How to Bike to Work in Philly and Make It There In One Piece



Mother Nature’s fury, which we are experiencing in full force right now as I type this, forced Philly’s Bike to Work day to be rescheduled for Monday. That’s actually a good thing because it gives you more time to study up on the unspoken rules of the road.

I’ve been biking to work for a solid eight years now, first in DC and now here in Philly. I’ve learned a few things in my time about how to do it without getting run over. Yes, there have been a few close calls, but we’ll call them learning experiences, the fruits of which I will now impart to you.

If you’re an experienced city cyclist, you’ll probably find this list a tad obvious. That’s fine—I’m not writing it for you. This list is for newbies who have always wanted to ride their bikes to work, but for whatever reason haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Here, the unspoken (and a few spoken) rules of conduct for successfully riding your bike in the city.

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