: They’ve just announced the date for the 2017 event, which will take folks back to Sankanac at CampHill Village Kimberton Hills. And get this: As they say in their date announcement on the Bikeout website, “ … we’re going to double the number of riders to support the excitement we saw last year.” Woop, woop!

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