Sweat Your Face Off to Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” This Weekend 

Calling all my fellow Beyoncé fans: If you have plans for this coming Saturday evening, you’re going to want to cancel them. This Saturday, May 14th, Philly Dance Fitness is bringing back their Bootylicious Beyoncé Twerkshop, 90 minutes spent dancing to only Beyoncé music (i.e. 90 minutes of Heaven on earth), so you’ll be busy sweating your face off to “Lemonade.”
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The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient to Make a Better (and Healthier!) Margarita

• The time has come, friends: It’s Cinco de Mayo. So, we’re pretty sure you have a margarita or two in your near future, and it should probably be this healthier take made with fresh ginger, pineapple, lime, tequila and — here’s the secret ingredient that gives it a nice fiber punch plus a creamy consistency — avocado. Happy guilt-free sipping! [Well + Good] Read more »

The Checkup: How to Make a Wine Smoothie — Yes, a Wine Smoothie

• “Wine slushies?” you ask? Yes: This is a fruity drink that people apparently consume come warm weather. And many of the recipes only call for two ingredients: wine and frozen fruit. So, wine slushies are basically spiked smoothies, meaning wine smoothies are pretty much health food. (I’m joking. Sort of.) If you’re not cringing at the thought, the folks over at Shape have plenty of recipes for you to try. [Shape]

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Beyoncé Wears Locally-Designed Dylanlex Jewelry in ‘Formation’ Video

beyonce dylanlex

Still from ‘Formation’ music video.

Let us just begin by saying we’ve loved Dylanlex since day one. (See exhibits A, B and C). There’s almost nothing on the same level of supreme blingage as Philly native Drew Ginsburg’s designs. Lately, the celebrity world seems to be catching on as well, from Lady Gaga’s Entertainment Weekly spread to, most recently and excitingly, Beyoncé (!) in her new ‘Formation’ music video. Read more »

Shop Talk: The Easiest Way to Re-Thread a Drawstring


Image via J.Crew.

  • There’s nothing worse than a drawstring that’s wormed its way out of your favorite hoodie. But, lucky for you, we’ve found the easiest way to fix it. Here’s how to rethread errant drawstrings – and all you need is a plastic straw. [Pure Wow]
  • Did you catch those Louboutin boots Queen Bey wore during her Super Bowl 50 halftime show performance? They can be yours for only $1,295. Sure, it’s a bit steep, but can you really put a price on feeling like Beyoncé? [Footwear News]

Plus: 11 surprising ways to use your Clarisonic and the top fashion campaigns of the season

VIDEO: Jay Z Rocks Out to Beyonce in the Made in America Crowd

He’s got 99 problems, and apparently getting an on-stage seat for his wife’s Made in America concert was one.

It looks like Jay Z took matters into his own hands at this past Saturday’s Made in America bash by joining the massive crowd gathered along the Parkway to see Beyonce perform live. He’s seen here jamming out to the Queen wearing a gray hoodie next to Nick Jonas, of all people.



10 Bootylicious Beyonce Instagrams From Made In America

Unless you’ve been hiding under a huge Made in America rock, you most likely know that Beyonce herself made audiences “bow down” during Saturday night’s Made in America festivities. The Queen herself posted some amazing shots on her Instagram account of her Philly appearance, and, of course, so did her loyal fans. We rounded up ten of our favorite booylicious posts that show Beyonce in action in front of our iconic Art Museum.

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Market Report: The Problem With That Beyonce Vogue Cover

  • How Beyonce’s cover of Vogue, though stunning, missed the opportunity to give us something insightful and magical by simply relying on the strong, sexy image of Queen Bey we always see. [Washington Post]
  • If you love your sleep as much as we do, check out these four easy ways to speed up your morning blow dry. [The Zoe Report]
  • Check out the $36 espadrilles celebrities are obsessed with right now. [Huffington Post]

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