Market Report: Are Pricey Workout Clothes Really Worth It?

How much is too much to spend on workout wear? | Shutterstock.

How much is too much to spend on workout wear? | Shutterstock.

  • It’s hard to rationalize spending more than $100 dollars on running pants, but apparently expensive exercise brands are worth the investment — if you’re wearing them for the right type of workout. Get a leg up with this guide. Top tip: If you’re going to invest in one thing, make it bottoms. [WhoWhatWear]
  • New York Fashion Week’s brand new blue-and-orange logo isn’t getting the best reviews. The design, created by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), is being compared to the FedEx symbol, the New York Knicks logo and the Syracuse University mascot. Yikes. [Refinery29]

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People Are Really Mad Beyoncé Won’t Shut Up About Her Vegan Diet



You know that (played out) joke that all vegans talk about is being vegan? Beyoncé is totally living up to the stereotype, which I personally am happy about — spread the plant-based gospel, Queen Bey! — but some of her fans are pissed. Why? They say — true to the joke — the only freakin’ thing Bey talks about is her vegan diet. And they are over it. And they are unleashing their anger all over social media.

So, what ticked them off? Today, in a hyped up segment on Good Morning America, Beyoncé was slated to reveal a big announcement but, it turned out, it wasn’t a big announcement at all. The segment was really just a three-minute-long love letter to her vegan diet and the 22 Days Nutrition meal service she rolled out with celebrity trainer Marco Borges back in February. And, as Gawker quickly noticed, fans who woke up early expecting to hear about something else — anything else! — were not pleased.

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11 Hilarious Memes of Met Gala Fashions

The Met Gala broke the Internet last night. That’s at least the impression I got after scrolling through Instagram to find tons of rather humorous shots of celebrities donning some very unique high fashion on the event’s red carpet.

Rihanna’s yellow egg dress seemed to take the cake, while Beyoncé pretty much looked like she bedazzled some sequins on her lady parts and called it a day. Of course, there was Sarah Jessica Parker’s rather strange headdress that caused some people to wonder if she’s going through major Sex and the City withdrawal. I rounded up some of my favorite memes to come out of Instagram of this evening of strange, strange red-carpet looks.

#SarahJessicaParker #Rihanna #MetGala #MetGala2015 #fwpress #fwpinsider

A photo posted by Нарядная Клава (@klava_n) on

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Buon Appetito! #rihanna #metgala #icant A photo posted by Federica Trezza (@iamfederigram) on

Who comes up w/ these things? #nochill #morninghumor #metgala A photo posted by Taraze Durrah (@taraze_79) on

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Here’s The Only Way Jay Z’s “Tidal” Thing Might Work

From Beyonce's exclusive Tidal video.

From Beyonce’s exclusive Tidal video.

I’ll admit that I was kind of sick seeing all those photos from that Tidal press conference, the stage lined with “A-list pop stars” claiming they were being robbed of their artistry. Daniel D’Addario from Time accurately summarized the strange press event in his article “Jay Z’s Tidal Press Conference Showed He’s Out of Touch“:

“The launch event for the rapper’s streaming service was a big mess. After its splashy launch press conference yesterday, the primary argument for Tidal — the two-tiered music service recently purchased by Jay Z that costs either $9.99 or $19.99 per month — is that artists deserve more money for their work. It’s not necessarily a wrongheaded argument, but the manner in which Jay Z and his contemporaries have pressed the point is embarrassingly out-of-touch.”

There is something slightly disingenuous when Madonna, who’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million, took to her Instagam account to claim “Tidal is not about consumption and greed! Its about protecting an art-form that is beloved to all of us MUSIC! … ”

All that aside, there might be one way that Tidal might work, and the key word here is “might.” That’s if some of these A-list celebrities release exclusive music to the service, like Beyoncé did over the weekend. Read more »

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