2013 James Beard Semifinalists Announced


The 2013 James Beard Awards Semifinalists have been announced and nineteen local chefs, restaurants and beer professionals have made the list. Vernick Food & Drink leads the way with a nomination for Best New Restaurant. Marc Vetri gets a nod for Outstanding Chef and his Vetri restaurant gets a nod for Best Service. Also in the Vetri solar system, Amis’ Brad Spence is nominated for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic.

The coolest nomination might be for Andre Chin and Amanda Eap of East Passyunk’s Artisan Boulanger Patissier  who were nominated for Outstanding Pastry Chef. Artisan Boulanger has been open more than sixteen years at the corner of 12th and Morris Streets. 

Also worth noting that East Passyunk has garnered some serious nominations, four in total. That’s more than than some serious food towns.

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Vedge Lands at Number Three on GQ’s 2013 Outstanding Restaurant List

3_Vedge_Ashley Catharine Smith

GQ’s Alan Richman names the most outstanding restaurants of 2013 and Philadelphia’s Vedge is #3. Here’s some of what Richman had to say.

The cooking strutted past tolerable to remarkable. I had no idea so much flavor could be delivered without butter, cream, milk, eggs, and other kitchen staples. Chef Richard Landau’s staff must include a benevolent gremlin or a fairy godmother who sprinkles magic dust over the pots and the pans. I had trouble understanding how vegan food had advanced this far and this fast without an accompanying outpouring of acclaim.

Washington D.C’s Little Serow, a “transformational”Thai restaurant is ranked number one. Hog & Hominy out of Memphis, Tennessee is number two.

Praise is something that Richard Landau and company should be getting used to. The vegan restaurant ranked number three on Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Restaurant list and has been widely praised in all the local reviews.

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PW Finds the Better than Best

This week’s Philadelphia Weekly seeks out the better than best. The hidden treasures and random observations of Philadelphia. Of course there’s a strong focus on food and bars.

Among the most interesting categories:

  • Best Place for Mexican Food That Won’t Burn on the Way Out
  • Best New Restaurant That’s Easy To Hate on for Being Overpriced and Bougie
  • Waitstaff You’ll Want to Befriend or Date Immediately
  • Best Public Head
  • Best Bar to Get Berated by Locals
  • Best Straight Bar That’s Slowly Turning Into a Gay Bar
  • Best Bar to Get Unreasonably Drunk on a Week Night

Better Than Best [Philadelphia Weekly]

What to Eat This Weekend: House-Made Ice Creams from Philly Pastry Chefs

Once the hot, sticky weather hits, feeding oneself can become an arduous task. The thought of standing over a stove — or even eating anything warmer than room temperature — brings dread. The one thing we want to eat, without fail, is ice cream. No need to reach for the pint of Häagen-Dazs, though. Area restaurants are churning up house-made scoops that will soothe any summer palate. We won’t tell if you order dessert first …

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