My Top 5: Under-the-Radar Bike Trails Around Philly

Pennypack Trail | Photo via Flickr

Pennypack Trail | Photo via Flickr

It seems our recent weather — in the breezy 70s — was made for biking. Only problem: Paths like Kelly Drive, delightful as they are, can get a bit crowded. So we chatted with Katie Monroe, the founder of the Facebook page Women Bike PHL, bike enthusiast and social activist to find out what her top five hidden-gem bike trails in the Philly area are. Katie is super involved in the Philly biking community and has a bunch of tips and tricks to ease your biking experience. From a how-to video for mounting your bike on the bus so you can get to these lovely places to where to enter a trail and where the nearest Indego bike rental station is. Soak up all of Katie’s wisdom — and plan your weekend bike ride! — below.

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Mayor Kenney to Power-Walk Philly Free Streets on Saturday

L: Courtesy of The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, R: AP Photo

L: Courtesy of The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia | R: AP Photo

Ten miles of the city’s typically traffic-ridden streets will go carless for five hours on Saturday for Philly Free Streets, a “people-powered,” health-inspired initiative. And here is quite possibly the best part: somewhere in the crowd, leading a troop of speedy, sweaty power-walkers, will be Mayor Jim Kenney. Read more »

Here’s a Brand-New Map of All of Philly’s Bike Lanes

Philly Bike Map from the City Planning Commission

Courtesy of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Navigating for bikers just got a little bit easier.

For the first time since 2014, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission released a new map of Philly’s bike lanes, and it’s got every bike lane (buffered and conventional), bike trail, bike route, bike share station, sharrow and “conflict zone” you need to know about. It’s available to download here.

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Discover Philly’s Hidden Treasures With This Sweet Series of Group Bike Rides

So you bike to work everyday, and it’s great: You get your blood flowing AND you get a workout in all before even really starting your day. But do you ever actually pay attention to everything you’re biking past? Do you examine the architecture? Note the different birds flying overhead? Observe the different building materials used on a certain block? Probably not.

Okay, before you conclude I am crazy — yes, I know your boss won’t accept the excuse of, “Sorry, I took a few minutes to stop and figure out if the Wawa was built with stucco or not,” for being late — hear me out. Hidden City Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to bringing hidden gems of the city to the front stage, and SPOKE Magazine, a local cycling publication, are working together to bring you Bikesploration, a group bike ride series that gives you the chance to really pay attention to the city as you peddle — no repercussions. Read more »