5 Best Moments from Philly’s New Bike Share Launch

Photo by Holly Otterbein

Photo | Holly Otterbein

Philadelphia’s new bike share program, Indego, finally launched today at a giant party at Eakins Oval. Mayor Michael Nutter says the kickoff was seven years in the making. Seven years. That’s nearly the entire time he’s been in office!

At the event, there was a giddy, impatient energy in the crowd, perhaps from waiting for all those years. There was dancing. There were cheerleaders waving pom-poms alongside dudes sporting bike caps and waxed mustaches. There was a DJ playing MJ. Oh, and there was a scary, unidentifiable aircraft. Here’s what else you missed: Read more »

Can Philly Have Nice Things? Indego May Be the Ultimate Test

Source: Indego on Facebook.

Source: Indego on Facebook.

I met my dad in Chicago last fall for a weekend of great meals, baseball-watching and long walk-and-talks. It was during one of the latter events — a lengthy trek along the Lakefront Trail — that I noticed we were repeatedly being passed by people on identical bikes: pale blue cruisers with baskets on the front. I quickly realized that I’d happened upon Divvy, the Windy City’s version of bike share, and that Divvy was kind of a big deal there.

It got me excited for the arrival of Philadelphia’s bike sharethe “Indego” service finally starts this week — but it also kind of got me antsy: “I hope Philly doesn’t screw this up.”  Read more »

Here Are All the Indego Bike Share Stations in Philadelphia

Photo via Indego/Facebook

Photo via Indego/Facebook

If you signed up for Indego Bike Share Philly, which officially launches on April 23rd, you should be receiving your Indego key and welcome packet in the mail any day now. (I got mine on Saturday.) And if you haven’t signed up yet, here’s where to do so.

But before you sign up, it’s helpful to know where the bikes are going to be and how many bikes are going to be docked at each location. So here is your neighborhood-by-neighborhood list of Indego Bike Share Philly station locations. If you live in neighborhoods like Overbrook, Kensington, West Philly (beyond Clark Park) or deep South Philadelphia (there’s not a single bike south of Morris Street), you’re out of luck.

Click on each neighborhood to see Indego Bike Share Philly stations nearby, or just scroll down to see the entire list.  Read more »

Be Among the First to Ride a Philly Bike Share Bike Next Week

Photo via Indego/Facebook

Photo via Indego/Facebook

At long last, Philly’s much anticipated bike share program, Indego, is set to launch next week on April 23rd. To kick it off in style, Indego is hosting a launch party at Eakins Oval on Thursday.

In addition to a ribbon-cutting ceremony, music and snacks, there will be a Critical Mass-like “ride-off,” during which time groups of volunteers will ride fleets of bikes to Indego docking stations around town. Guess what? You can be one of those volunteers.  Read more »

Philly Becomes the Land of the Logos

This space for rent?

This space for rent? Or every space for rent?

When I first moved to Philadelphia six years ago, one of its chief faults (in my view) appeared to be this: It wasn’t New York.

After living and working and starting to raise a kid here, though, I’ve come to a different opinion. One of the best things about Philadelphia? It’s not New York.

There are a lot of things I mean by that, but for our purposes today I mean this: If you’re awake and outside in Manhattan, it’s quite likely that all of your senses are being assaulted by advertising and corporate branding: Neon this, billboard that, handbills over there, posters over here. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s never-ending and sometimes you just need a break.

Yes, there is plenty of advertising in Philadelphia, but — like the city itself — it’s not quite so crammed in on top of itself. There are empty spaces on the sides of buildings! There is, occasionally, room to breathe! This is, on the whole, a pretty good thing.

But maybe that’s starting to change a little bit.

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Bike Share Passes City Council

On Thursday, Philadelphia City Council officially passed legislation authorizing a bike share program in Philadelphia. A Council committee had approved Philly’s bike share program earlier this month.

“I am thrilled with the passage of this bill. Bike sharing is a huge win for Philadelphia on so many levels: health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, the environment and sustainability and so much more,” Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown said in a statement. “There is a huge opportunity for innovation; by studying what has worked in other cities, Philadelphia is uniquely positioned to implement the most comprehensive, effective bike sharing program in the nation.”

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Council Committee Authorizes Bike Share Bill; System to Start With 60 Stations in Spring 2015

Before a crowd of bicycle pin-clad enthusiasts, City Council’s Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities held a public hearing today on a bill authorizing our first ever bike share, which is scheduled to come in spring 2015.

Headed by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, the purpose of the hearing was to authorize the city to enter into an agreement with Bicycle Transit Systems, a Philly based company, to plan and operate a bicycle sharing program, and with B-cycle to provide bicycles, stations and tech platforms. The system will initially boast 60 stations spanning locations like the Navy Yard and Temple.

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