PopeRide and Philly Naked Bike Ride Organizers Team Up for Huge DNC Ride

Another big Philly moment in history, another big group bike ride to go along with it: Alexandria Schneider, the organizer of the PopeRide — the giant for-fun group bike ride that took over Philly’s car-free streets during Pope Francis’ visit — and Maria Serrahima, an organizer of the Philly Naked Bike Ride, have teamed up to put on RideDNC, a 12-ish-mile group bike ride down Broad Street during the DNC. And — wait for it — the plan is for the ride to end with a party, complete with dancing and glow sticks galore, on the closed-to-cars Broad Street in South Philly.

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The Checkup: The Body Part You Need to Start Properly Protecting From the Sun

• I’ll admit it, I am the biggest culprit when it comes to stocking up on cheap (but cute — I swear!) sunglasses so I don’t have to dish out a few hundos on a nice pair I will probably break or lose. But we should all reconsider making that investment. Not only are those cheap, dark-shaded sunglasses not protecting your eyes from UV light, but they could actually be doing you more harm than good. [SELF]

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University City District Wants to Reduce Your Encounters With Overcrowded, Rage-Inducing Bike Parking

You know when you sweat your face off biking to your destination, hop off your bike, look around for bike parking and realize there is none? Or worse, you see that the bike parking that is there is stuffed with what looks like every single bike from the entire neighborhood in a jumbled mess that definitely doesn’t have any room for one more to be added to the pile? When this happens, you could cry tears of rage — or, if it happens to happen in University City, you could take a photo of said jumbled mess in the hopes that, thanks to your photo, more bike parking eventually gets plopped down there. Read more »

Why You Should Absolutely Bring Your Bike Out of Storage This Weekend 


The Manayunk Bridge Trail | BasSlabbers/iStock.com

This weekend, two great things are happening: First off, we’re supposed to see temps in the high 60s (hallelujah!), with lots of sun; and two, it just so happens to be Opening Weekend for the Circuit Trails, also known as the hundreds of multi-use trails around the region. And to celebrate, there are tons of trail happenings — including LOTS of group bike rides — going down around town. So go ahead and dust off your Schwinn, and get ready to pedal in the sun this weekend. Read more »

Best Weekend Ever: Bike to a Farm-to-Table Dinner, Camp, Drink Beer, Eat S’mores, and More 

If I were to dream up the best weekend ever, it would involve biking along the Schuylkill River Trail, refueling with really good food straight from a farm — at the farm! — while drinking local beer, getting my dessert on with some s’mores, then camping out under the stars. If that sounds like your dream weekend, too, you’ll be pleased to hear that the folks behind Bikeout, a new “bike camping adventure” in Philly, have designed a weekend that looks just like that, plus more. Read more »

The Checkup: This Is Why You Get Eye Boogers

• You know when you wake up with eye boogers? Or worse, you wake up next to someone else with gnarly eye boogers? Well, turns out that gunk is a combo of mucus, dust, lint, bacteria and dead skin cells, and the reason you have eye boogers in the morning and is because you’re not flushing your eyes out at night by blinking. Not that any of this information makes them any less gross. [Refinery29]
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10 Spring and Summer Charity Bike Rides to Have on Your Radar

Philadelphia Bike-a-thon | Photo via Facebook

Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach | Photo via Facebook

With the sun making more of a regular appearance, it seems like warmer days are finally here to stay (please?). And along with the spring weather comes a slew of bike races that will get you to shake off those winter blues that facilitated far too many Netflix marathons.

To help you leave the cave you’ve been hibernating in, we’ve put together a list of awesome bike rides happening throughout the spring and summer seasons. The best part: They’re all charity rides, i.e. your ticket to earning some good karma. Check ’em out below.  Read more »

Yay: Lights Are Coming to the Manayunk Bridge Trail. Boo: It’ll Be a While.

Photo via the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia/Facebook

Photo via the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia/Facebook

We were super excited last fall when the Manayunk Bridge Trail, a train bridge-turned-pedestrian path that connects Manayunk to Montgomery County, officially opened for business. And then, one day later, we were super bummed about it.

That’s because it took trail users nary 24 hours to realize a major snafu in the execution of the project: namely, that lights hadn’t been installed, so the bridge closed every evening at 6 p.m., making it a less-than-useful option for commuters. It turned out the original plans called for conduit for lighting to be laid, but the budget fell short of providing funds for the lights themselves.   Read more »

Daily News Bike Curmudgeon Stu Bykofsky to Lead Massive City Bike Ride

In the category of Things We Would Have Never Seen Coming in 10,000 Years, there’s this: Stu Bykofsky — yes, that Stu Bykofsky, the Philadelphia Daily News columnist who famously hates cyclists — announced today that he’s hosting a bike ride. Actually, “hosting” isn’t even the right word; he’s the grand marshall of the first-ever Byko’s Safe Bike Ride, in which cyclists are required to follow all the rules of the road. Naturally.

And to be perfectly fair to Stu, he doesn’t hate cyclists per se: “I do not like bad bicycle behavior,” he told me yesterday. He added, “I do not think we need bike lanes — they’re a waste of space.”  Read more »

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