Here Are All the Indego Bike Share Stations in Philadelphia

Photo via Indego/Facebook

Photo via Indego/Facebook

If you signed up for Indego Bike Share Philly, which officially launches on April 23rd, you should be receiving your Indego key and welcome packet in the mail any day now. (I got mine on Saturday.) And if you haven’t signed up yet, here’s where to do so.

But before you sign up, it’s helpful to know where the bikes are going to be and how many bikes are going to be docked at each location. So here is your neighborhood-by-neighborhood list of Indego Bike Share Philly station locations. If you live in neighborhoods like Overbrook, Kensington, West Philly (beyond Clark Park) or deep South Philadelphia (there’s not a single bike south of Morris Street), you’re out of luck.

Click on each neighborhood to see Indego Bike Share Philly stations nearby, or just scroll down to see the entire list.  Read more »

How Bike Lanes & Shared Streets Pay for Themselves, and Then Some

Shared streets, like this proposed project in Seattle, make room on the roadway not just for cars, but for bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders as well. | Rendering by Mithun.

Shared streets, like this proposed project in Seattle, make room on the roadway not just for cars, but for bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders as well. | Rendering by Mithun.

New research suggests that “Complete Streets” — those carefully designed, multi-modal travel corridors that often include, yes, bike lanes — can yield handsome returns on investment for cities. Like millions, sometimes realized in no more than a year, because shared streets reduce collisions, which in turn saves money on medical costs and property damage. And there’s more. These street alterations are also correlated with increased property values and even higher employment numbers. Read more »

Map Shows Where Bike Thefts Are Most Common in Philly


A map made by Philly analytics guy and bike rider Gregory Kaminski shows where bike thefts are most common in Philly. It’s largely common sense: Most thefts are in Center City and University City.

But it’s interesting to see the details. Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes flags the number of bikes stolen across the street from City Hall — 15, the most in the data.

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Maybe Philly Drivers and Bicyclists Actually Like Fighting With Each Other


A few weeks ago, after tipping back a few too many beers, a friend of mine opened up about his girlfriend and their loving but altogether contentious long-term relationship. The one constant? Non-stop arguing over topics big and small (mostly small). Though they’re rarely super-serious, purée-each-other’s-emotions heavyweight bouts, the scraps are consistent enough to merit front-and-center billing on the cute, weird Pinterest board that is their romantic life.

Talking, and drinking, about it helped him come to a realization.

“Dude,” he said, eyes bugging in terror like he’d just spotted the crest of Godzilla’s head rising from the bay. “I think she actually likes fighting.”

This got me thinking about two local groups whom I’ve long suspected secretly get kicks out of battling each other: Philadelphia’s motorists and Philadelphia’s bicyclists. Now that the weather’s finally broken, plenty of locals are pumping their tires and greasing their chains in preparation for three full seasons of city biking. And just as quickly as the bipedal crowd has emerged from the freeze, so too have the bad attitudes. Bikers screaming at drivers! Drivers screaming at bikers! Pedestrians screaming at both of them! Quick, everyone — corner the urbanite closest to you and tell them how much they fucking suck!

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Another Day, Another Incoherent Stu Bykofsky Rant About Bicycles

Stu Bykofsky is the Pavlov’s dog of Philadelphia journalism. He has been programmed to do the exact same thing every time he reads a newspaper column espousing vaguely pro-bicycle sentiments. Namely: Bashing bike lanes and decrying the WAR ON CARS. In today’s edition, Bykofsky reads a column by Philadelphia Weekly writer Randy LoBasso about biking in the cold, calls LoBasso a City Paper writer, composes an incomprehensible piece of bike-related doggerel, then rushes over to ride on a few of his favorite hobby-horses.

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15 Dandy Get-Ups From Saturday’s Tweed Ride

Dawn Petty and John A. Petty II from West Philly

Dawn Petty and John A. Petty II from West Philly | Photo Layla Jones

If you were downtown on Saturday, chances are you may have seen an unusual group of cyclists.

Philadelphia’s sixth annual Tweed Ride took place over the weekend and about 100 participants suited up in vintage looks straight from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.

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Two Dudes Will Bike the City’s 72-Mile Border Tomorrow

Shawn McKenna–a triathlete (and market researcher) and a friend, James Huth, are embarking on a 72-mile (give or take) expedition tomorrow to cycle the entire border of Philadelphia. (He came up with the idea while bored on jury duty.) They’ll start at the Yards Brewery, and they’ll end at the Yards Brewery. Here’s McKenna’s map–which they’ll try to follow as best they can.

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