Trinity Tuesday: Furnished Rental so Close to Sabrina’s That you Might not Have to Wait in Line

Images via Postlets

Images via Postlets

The rental market is all the rage in Philly right now, as flashy new buildings are being built throughout the city to accommodate for the growing number of people who want to get in on the action of urban living.

But what if you’re looking for a place right now (or January 1) that also has that authentic Philly character? Boom. Does it get any better than a super cute trinity home in the Italian Market just step from the celebrated Sabrina’s Cafe? Nope!
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The Gravy Train: Coeur Reviewed

The bar and vintage Admiral TV at Coeur | Photo by Emily Teel

The bar at Coeur | Photo by Emily Teel

The first time I went to Coeur, there was no poutine on the menu, and I was pissed. I mean, this place—opened in September by Brendan Hartranft, Leigh Maida and Brendan Kelly, who also run the decidedly non-Canadian Local 44, Strangelove’s and Memphis Taproom—was supposed to be a Montreal-inspired gastropub, and I’m pretty sure there’s a law that says if you name-check Montreal anywhere in the description of your restaurant, you have to have poutine.

Hell, even the faintest whiff of Canadian-ness in your restaurant (a maple tree growing within sight of the front door; chef went to Toronto on a sixth-grade field trip; owner’s cousin likes the Edmonton Oilers) and you should probably have poutine on the board just to be safe. But when you self-identify as the Montreal-iest restaurant in all of Philadelphia, there should be no question because poutine is to Montreal as cheesesteaks are to Philly—a city-defining dish, local blue-collar bar grub gone international, and the best possible argument for socialized medicine.

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Paesano’s Offering Scrapple Cheesesteak Seen on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods

Peter McAndrews' Scrapple Cheesesteak is on the menu now.

Peter McAndrews’ Scrapple Cheesesteak is on the menu now.

Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods were in town for their 200th episode and Zimmern got together with Paesano’s Peter McAndrews for a scrapple cheesesteak. In the episode, which first was broadcast a month ago, McAndrews walks Zimmern through making the scrapple and turning it into a riff on the cheesesteak. McAndrews compares the sandwich to Philadelphia itself, ballsy, tough, made with love, integrity and flavor.

The sandwich is currently on the menu at the Italian Market location of Paesano’s. That location has just extended its hours. You can now get a Paesano’s sandwich from 11 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday and 11 am to 3 pm on Sundays.

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Someone Has Bought Dana Spain’s Mediterranean Villa Home in South Philly

TREND photos via Redfin

TREND photos via Redfin

Holy moly, the day has finally come: someone has bought that mysterious manse at Fitzwater and Marshall Streets in Bella Vista.

But hold on a second there, reader. If you’ve been following along on Property, or have been one of the lucky people fortunate enough to have been invited to step foot inside the Mediterranean villa-inspired home, you’ve known exactly who’s lived there for the past few years: local developer and branding queen – not to mention Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society founder and former Philadelphia Style COO and would-be mayoral candidate – Dana Spain.

The Philly business maven originally listed her South Philly property early last year for a whopping $4.25 million. This past April, it was reduced to $3.75 million and, now, we’ve gotten word that the home got a third price cut, which eventually led to its purchase in a deal that closed on Friday.

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La Casa de tu Madre Opens in Bella Vista


La Casa de tu Madre – Spanish for “The House of Your Mother,” is open in Bella Vista.

La Casa de tu Madre opened yesterday at the corner of 8th and Fitzwater Streets. The former Growlers is still owned by Jason Evenchik and his team that is also behind Heritage, Garage, Bar and Time but now the space has been converted into a Mexican bar.

Chef Michael Thomas remains from the Growlers day, now overseeing a menu of nachos, tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Nothing on the menu exceeds $15 and the bar has a list of craft beers on draft plus a tight cocktail menu. The bar also has more than 20 types of tequila available and a selection of five or six mezcals.

La Casa de tu Madre opens on weekdays at 5 p.m., noon on weekends. Happy hour runs weekdays, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

La Casa de tu Madre [Foobooz]

Coeur Launches Free Wine School and Wine Friendly Happy Hour

The bar and vintage Admiral TV at Coeur | Photo by Emily Teel

The bar and vintage Admiral TV at Coeur | Photo by Emily Teel

On Thursday, October 22nd, Coeur is welcoming Jason Malumed of Chalkboard Wine + Spirits for a wine tasting. The FREE tasting kicks off at 6 p.m. and features a guided tasting by Malumed of selections from the Chalkboard portfolio including Benoit Roseau, Bernard Vallette, La Sorga, Domaine du Val de Saone. Reserve your spot by emailing Coeur directly.

Wine School isn’t the only time to enjoy wine at the Bella Vista bar and restaurant. Coeur has added a weekday happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. with $4 select draft wines and beers. And on Monday and Tuesdays, the happy hour is repeated from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

And if you’re a mother in need of “Mommy Juice,” bring your own stroller and enjoy a glass of wine or beer between noon and 3 p.m.

Coeur [Foobooz]

Could This Be the Dark Knight of Philadelphia Houses?

TREND images via

Is the Bruce Wayne of houses in Passyunk Square?

To be clear, the comparison between this 7th and Wharton home and Bruce Wayne/Batman applies solely to the home’s exterior. From the front, the Scott Larkin-redesigned residence appears as your average South Philly row house. But past the airy interior rooms and out the glass garage door exposure is something none of us expected: a sleek, black façade that might just beat out that Dark Knight-esque Wawa in Princeton.

It’s a close call, but this Loft District home warrants some consideration for the title, too. What do you think?

The property is a winner regardless, though. Exposed brick and frosted glass doors are throughout, with American walnut, steel stairs and built-in wall pockets laying claim to space as well. The master suite, located on the third level, vaunts desk space, a walk-in closet with washer & dryer hook up, plus, a mini fridge pocket. “Originally selected in part for its southern exposure,” adds the listing, “the home takes advantage of the sun’s natural path.”

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Trinity Tuesday: Lovely Bella Vista Home Redone in Last Few Months

TREND images via

TREND images via

Holy moly, we so want this house! Constructed in 1850, this Bella Vista oldie has stood tall through the years in true trinity form. Luckily, in the last few months, the timeworn residence has been graced with a meticulous restoration and renovation so that it’s anything but and leaving it with a slew of beautiful details, so much so that we don’t honestly know where to start.

Perhaps its exterior is a good place to begin. For one, the home has a traditional brick façade that’s polished up by the added planters. Though in addition to the curb appeal, it’s also in pretty sweet neighborhood: Bella Vista, as we noted in a previous trinity house, has a very active neighborhood group that spearheads events for area denizens.

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