Be Well Workout of the Week: Conquer Your Fear of Heavy Weights

During this week’s workout, you’ll challenge your strength by doing a low number of reps with heavier weights. You will start with 10 reps and decrease your reps by two each round until your final round is just two reps. (It won’t be as easy as it sounds — promise.)

So each round, grab a pair of weights that will challenge you (as in, you’ll just barely make it through the final rep with good form), and adjust weight based on the exercise. And no slacking: Increase your weights as you decrease your reps each round, so you continue to challenge yourself with each rep.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Torch Calories in 30 Minutes With HIIT

For this workout you’ll need your stopwatch — and that’s about it! You’ll do the following circuit four times, doing each exercise for 50 seconds for the first round, 40 seconds for the second round, 30 seconds for the third, and 20 seconds for the final round. So work hard during the time allotted for each round, and push yourself to keep the intensity for the entire interval. You can rest easy knowing the whole shebang  should ring it at under 30 minutes.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 50-Rep At-Home Workout Challenge 

For this workout, you only need one set of dumbbells and a space the size of a yoga mat to move around in. Now, if those requirements don’t make for an excuse-busting setup, I don’t know what does!

You’re going to do 10 reps of each exercise listed below, holding the weights for each, completing a total of five rounds. By the end, you’ll have done 50 reps of each exercise, and your muscles will be feeling the burn.

Yep: You’ve got a new favorite full-body at-home workouts at your fingertips. Happy sweating!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: A 30-Minute Workout Worth Bookmarking

If you took on our Be Well Philly No-Gym-Necessary New Year’s Workout Challenge, hopefully you are feeling fit, strong, and ready to continue working hard. But, still, we all know it can be easy to slide back into old habits once the New Year’s glow wears off.  So, let’s not let that happen this year — let’s keep up the hard work with this workout, shall we?!

For this workout you are going to complete the following circuit as many times as you can in 30 minutes. Pretty simple — but definitely not easy. Good luck!

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The No-Gym-Required New Year’s Workout Challenge: Week 1 

What better way to begin a new year than with a workout challenge? This No-Gym-Required New Year’s Workout Challenge is set up to guide you through your week — for four weeks straight — with a different workout each day of the workweek. Throughout the week, your days will consist of cardio, dynamic strength workouts (no equipment required, by the way), intervals, and the option of trying something different like yoga, Pilates, or a new class at a Philly fitness studio that you’ve had on your bucket list.

And the best part: You don’t need a gym membership to join in; aside from the one fitness class per week, everything in this challenge can be done in your living room or outside, without any equipment. So follow along throughout the Challenge, sweat with your friends, and get 2017 off to a healthy start!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Jump-Start Your 2017 Fitness Goals

In honor of getting a jump-start on your New Year’s resolution, it is only fitting that we make this workout all about plyos (that would basically be jumping, if you don’t know) and jumping rope. You’re going to complete 30 seconds of each exercise below, going through the entire circuit three times.

So go ahead: Pre-burn those New Year’s calories and start your year out on a healthy, hoppy foot.  You’ll thank yourself when you’ve got a slight head-start on your fitness goals come the new year.

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The BeWOW Breakdown: A Tough (But Not Terrible) 30-Minute Workout 

decline push-up

This Week’s Workout: A Box (or Bench!) Workout Guaranteed to Make Your Muscles Burn

The Breakdown
Total time commitment: 30 minutes
Difficulty (out of five): 3.5
Soreness Factor: Our shoulders will have some soreness, but it won’t be horrible.
Overall Grade (out of five): 4. This workout has some tough moves, but it’s quick, which makes it better.

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