The Fitness Classes Beyoncé Will Love If She Moves to Philly



There’s a rumor floating around that Beyoncé and Jay Z purchased a nearly $20 million condo at 500 Walnut Street. Key word here is rumor — but I’m going to go ahead and keep my hopes up.

When I heard said rumor, the first thing I thought was, “OMG, when she gets here, I am going to FIND her.” Total stalker? Without a doubt. But it got me thinking about where one might just so happen to stumble into Queen Bey if/when she moves to town. Here are the six fitness classes in Philly I think she’d like best.

Keep in mind, this is IF Beyoncé ever decides to leave the $17.6 million penthouse mansion — with a 50-foot indoor pool and spa! — she supposedly purchased in Old City. Which is not very likely. Because, why would you ever leave?  Read more »

VP of 500 Walnut on Jay Z/Beyoncé Rumor: “It Is Not True”

Jay-Z and Beyonce before the start of an NBA basketball game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers in Oklahoma City on Nov. 21. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Jay-Z and Beyonce before the start of an NBA basketball game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers in Oklahoma City on Nov. 21. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Did mega-couple Jay Z and Beyoncé buy the ultra-exclusive penthouse atop 500 Walnut? Michael Angelina, realtor with BHHS Fox & Roach, Society Hill, next door at 530 Walnut Street, says that’s the case. “It’s definitely accurate information,” said Angelina, who isn’t involved in the deal, but maintained his source is sound. “I’m not at liberty to discuss it further.” So we reached out to a rep at 500 Walnut to get the lowdown.

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Beyoncé Launches Vegan Delivery Meal Service

Photo via 22 Days Nutrition Facebook.

Photo via Facebook | 22 Days Nutrition

Remember back in 2013, when Beyoncé and Jay Z went on a 22-day vegan stint and Instagrammed the crap out of all the drool-worthy vegan meals they were eating, and basically made the Internet explode? Well, now you can be just like Queen Bey and Instagram the crap out of your vegan meals prepared by the superstar’s new vegan home delivery meal service, 22 Days Nutrition. Yep, you read that correctly: Beyoncé has a vegan home delivery service now.

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Can We Please (Please!) Stop Talking About Body Types Like They Are Trends?



Last week, there was a pretty fascinating piece on Greatist that delved into the history of the “perfect female body,” and how much—and often—society’s perception of what that means has changed throughout the past century—from the curvy Gibson Girl in 1910 to the Twig in 1960 to the Booty Babe (their words, not mine) now.

My reaction to the piece, which showcased 10 decades of “trendy” female bodies bouncing from stick thin, á la Winona Ryder, to break-the-internet hourglass figures á la Kim Kardashian, was this: The “perfect female body” is bullshit—and when, oh when, are we going to stop talking about body types like they are trends?

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Is Beyonce Pregnant Again?

The internet is abuzz this afternoon after Beyonce took to Instagram earlier on Sunday and posted the following shot of her in the sand with what looks to be a pregnant belly:

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The Queen might be just playing on the beach, but many of her fans are sending congrats her way via social media. We’ll have to wait and see if Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister.

Taylor Swift’s Amazing Birthday Weekend, in Videos and Pictures

Wyomissing’s  Taylor Swift turned 25 to great, star-studded fanfare this weekend. On the West Coast, the Grammy Museum celebrated with a special “The Taylor Swift Experience” exhibit that featured artifacts like books and photos from her childhood, handwritten lyrics to her hit song “22,” and props used in her latest video, “Shake It Off.”

The real party was on the East Coast, however, where Swift spent the entire weekend with a couple of the world’s biggest stars, folks like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith.

It all started Saturday, after Swift performed at Jingle Ball in New York City. Afterward, she threw a party for herself at her downtown apartment, a party that one attendee, Kelly Osbourne called “one of the best I have ever been to.”

According to E!, attendees there included Jay and Bey, John Legend’s main squeeze Chrissy Teigen, Sam Smith, Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo and Ansel Elgort. “It raged until 5 a.m. and, understandably, cake wasn’t enough to feed the whole crew, and three pizza delivery men reportedly arrived with about 40 pies in tow.”

This Instagram photo from Swift’s account—showing Timberlake wearing a poop mask—pretty much sums up the night:

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WATCH: Scruffy Guys Reenact Beyonce’s “7/11″ Video

It was only a matter of time till this happened: A bunch of scruffy dudes calling themselves “Boyoncé” got together to reenact Beyoncé’s recent—and so fantastic—video for her newest single, “7/11.” One of the performers actually looks quite a lot like Bruce Yelk. See for yourself in the video above.

Here’s the original for comparison’s sake:

The Crown Beyoncé Wore In Her ‘7/11′ Video Was Made By a Philly-Born, UPenn Graduate


Crowns for all! | Image via YouTube.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen Beyoncé’s DIY video for her latest single ‘7/11.’ (And if you haven’t seen it, welcome back to the world! Watch it here.) Throughout most of the video Bey wore her underwear, sometimes switching into yoga pants, a variety of sweatshirts, and a necklace so huge you can see it from space (sbove). But towards the end of the video, she rocked a crazy futuristic crown. Huffington Post reported that it was created by Laura Wass, the Brooklyn-based designer behind WXYZ Jewelry.

And guess what? Laura was raised in Penn Valley, went to Friends Central  and was a student at Penn. (Just like Stuart Weitzman.)

See the designer here.

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